RV Door Locks Important Information You Need To Know

Keeping your valuables safe is important whether you’re at home or on the road in your RV. But security can be tricky when you’re carrying all of your essentials in your camper. That’s why proper RV door locks are paramount to both your safety and peace of mind.

Read on for more on how to choose the best RV locks for your camper.

RV Door Locks

Your standard RV lock is a latch and handle feature with key entry. Many RVs come with upgraded dead bolt locks for added security at the door. A lock, of course, is only as strong as the door it’s working with, so it can pay to also consider an upgrade for your RV door. If you feel the door is flimsy or just old, an improved door can work as both a security measure and an insulator, keeping the temperature inside your RV at its most comfortable with a solid seal.

Don’t neglect interior locks for your RV. Should someone break into the RV itself, there are still ways to secure valuables within cabinets and other storage compartments with interior door locks and lockbox accessories. Storage locks can protect your most important documents and any valuables you might be traveling with, and don’t have to be specially made for use in motorhomes.

Like all things, technology has also improved RV locks. There are now RV doors locks on the market featuring keyless entry. These digitized keypads required a numeric code, which you can program and share with anyone who you want to have access. A perk for these types of locks is that you can’t lose the key, although, like safes, many come with a backup physical key for emergency situations when you forget that code.

Still concerned about locking your camper? Consider investing in an RV security system. These range in price and sophistication but can let you know when someone is trying to enter your motorhome. Some will record and store footage of a break-in while others simply chime to alert a burglar that a security system is in place.

RV Door Lock Replacements

Say you do suffer a break-in, or maybe the latch on your old camper is just plain worn out. You have a few options when it comes to replacing this important feature.

The first is to purchase a proprietary replacement from the manufacturer of your vehicle or trailer. While this is typically the more expensive option, it also ensures that the replacement part you receive will fit your vehicle exactly. Be sure to purchase a replacement for the same make, model and year of your RV as these features change like any other from one version to the next.

Another option is to upgrade with a third-party manufacturer. Many of these companies will make universal style locks and latches for your motorhome that fit no matter the brand.

And if you’re looking for added security, consider one of the options we mentioned above.

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