The Road Ahead: RVshare’s Travel Outlook for Q1 2023

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RVshare is excited to launch “The Road Ahead,” our quarterly series that will serve as a resource and inform both avid and first-time RV travelers with top travel trends, destinations, and upcoming events, plus recommended RV rentals and campgrounds.

We are launching our first-ever quarterly guide for all future RV travelers. Recently surpassing 4 million nights booked on the platform, RVshare strives to arm travelers with  the best travel recommendations each quarter. The Road Aheadseries will serve as a source of inspiration for travelers planning RV trips throughout the year. Featuring a list of travel trends and insights, top destinations, and upcoming events, we will also be providing suggested RV and campground recommendations for the months to come.

RVshare has extensive insight into travelers’ preferences and plans for 2023 as well as RV travel trends that can be used to help inform plans and itineraries in the months to come. With 99 percent of Americans planning leisure travel in 2023 and 61 percent planning to hit the road in an RV, “The Road Ahead” can serve as a resource for those travelers. According to our 2023 Travel Trend Report, discovering new places is among the top deciding factors for travelers this year. Among traveling Americans, 53 percent are looking to visit state and national parks, while 50 percent are interested in visiting beaches and coastal areas; both achievable with RVshare’s data-backed destination recommendations this winter. 

RVshare’s Travel Expert, Maddi Bourgerie, says “There is a certain magic and solitude that comes with winter RVing including significantly less crowds and lower prices but it’s not for the faint of heart! While winter RVers can take advantage of seeing hot spots, national parks or partaking in winter activities during shoulder season, travelers should be prepared and plan accordingly. Freezing temperatures can take their toll on an RV, so RVshare offers inventory in colder destinations from owners who insulate their vehicles. If RVing in winter conditions isn’t for you, check out states with mild temperatures this time of year. Big Bend National Park is my favorite destination to go to in January and February.”

RVshare’s Top Winter Destinations

While warmer beach-centric destinations are a popular option for RV travelers during these colder months, RVshare booking data reveals that Big Bend National Park in Texas was one of the most popular winter destinations in 2022. According to RVshare’s Travel Trend Report, travelers are intrigued by a variety of vacation options, however 61 percent claim they are most interested in trips to National Parks this year, making this southwest Texas gem the perfect winter getaway. The National Park boasts more than 800,000 acres of stunning desert mountain landscape that is home to thousands of wildlife, as well as  some of the darkest skies, perfect for scouting wildlife and stargazing.

One of the most appealing parts of RV travel is the ability to choose your own destination and itinerary. For other travelers seeking warmth this winter season, either escaping colder destinations, or full-time RVers looking to find a home for the next few months, RVshare recommends other top destinations including Miami, Orlando, Los Angeles, and Phoenix

For those embracing the wintery temperatures the next few months, there are a plethora of destinations, activities and RV rental options. While driving in winter conditions may deter some travelers from considering renting an RV this season, there are ways to alleviate driving-related concerns, such as opting for a rental that offers delivery. An increasingly popular amenity, RVshare data shows that 79% of Americans say that having delivery as an option would make them more likely to consider an RV trip in the future, and nearly half of all RV rentals were delivered in 2022. RVshare’s top destination recommendations for winter-enthusiasts include:

  • Jackson Hole, WY
  • Park City, UT
  • Breckenridge, CO
  • Telluride, CO

Travel Holidays on the Horizon

Valentine’s Day

While many families are taking advantage of RV travel in 2023, many see RV rentals as a way to experience more adult events, child-free. 43 percent of Americans would love to experience an RV rental for a romantic getaway, while 31 percent would love to for an upcoming honeymoon or anniversary trip. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, many travelers are eager to hit the road in an RV with their loved one. According to RVshare’s 2022 booking insights, the top RV travel destinations for Valentine’s Day travelers include various locations in Arizona and California.

RVshare’s Golden State recommendations include both Big Sur and Joshua Tree National Park. Amenity-filled resorts like Saddle Mountain Ranch in Carmel, California, and the KOA Resort in Joshua Tree  make for an easy and scenic getaway. Sedona, Arizona is another hotspot for couples looking for a getaway filled with views and relaxation. Thirty minutes outside the city of Sedona sits Distant Drums RV Resort, a luxurious resort that offers an on-site spa and nearby attractions like wine tasting and hiking. 

Spring Break

While still early in the year, many RV travelers are already looking towards their spring break travel plans, especially those with families. RVshare’s Travel Trend Report reveals that parents are looking to travel again this year, and 81% are likely to consider renting an RV for a trip in the future. From the unique bonding experiences, the economic advantages, or the practicalities of having everything you need on-the-go, a week-long RV getaway is a favorable option for families this year. RVshare’s 2022 booking insights reveal that the top spring break destinations include big tourist attractions like:

Events on the Horizon 

The Big Game

The 2023 game will take place on February 12 in Glendale, Arizona at State Farm Stadium. A popular event for RVing, this year RVshare is offering game-goers the Ultimate Tailgate Party package at the Camelback Ranch Sports Complex in Glendale, including a  4-night stay in an RVshare rental with access to a free shuttle service to and from the stadium to see the best teams in football go head to head for the national title.

Daytona 500

The Daytona 500, taking place in mid-February, is one of the most quintessential American auto racing events. The intense 500-mile haul in Daytona, Florida draws thousands of viewers who enjoy the comfort of RVing during the race. Race attendees who are interested in RV accommodations during their stay can browse RVshare rentals here.


This Austin, Texas-based event is held every year in mid-March and caters to nearly all types of audiences and industries. Event-goers can experience conferences, panels, exhibitions, film screens, comedy shows, and more; while also finding convenient and comfortable RV camping in the heart of the city. Festival attendees looking for convenient amenities and location can find Austin RVshare rentals here.

Considering the top-recommended destinations this winter season, as well as the upcoming events nationwide, We’ve compiled a list of highly recommended and reviewed RV rental options and campgrounds in various popular locations.

RV Rental Recommendations

These RV rentals are available on and allow you to bring all your favorite comforts from home along on the road with you.

Campground Recommendations 

Camp in style at any of these luxurious RV campgrounds.

  • Yacht Haven Park & Marina: Tucked away on Fort Lauderdale’s New River, Yacht Haven promises tropical tranquility just minutes from the good times found along South Florida’s vibrant streets, breezy beaches, and favorite local corners. 
  • Tiger Run Resort: A luxury RV resort nestled between Frisco and Breckenridge, this site sees visitors year-round and is a perfect destination for a winter getaway filled with skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and more. 
  • Knotty Pine RV Resort & Campground: An RV resort and campground that is perfect for all seasons located in Kamas, Utah, 18 miles east from Park City. Situated in the Uinta Mountains, this resort allows for year-round activities from hiking, biking, fishing, winter sports and more.