RV Bed and RV Sofa Bed – Read This Before Buying One


Your RV bed is an important part of your rig! After a long day on the road, or exploring the area, you want a nice soft place to crash for the night. Here’s what you need to know about RV sofa beds and other places to sleep.

RV Bed Sizes

RV beds come in many sizes, though not necessarily the same sizes as standard beds. Here are the most common RV bed sizes:

  • the ¾ or antique size – 48”x75”
  • RV twin mattress 38”x75”
  • RV queen bed 60’x80”
  • RV full 53”x75”
  • RV king size bed 72”x80”

RV Sofa Beds

There are several kinds of RV couch beds to choose from. RV jackknife sofas lift up and pull out to form a bed. RV sleeper sofas convert into a full-size bed with a slightly smaller width. The fold and tumble sofa sleeper is larger but requires an RV air bed.

Other RV Bed Options

There are other clever ways to disguise an RV bed as well – you can have an RV dinette bed, where your table would fold away and your bed would be right where your meal was. They also make RV murphy beds that fold right out of the wall and back again, so you have plenty of floor space in your rig. An RV pull down bed or RV wall bed might be the perfect solution to saving space in your motorhome.

An RV table bed is an ingenious way to use all your available space. During the day, use the table for working or eating or for extra seating. At night, transform it into a bed. There are a number of RV table beds on the market, and they allow you to choose everything from the style and color of your cushions, to the color and materials in the table top.

RV Bed Accessories

If you purchase an RV bed, you’re likely going to need some other things to go with it. RV bed sheets are going to be fitted to the unique size of your bed, and RV bed frames will as well. RV bed rails are a good idea if you have kids, especially if they’re going to be sleeping up high in a bunk.

Where To Get An RV Sofa Bed

You can certainly get an RV bed from a reputable dealer, or possibly from the same place you bought your RV. Camping World has a number of RV sofa beds and other beds available. You can also find them online. Ebay sells RV sofa beds, and Amazon has RV sleeper sofas and other RV beds available as well. If you do order online, be sure to check the return policy of the store you choose, and don’t forget to factor in shipping – for an item that size it can add up!

With the number of clever options for RV beds on the market today, you’re sure to find one that will help you make the most of your small living space…and still give you a great night’s sleep!

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