Bienville National Forest Guide

One of six national forests in the state, the Bienville National Forest covers 178,541 acres of land and stretches into four counties in central Mississippi. The Bienville National Forest offers a bed of hardwood trees and pine forests with a lot of lakes, streams and ponds, creating outdoor opportunities like birdwatching, boating, camping, fishing, hiking and horseback riding as well as the chance to spot wildlife, such as deer and wild turkey. You will also find wild hogs and bobcats if you dare to look. Camping is available throughout the year, allowing visitors to choose between hot summers, moderate off-seasons and mild winters for just the right vacation time. With so much to see and do, and the fact that cities like Jackson and Meridian are only a little more than an hour away, the Bienville National Forest makes for a great family vacation all year long.

Where to Camp

Camping in Bienville National Forest

The best part of camping is spending time in nature while having fun with friends and family, and you can do it all while still enjoying the comfort and conveniences of home. Using RVshare, you can rent a vehicle that meets the specific needs of you and your family. 

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Shape Hiking Trails

Bienville National Forest Hiking Trails

Whether you're looking for an easy, kid-friendly walk or a long loop trail, there's something for everyone in this national forest!

Things to Do

Activities in Bienville National Forest

Bienville National Forest offers you and your family a plethora of opportunities to experience nature and have a lot of fun outdoors. Go swimming in Shongelo Lake. Ride your horse and enjoy the scenery along the Shockaloe Trail, or you can enjoy a fun geocaching adventure. Catch catfish, bass, and crappie in Marathon Lake. Go boating at Beaver Lake, or take your family to have fun at Roosevelt State Park. Then have a picnic at the campsite and stargaze in the evening. Whatever outdoor fun you are looking for, you can find it at Bienville National Forest. 

map-marker-alt-regular How to Get There

How to get to Bienville National Forest

Address: Lake, MS 39092

Fee: Entry fee $0

The trails, wildlife and woodlands of the Bienville National Forest offer visitors plenty of opportunities to go biking, hiking, sightseeing and relaxing. No matter how you spend your time in the forest, an RV allows you to enjoy the great outdoors while still having the comforts you are used to at home. With RVshare, you can find the perfect vehicle for your family's needs so you can have the best time at Bienville National Forest. Get started planning your trip today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Bienville National Forest

What is the closest town to Bienville National Forest?

Lake, Mississippi is one of the closest towns to the Bienville National Forest. There are restaurants, shops, and other places campers can stock up or rest for a few days.

Can you kayak, canoe, or raft in Bienville National Forest?

Yes, you can kayak, canoe, and raft in Bienville National Forest. There are many large lakes, as well as smaller bodies of water where paddling and rafting is available.

How many hiking trails does Bienville National Forest have?

There are hundreds of miles of hiking trails in Bienville National Forest. You'll find trails for every ability, from easy strolls to arduous hikes and everything in between!

Is Bienville National Forest open all year round?

Yes, Bienville National Forest is open year-round. The mild weather and moderate climate mean that visitors can hike, bike, canoe, and more in any season!

Is there a fee to get into Bienville National Forest?

No, there is no fee to get into Bienville National Forest. However, there are permits or fees required for certain recreation areas, and for activities like camping in certain parts of the forest.