Boondocking in Mississippi

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Mississippi contains five main regions, and you will want to go boondocking in all of them. In the northern part of the state, the red clay hills near Tupelo and Oxford are terrific places to go on a hiking adventure. The Mississippi Delta area in the northeast part of the state near Clarksdale is a great place to go on a paddling trip on the Mississippi or Yahoo rivers. Located below Jackson, the Capital Region area is a great spot to go nature watching as you visit the piney woods. West Central Mississippi near Columbus and Meridian creeks and bayous is a fantastic place to go on a fishing expedition. Finally, you will want to visit the Coastal Region near Hattiesburg to explore the area’s history. You will want to plan a boondocking in Mississippi trip soon with so many great regions to explore. 

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Boondocking Sites in Mississippi

Sardis Lake 

The U.S. Corps of Engineers maintains a free campground at Sardis Lake. Each site at this campground near Oxford offers a fire ring and a picnic table. You can go boating, fishing, and hunting in this area, and the Clear Creek Recreation Area is just 13 miles away. 

Pleasant Point

These campsites offer amazing views of Enid Lake. Use the nearby boat ramp to launch your vessel onto the lake for some fishing fun. Many find this lake the perfect spot to go windsurfing, and you can swim in the lake. There are plenty of picnic tables nearby. There are also two paid campgrounds at this lake, so ensure you get to the right location. 

Caney Creek Wildlife Management Area

There are three special hunting areas at Caney Creek Wildlife Management Area, so if you are going to hunt, be sure to choose the right place at this facility off Westmoore Tower Road in Smith County. This facility is near Interstate 20, so you can easily explore the area. 

Big Foot Horse Camp and Trail

Even if you did not bring a horse along, you can camp at Big Foot Horse Camp and Trial in Mississippi’s National Forest. There are two nearby ponds and a creek where you can play and fish at this campground near Saucier. The trails at this location are mixed-use, so you can go on a hiking adventure. Chemical toilets are also available. 

Bienville Wildlife Management Area

The Bienville Wildlife Management Area near Morton offers free camping in Mississippi. Waterfowl and deer hunting can be great at this location in the right season. There’s a bathhouse available, and they also have a particular area where you can hunt with your dogs. 

American Legion Post 33

You can camp for free in Mississippi at the American Legion Post in Biloxi. These camping spots are available for up to 30 days for anyone. Then, you have the option of joining the American Legion if you qualify. Treat yourself to a meal at their restaurant. 

Tuxanchie National Hiking Trail

There are boondocking in Mississippi sites near the Tuxanchie National Trail. These sites off Highway 49 near Airey Lake are a great place to stay if you plan to explore the POW Camp. This trail that runs 11.3 miles through plains, savannas, and swamps is a terrific place to see pincher plants. 

Natchez Trace Parkway

Find three primitive campgrounds along the 444-mile-long Natchez Trace Parkway, where you can camp for free in Mississippi. See the exhibits near the Merriweather Lewis Campground. The Jeff Busby Campground is near hiking trails leading to the Little Mountain Overlook. The Rocky Springs Campground is near the old town, so it is easy to stay here when exploring this region. 

Where to Boondock in Mississippi

While there are fewer free national forest campgrounds in Mississippi than in many states, there are still some great options. There are conservation areas with free camping in Mississippi. You may also want to check with local communities along your itinerary as some allow boondocking in their city parks. 

Free Camping in Mississippi

When preparing for your boondocking trip keeping different factors in mind can lead to success. One thing that you will want to consider is the weather. If you plan to go camping during hurricane season, make sure to stay weather-aware. The path of these storms can change quickly. Know the evacuation route for the area where you will be camping. Bring along a battery-operated weather radio so that you can stay abreast of the most recent developments. 

While there are fantastic places to go boondocking in Mississippi, where there is plenty of help around, many locations are also in remote areas. In those cases, it may take emergency services some time to get to you. Consider taking a basic first aid course and learning CPR. You may also want to take along a good first aid kit. 

There are many terrific places to go boondocking in Mississippi. There are great options near fishing holes, near hunting grounds, and by historic sites. You will be creating stories that you will tell for a long time when you go camping in Mississippi at free sites. Before you head out on your trip, check out our blog for all you need to know about boondocking in Mississippi. 

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