Choosing The Best RV Propane Tank Cover



Choosing The Best RV Propane Tank Cover

Carrying fuel is a must as an RV enthusiast knows, but storing said fuel can be tricky. Propane, used for grills and heating elements within your RV, must be stored outside of your unit. As such, your tanks are exposed to the elements. Finding a proper RV propane tank cover will ensure that the tank remains clean and that no damage is done to it, which could be dangerous. Check out our tips for buying a propane tank cover to ensure safety and dependability. 

Propane Tank Covers

There are a couple types of propane tank covers on the market. Soft covers are usually made out of weatherproof and waterproof, durable fabrics. These covers slide onto the tank and have valves for ventilation. 

Hard covers provide an extra layer of protection, to keep your tank intact on the road, where flying debris can be a real concern. Other hard covers are both functional and visually pleasing. They might make the tank blend in while still providing protection.

While propane tanks for grills come in standard sizes, you should also watch for any kind of custom sizing your setup might require.  

Aesthetics are another reason you might look to cover your propane tank. And while it has no bearing on durability or safety, there are of course fun covers bearing sports logos or other designs, to purchase and amp up your RV. 

Propane Tank Safety

Safety is important when dealing with any kind of fuel. It’s especially important when handling and storing fuel in your RV. 

When searching for a propane tank cover, be sure to find a model mentioning ventilation. Although this is typical, covers that are not primarily used for propane might not include this feature. When contained fuel builds pressure and emits gases, those gases need a way to escape. Without proper ventilation, you could be looking at an explosion. 

It’s also important to note that while you might be able to cover your RV awning with a makeshift cover or use a DIY cover for your motorhome’s spare tire, storing propane is for the experts. Look for a quality cover to ensure your safety.

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