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Best RV Bed Sheets

Vacationing in an RV is fabulous because it means you can sleep in your own comfy bed no matter where you roam. That said, your bed is only as comfortable as the bedding you put on it, especially since RV mattresses aren’t always the best.

We recommend a high quality mattress topper, a nice mattress pad, a good comforter, some squishy pillows, and of course, a soft set of sheets.

The thing is, many people aren’t sure where to begin when shopping for RV bed sheets. If you’re wondering what size camper bed sheets you need, or where to buy the best RV bed sheets, you’re in the right place.

Let’s dive in so you can have the very best bedding for your next big adventure.

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What size bed sheets go on a camper bed?

We can begin by discussing the various sizes of RV beds. As you might already know, most RV beds do not match the standard bed sizes we’re all accustomed to. Otherwise, we could all head out to Target and grab a set of traditional bedsheets and be on our way.

Since RV beds come in some unusual sizes, the first step to ensuring you purchase sheets that will fit your bed is figuring out what size your bed is. The most typical RV bed sizes include:

  • RV Twin — 28”x75” or 28”x80”
  • Truck Size (like what semi drivers have)— Between 35”x70” and 42”x80”
  • Bunk Size — 28”x75”. 30”x75”, 30”x80”, or 34”x75”
  • Three Quarter Size — 48”x75”
  • RV Full — 53”x75”
  • Short Queen — 60”x75”
  • Standard Queen — 60”x80”
  • RV King — Between 72”x75” and 72”x80”

That said, there are some rigs that come equipped with mattresses in other shapes and sizes. For this reason, we recommend breaking out the measuring tape to measure your mattress and ensure you know what size sheets you’re looking for.

If your mattress size is close enough to a standard size, you might be able to get away with purchasing a traditional set of sheets. However, you will want to keep the mattress thickness in mind as well, as this can affect the size of sheets you need. When considering thickness, be sure you include your topper in the measurement.

Where can I buy RV bed sheets?

Once you know what size RV bed sheet you need, the next step is figuring out where to find one. Whether you need RV bed sheets in short queen or RV bed sheets for a king bed, you should be able to find what you need on Amazon. Some listings include multiple sizes, so be sure to keep an eye for that!

If you can’t find something you like on Amazon, you might try camping stores such as Camping World. Another option is to purchase standard sheets that are a bit too big and adjust the elastic, or use bed sheet fasteners to keep them in place.

How much are RV bed sheets?

As is the case with any other sheets, the cost for RV bed sheets will vary based on the quality of the sheets, as well as who you purchase from. The price might also vary by size. For instance, you’ll likely pay more for camper king sheets than you would for camper queen sheets.

Generally speaking, you can expect to pay a bit more for the odd camper sized sheets than a more traditional sized sheet set you can buy from a box store. Most RV sheets sets we’ve seen cost between $20 and $50.

How do I put sheets on an RV bed?

Now that you have the right sized sheets in hand, the final step before you can sleep on your super comfortable, well-made bed is to put the sheets on the bed. Unfortunately, in many cases, this is easier said than done. If your RV bed is set in a corner or if you have to make up an RV bunk bed, you may be wondering how on earth you’re going to get the sheets on the bed at all.

To be honest, there’s no easy way to go about it, and you’re probably going to end up doing some gymnastics no matter how you approach the thing.

First, you might want to consider adding tiles to the bed platform, making the mattress easy to slide, and therefore easier to make. Another option is to switch to a memory foam mattress, which is easy to fold and bend, making it possible to move the mattress wherever you need to in order to make the bed.

We recommend starting with the most difficult corner first, sliding and/or lifting the mattress a bit to get the sheet underneath, and then moving to the corner that will be next hardest. Continue in this manner until you reach the easiest corner.

If you need to add sheet fasteners, do this after the sheet is on the bed so you can smooth and adjust the sheet as needed before pulling it tight. Add the fasteners to the most difficult corner first, just as you did with the sheet.

Photo of bed with sheets on it

Other Tips

Want to avoid making the bed for a while? Consider adding multiple layers of sheets with a waterproof cover and a mattress pad between each. This will allow you to pull off one layer at a time when clean sheets are needed.

If you have RV bunk beds, you might have problems with the sheets popping out of place. If this is the case, consider making mattress cases that go on the mattresses like pillow cases. These can’t move out of place, solving the messy sheet problem for good.

Another way to make life easier when it comes to your RV bed is to purchase zippered bedding. While you will still have to deal with getting the bedding on the bed, you’ll be able to easily make the bed each morning by zipping it up rather than dealing with trying to tuck a comforter into tight spaces.

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