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Are you thinking about taking an extended road trip, but dreading the logistics?

Even for the most adventurous among us, packing the family into the car for a long road trip can be daunting -- and not just because of how many times you’ll hear that fateful “Are we there yet?” from the back seat.

Although road trips offer flexible and educational family fun, figuring out where everyone’s going to sleep each night isn’t always so exciting. Hotel costs can stack up quickly, and car camping can lose its luster, too. Who wants to set up a tent every single night?

If these concerns sound all too familiar, a travel van rental might be perfect for your next adventure. When it comes to touring the country, it’s hard to find a more flexible, affordable, and comfortable option than a travel van.

Find Travel Vans For Rent Near Me

If you want to take on this unique kind of travel, you’ll most likely need to find a travel van for rent. After all, purchasing one of your own is a pretty hefty investment -- not to mention a commitment. By trying a travel van rental for your next road trip, you’ll give yourself the opportunity to get a glimpse of sleeper van camping at a much lower cost, which will make you a better-informed buyer if you do later decide to invest in your own vehicle.

Luckily, there are many options available for people looking for a campervan or sleeper van rental.

You might first check nearby rental facilities in your area for a rental travel van, or in the vicinity of your destination if you’re planning to fly far away and rent from there. This can be done by simply googling “travel van rentals” plus the appropriate zip code. You can also seek out RV dealerships and rental facilities in the area, as these sometimes offer sleeper vans or Class B motorhomes for rent as well as larger campers and travel trailers.

No matter which rental facility catches your eye, you’ll want to take your time and shop around. Compare prices between dealerships, and also be sure to look into reviews left by previous clients. These unbiased reviews can provide important information about the quality of the vehicles themselves, as well as the friendliness and efficiency of the dealership’s customer service team. The last thing you want is to find yourself stranded with a problematic vehicle, and no one on the other end of the line who can (or cares to) help!

An alternative option to renting through a dealership is to try out the peer-to-peer rental market available through RVshare.

RVshare helps private RV owners connect with trustworthy renters like you. That way, owners can earn money with their camper when it would otherwise not be in use. And as in any peer-to-peer market (like Uber or Airbnb), this platform helps renters circumvent the exorbitant pricing businesses have to charge to cover their overhead costs, and it also simplifies the rental relationship. Since you’ll be dealing one-on-one with real people, you won’t have to worry about shoddy customer service or tricky sales tactics. You’ll even have access to a complimentary 24-hour travel concierge and roadside assistance, and your rental is covered by a $10,000 peace of mind guarantee. Basically, you get all the perks of renting from a dealership for what’s generally a much cheaper price. (That’s what we call a win-win scenario!)

Cheap Travel Van Rentals

There are many different types of travel vans available, from minibusses to full-on Class B motorhomes. Each offers various benefits and also has its own set of drawbacks. Which one’s right for you and your family will depend on your individual preferences, necessities and goals.

Cheaper travel van rentals tend to include Volkswagen campers, converted vans or minibusses, and Vanagons. These types of vehicles make great family travel van rentals, since they’re budget-friendly and fun. They generally tend to use less gas than larger sleeper and travel vans, and they’re smaller and more easily maneuverable -- which is useful if you’re an anxious driver or if you want to camp in tighter spaces.

The main drawback of less expensive travel vans is that they may lack creature comforts your family would enjoy and which would make your trip more convenient, like toilet and kitchen facilities or temperature control. But if you’re willing to get a little rough-and-tumble, seeing the world from one of these travel vans can be an incredible adventure. They’re also a great upgrade from car or tent camping!

Luxury Travel Van Rentals

Larger sleeper vans and Class B motorhomes can make for a more luxurious, if still rugged, travel experience. Although they tend to be more expensive, these leisure travel van rentals can offer more space for large families, or provide a more comfortable and relaxing option for solo getaways and romantic weekends.

Luxury travel vans often come equipped not only with onboard toilets and kitchenettes, but also with posh extras like television sets and even showers. Some models feature slide-outs to help make even more living space when parked -- all while still offering the flexibility and relative affordability of sleeper van travel. (Unlike with a full-sized RV, you probably won’t have to put a whole third of your budget into the gas tank!)

No matter which kind of travel van rental you’re most interested in, RVshare is a great place to look. Since the service is available to RV owners around the country, it’s likely you’ll find something that’s convenient and well within your budget. And since these campers are privately owned, they’re usually even more comfortable than what you’d find in a commercial rental fleet!

Ready to Adventure in Your Rental Travel Van?

Once you’ve found your dream travel van rental, it’s time for the fun part: hitting the road!

The best part of any kind of RV travel is how much freedom it gives you to see the country at your own pace, and with your own set of priorities. Do you want to take a whole summer to explore all of America’s National Parks or do an affordable, week-long tour of its big cities? Maybe you’re ready to leave it all behind and go boondocking in the wilderness, or just spend a weekend lazing on the beach.

The choice is yours. And with a travel van, you really can get just about anywhere.

Happy trails!