What’s the Best RV for a Family of Four?

Last updated on February 24th, 2022 at 04:43 pm. Originally published on September 13th, 2020

Renting an RV for 4: What are the Best Options?

You’ve been talking about going on a life changing adventure for months now. You’ve finally stopped putting it off and you’re ready to take the family out for some real fun. Well, not much can compete with the thrill of renting an RV and setting off on the type of expedition that brings you closer together as a family, while at the same time bringing you closer to nature. So, you are here wondering.. what RV would best fit my family of four?

After all, you’re going to need enough sleeping space for everyone, and activities such as eating indoors (should the weather be bad) must also be taken into consideration. Of course, you’ll also need a way to store everything needed to take care of your family on vacation.

If you’re a family of four who are new to the world of RVs and you want to know a little about the different kinds of units out there and which ones are ideal for the size of your tribe, this article is for you.

For those of you who are veterans and are just looking for some actionable advice for finding amazing rates for your next getaway, this is definitely for you too.

We’re going cover which RVs are best for accommodating four travelers comfortably, and find out how you can find the best rates possible on a rental.

So what RV should you be looking for? Well, we can immediately rule out campervans and truck campers. While those types can work in some situations, they aren’t exactly comfortable for families with kids, especially not those with a couple of young campers. However, there are versions of nearly every other type of RV that will work quite well for a family of four (or even more).

Let’s check out some of our favorite RVs for families of four below.


Hybrid: The Lightweight RV

Hybrid RVs are a fantastic RV type. These combine the light weight and portability of a pop-up camper with the structure and comfort of a traditional travel trailer. The result is a hard-sided trailer with beds that pop out from the sides and are housed in canvas enclosures. This creates more floor space and sleeping capacity without adding to the weight and length of the trailer.

For obvious reasons, hybrid trailers are the best option for families who want a trailer but can’t tow very much weight. It’s a great entry-level RV, and because of all the sleeping spaces provided, we love this option for people with kids.

Think a hybrid would be perfect for you and your family? If so, we recommend looking into the K-Z Escape E180RBT. This is one of the best RVs for a family of four because it folds up very small, doesn’t weigh much at all, and has enough sleeping space for ten people.

It also provides plenty of room for cooking and playing in the middle of the trailer, and even has a full bathroom on board—a must for those with small children.

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Travel Trailer: The Classic RV

If you’re able to tow a bit more, you might be looking for something with hard sides all around—canvas beds need not apply. This is where the traditional bumper-pull travel trailer comes into play.

We like traditional trailers because they provide an added layer of security. And because of their completely hard sides, it’s also easier to control the climate in a traditional trailer versus a hybrid.

As far as the best travel trailer for a family of four goes, we have to recommend the Jayco Jay Flight SLX 8 264BH. Various forms of this floor plan have been on the market for years, and for good reason: It’s simple and incredibly functional. This model provides families with everything they need to be comfortable in a relatively small and easy-to-tow package.

Price of the Jayco Jayflight SLX 8 264BH: $25,552

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Fifth Wheel: The Roomy RV

Fifth wheels are large units that latch onto a tow vehicle. This itype of trailer attaches to the bed of your truck rather than the bumper. They make great rental options for four people because they are massive in space and provide many of the comforts of a real home. They’re known for being quite luxurious and less expensive that traditional motorhomes.

Fifth wheels are the best options for families who want to save the most and already have a heavy duty tow vehicle, like a truck. They are typically much roomier than travel trailers. They tend to have higher ceilings and be longer overall, making them feel more like a true home-on-wheels, often attracting people who plan to hit the road full-time.

Wondering which fifth wheel is best for a family of four? We really like the Keystone Cougar 368MBI. This is a mid-bunk fifth wheel with private sleeping spaces for both the parents and the kids. Besides the private bunk room, there is also a loft area, providing a third sleeping area for older children.

Price of the Keystone Cougar 368MBI: $45,995

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Class C: The Road Trip RV

These are a more compact version of class A RVs and are usually built on a van frame. They tend to be one of the most popular options for reasons like the fact that they provide a more natural driving feel. The fuel economy for class C types is better than the larger motorhomes as well, which is a very convenient benefit.

Class C RVs are relatively affordable while still offering plenty of amenities. Whether you’re looking for a slide model, a bathroom with a tub, or something else entirely, there is almost definitely a class C motorhome out there for you.They come equipped with a stove, refrigerator, and decent storage capacity. Even though they’re smaller and simpler, they still have options for those looking for a little luxury.

For people who are brand new to the RV lifestyle, these are a good choice because they make a good transition to the feel of driving an RV, and they provide a comfortable amount of space for the amount you’re traveling with, without having to go all out on a huge unit. This type of RV is large enough for a family of four to be quite comfortable, and super easy to pack up when it’s time to hit the road.

In terms of a class C RV for a family of four, we’d have to point you to the Jayco Greyhawk 31F. This RV features a private bunk area, meaning the kids will each have their own bed. On top of that, there’s a cab-over bunk, a sofa bed, and a table that changes into a bed, providing plenty of additional sleeping space.

Price of the Jayco Greyhawk 31F: $135,731


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Class A: The Luxury RV

Finally, class A RVs are the largest options available. They’re built on a bus frame and are considered one of the most luxurious in the RV family. Class A RV rentals don’t just sleep four people, they can sometimes sleep up to eight or more! Most even have slideout options which increases the living space available.

Class A units have the most options as far as amenities and technology, easily featuring things like large screen TVs, full bathrooms, a bedroom with a king size bed, and different high-class options as far as flooring, cabinetry, etc.

These units are really meant for the veteran RVer who’s already got the experience of managing such a massive unit, or for a group that is traveling a large distance and requires a more spacious ride. Besides, Class A RVs are known to be a little more dependable for longer and more complicated expeditions.

Until recently, there weren’t very many class As that would work well for families, as they’re often designed with retirees in mind. However, that is no longer the case. Models such as the Winnebago Vista 31BE have small bunk areas as well as an optional loft bed over the cab.

Price of the Winnebago Vista 31BE: $146,512

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Can a Family of 4 Live in an RV?

All of the RVs listed above are great for vacationing, but what about living? These days we are seeing more and more people hit the road full-time. This is something that has traditionally been reserved for retired folks, meaning the full-time RV community was once composed almost exclusively of older people. However, that’s all changing now.

Thanks to the internet, working on the road is easier than ever before, and that means more young people can live this amazing lifestyle. Many people assume this younger full-time RVing crowd is mostly single people and couples without kids. But while there certainly are plenty of young people without kids traveling full-time, there are also an enormous number of families with kids who travel full-time as well, and that number is constantly growing.

So, can a family of four live in an RV? Absolutely! There are people doing it all over the country.

The key is to find the right floorplan for your family. Make sure you’re happy with the size of your rig, ensure everyone has a sleeping space they’re happy with, and determine whether a motorhome or a trailer will be better for your travel style.

The best way to do this? Rent first! A rental RV will give you the chance to try out a few different RV types and floor plans so you can choose the very best RV for your family of four to live in while you go on your epic full-time RVing adventure.


Finding the Best Rates for Four-Person Rentals

The truth is for a group or family of four the possibilities are much more than the few ones mentioned above. Ranging from the most basic, to the most complex, RV manufacturers tend to keep that party size in mind.

 If you want to find the best ones for the greatest value, then you should look no further. We have some of the largest selections of not just the three kinds we’ve covered, but also many more than fit your party size perfectly.

Finding the best prices on RVshare is meant to be fun and easy. First, locate the search bar on the bottom of the page and enter in where and when you’re looking to rent.

  • When your results load, you’ll notice a simple layout that shows you hundreds of options of RVs to choose from in the area.
  • If you want to choose from the kinds of units we’ve covered, just go over to the menu on the left side of the page and select which RV classes you want to see.
  • If you’re not exactly sure what kind of unit you want quite yet, just select the number 4 where it says “travelers” and it’ll automatically narrow down your search to RV rentals that sleep at least four.

As you look through all the different choices and experiment with the filtering options, it’d be hard not to find the perfect fit to make everyone in your group happy and excited to head out to the adventure!

You’ll also notice that right off the bat, our 4 passenger RV rental rates start from unheard of prices. On average, rates for fifth wheels are about $75 a night, class C rates average at about $99 a night, and class A rates average at about the same price. Where else can you get a C or A class for almost the same rate per night? 

The comfort of home with the freedom of the open road, that is what renting an RV for your next vacation offers and it doesnt really get better than that does it?


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How much can you make renting your RV?

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How much can you make renting your RV?

See How Much You Can Make

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