RV Entry Door – Read This Before Buying or Fixing


Like anything else you own, securing your RV means securing your property. But perhaps unlike locking your home at night or your car when it’s parked in the driveway, securing your motorhome is like securing your home, car, and valuables all in one. In a lot of ways that makes your RV’s entry door especially important. And while you might not have given it a lot of consideration, we’re here to tell you a little bit about buying and fixing your RV entry door lock. Read on for some great tips.

RV Entry Door

Most RV entry doors are located on the passenger side of the RV. These doors are tall and rectangular with soft, rounded corners at the top. Many have windows in the upper third and some will come with screen doors so that you can keep the main door open while getting air and keeping out pests. Many doors are made of fiberglass, which is not necessarily a strong material. Upgraded RV entry doors exist as well as improved ways of locking your doors.

You might have noticed you aren’t a fan of your RV entry door handle. Have you considered swapping your RV entry door latch for a magnet closure? Magnets are commonly used by motorhome enthusiasts as an easier way of securing the door. Latches can be flimsy and can break over time, but magnets maintain a strong connection. Of course, we aren’t recommending that you use magnets to lock the door. Separate features exist for that.

Another common problem with your fiberglass RV entry doors is that they often sag. This is sometimes the result of a problem with a hinge wearing away over time. You can look for RV entry door hardware to replace these features or else look to purchase new or used RV entry doors for a full replacement.

A common repair you might need to make is replacing your RV entry door holder. This is the sliding piece that props the door open so you can enter and exit without opening and closing each time. These pieces do a lot of work and can easily wear out, especially if they are abused. Luckily you can find replacement parts cheap online.

RV Entry Door Lock

There are several ways to lock your RV. The first involves the standard keyed lock with a handle lock and a deadbolt. The handle look prevents the latch or knob from opening while the deadbolt slides a chunk of metal through the door to the frame of the RV for added strength.

Of course, a potential problem is either losing the entry key or not having enough copies for everyone traveling in the motorhome. Some folks have upgraded to keyless entry pads which require a code for use. The best part is you can give the code to anyone and change it anytime you feel your security has been compromised. Should you forget the code, they have spare keys that come with the keyless locks.

While you’re at it, consider improving the locks within your RV as well. Should your RV entry door be compromised, it’s best to also have your other valuables locked and stored within your RV with separate keys and keyless pads.

When considering security, you should also ask yourself about that RV entry door window. If you don’t need it, it’s easy to find a door without one. These are sometimes considered weak spots when a criminal is looking to enter your motorhome. If you want to keep the window, consider a privacy screen. These screens can also help to prevent hot air and sunlight from warming up the interior temperature of your ride.

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