Salt Point State Park RV & Campground Guide


Salt Point State Park is a park and beach in Sonoma County, California. Located about 90 miles out from San Francisco, it's a great place to vacation thanks to the vast and varied space that creates the grounds. From hiking to biking to swimming and more, there's plenty to do and see at Salt Point. One of the best features of Salt Point State Park is its climate. Taking more after Oregon and Washington, the park is surprisingly cool most times of the year. It's also fairly foggy, giving the entire area an almost mythical sense of ambiance that campers love.

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Spring 43 - 61 F
Summer 48 - 66 F
Fall 46 - 65 F
Winter 41 - 57 F
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San Francisco, CA
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RV Resorts & Campsites in Salt Point State Park

RVing is a great way to experience Salt Point State Park, especially if you're taking advantage of a convenient RV rental. Camping out in an RV is convenient for a vacation based around exploring the great outdoors, especially when you have great campgrounds like the following to stay at.

Salt Point State Park

There are a ton of places to camp out over Salt Point's 6,000 acres of land. During peak season, 78 different campgrounds are open throughout the park, including those right up next to Gerstle Cove. While RV spaces are available, you're going to be roughing it here since there aren't really any amenities or hookups to speak of. You can also take your pets with you. Most campsites cost $35 per night save for the overflow camping area ($30) and hike and bike trail sites ($5).

Porto Bodega Marina & RV Park

Porto Bodega Marina & RV Park is a gorgeous RV park located right up next to the water in Bodega Bay. Whether you're just here for a brief respite in between trips or looking to enjoy the kayaking, bird-watching, swimming, and more the park has to offer, you'll love this place. The park offers both full hookup sites and sites without hookups in various locations around the grounds as well as a dump station. They also have a bathroom and shower facility as well as rooms for rent if you'd prefer. Pets are also allowed at no extra cost provided they're well-behaved and taken care of.

Ocean Cove Campground

Ocean Cove Campground is an amazing RV campground located on a private island in Jenner, California. Welcoming anyone from RVers to tent campers, Ocean Cove is the perfect place to get away from it all and relax. There are no hookups on the island, meaning you'll have to be conscious of what you bring there. Generators and other power supplies are allowed so long as you stay conscious of the curfew (10:00 p.m. means no loud noises). Pets are also allowed with a $2 additional fee. Prices start at $28 per night for every vehicle you take there with an $8 boat ramp usage fee if you're planning to go sailing. You can also rent a 10-vehicle group camping spot for $280 per night.

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What to Do at
Salt Point State Park

Inside Salt Point State Park

You'll never find yourself wanting for things to do when you visit Salt Point State Park. For starters, there are tons of trails snaking through the forest that are perfect for both hiking and bike riding. You can also stop and have a picnic at any of the designated areas around the park. The rocky Gerstle Cove is also an excellent place for swimming and fishing. One of the most popular things to do around the Cove is scuba diving as Salt Point is famous for its underwater marine life preserves that have made a home underneath the wave-carved rocks.

Outside Salt Point State Park

Being in proximity to a number of cities in California, there's a ton to do outside of Salt Point State Park if you decide you'd like a break from the outdoors. As a small sample, here are some of the great places to eat, shop and see while you’re on your vacation


The Zina Lounge

Based in Sonoma's Ledson Hotel, the Zina Lounge is a fabulous fine dining experience. With a menu suited to pair with the Zina Hyde Cunningham Vineyard's most delicious wine selections as well as the hotel's atmosphere, it's a meal that's well worth the price.

Type: Fine dining

Location: Sanoma, CA

Creekside Cafe

Simple, down-to-earth, and delicious all rolled into one, the Creekside Cafe is a great little place to eat when you're out vacationing in Sonoma. With unique decor that will make you feel like you're right at home and a delicious menu for any time of day (especially the classic breakfast items like huevos rancheros and pancakes), you'll find yourself stopping without even thinking just to get that great taste of a home-cooked meal.

Type: Home-style

Location: Sanoma, CA


Guerneville 5 & 10

Known as "The Fun Shop," Guerneville 5 & 10 is the perfect place to grab some souvenirs on your way home. With all kinds of toys, games, party supplies, swimming gear, and much more at this shop in Guerneville, you'll definitely find something that strikes your fancy when you stop in for a visit.

Location: Guerneville, CA

G’s General Store

G's General Store in Sonoma is a modern revitalization of the general store concept. It features a little bit of everything, so you can grab some clothes, candy, home furnishings, and just about anything else you can think of when you stop by.

Location: Sonoma, CA

Tiddle E. Winks

Tiddle E. Winks is a charming store in Sonoma filled with vintage delights. Old toys, classic signs, memorabilia, and gifts of all kinds line the shelves, all calling back to a nostalgic past it helps keep alive.

Location: Sonoma, CA


Fort Ross Vineyard & Winery

If wine is your thing, you definitely won't want to pass up the Fort Ross Vineyard & Winery in Jenner. With both wine tastings and full bottles available here, you can enjoy the true depth and flavor of any number of amazing wines the way you like them and get a little something to take home with you.

Location: Jenner, CA

Fort Ross State Historic Park

Fort Ross State Historic Park in Jenner is the repurposed grounds of one of Russia's colonial outposts in the Americas. Established in 1909, the park is a great place to learn about the history of the fort as well as the native people of this area of California.

Location: Jenner, CA

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How to Get to
Salt Point State Park

Getting to Salt Point State Park is an easy matter. The best way to do so from a large city is to go through San Francisco as the park is about 90 miles out from the city if you drive northward along Highway 1. Generally speaking, so long as you can get onto Highway 1, you'll eventually see the signs indicating that Salt Point is in the area once you've driven far enough to get there.

By Car

Entering Salt Point State Park

One way to enter Salt Point State Park would be the Salt Point Parking Area near the center of the land. It's located along the side of Highway 1 in the Miller Creek area, and you can park or be dropped off here and walk into the park if you're not planning to camp at one of the campsites. Times range from sunrise to sunset, the exact times changing with the season (estimate something like 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. for most of the year). Keep in mind that there's an $8 day-use price for entering, with camping starting at $35 a night for the Gerstle and Woodside areas ($30 for the overflow lot and $5 for the hiking and biking paths area). You can also take advantage of the 10-vehicle group rate of $200 per night with an $8 addition for each extra vehicle.

Salt Point State Park Per vehicle : $8.0

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