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What is a Teardrop Trailer?

RVers are always looking for a new and exciting adventure. From large, luxurious Class A motorhomes to more modest, but still well-appointed Class Cs or travel trailers, there are all sorts of campers to carry you through every sort of RVing experience.

But what about teardrop trailers?

You may have heard of these unique and versatile trailers before, which pack a big punch of adventure into a tiny package. Teardrop trailers offer campers a unique way to see the world from lightweight, yet cozy, take-along accommodations. They’re small, but mighty, offering little more than an interior sleeping surface, some storage, and occasionally an outdoor kitchen area.

Here’s what you need to know about these one-of-a-kind little campers.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Teardrop Trailer?

If you’re looking to experience teardrop trailer travel, but you aren’t ready to commit to purchasing one of your own, renting one is the best option. But it can be difficult to find non-traditional RVs — that is, anything but Class A and Class C motorhomes — in the large, commercial RV rental dealerships and franchises that dot the nation. 

However, teardrop trailer rentals are available and can be found by searching the peer-to-peer RV rental network at RVshare. Our nationwide fleet of rigs is owner-rented and includes all shapes, sizes, and footprints, from massive fifth-wheel travel trailers all the way down to teardrop rentals, and everything in between.

The cost of renting a teardrop trailer will vary depending on who you rent from, how long you’re keeping the vehicle, and where you plan to travel with it. But generally, small trailers are less expensive to rent than larger, more luxurious motorhomes, even when you’re talking about a unique rig like a teardrop trailer. You can save a significant chunk off of what you would spend if you were renting from a traditional agency… sometimes as little as $50 per night!

Are Teardrop Trailers Worth It?

Given their smallness — and thus lack of interior living space — you may be wondering if teardrop trailers are worth renting or buying. After all, the point of RVing, for most campers, is to combine the freedom of the open road with the comfort and convenience of having your very own bungalow on wheels.

But if you’re the kind of camper who’s not spending any more than the bare minimum of time at home in your trailer, and would rather spend the majority of your trip time exploring your destination, a teardrop trailer can be a great option. 

Teardrop trailers tend to only offer the most basic necessities: a sleeping area, some storage, and perhaps a small kitchen out of the back tailgate. However, some teardrop trailers lack any sort of cooking facilities whatsoever and most do not include bathroom facilities. 

That said, they offer a whole lot in exchange for their small footprint. Teardrop trailers are ultra-lightweight, meaning they can be pulled behind SUVs and even some regular-sized cars rather than the large trucks required by traditionally sized travel trailers. And because they’re so small, they are navigable even to backwoods campsites that require driving down narrow dirt roads and ensure you’ll have a cozy place to lay your head after the day’s adventures.

Teardrop trailers are also an ideal solution for couples or solo travelers looking to enjoy a quick weekend getaway, during which they’ll mostly be focused on exploring the place they’ve traveled to. While it won’t be the most luxurious excursion, it will be comfortable, convenient, and cozy… and for many of us, that goes a long way.

What is the Best Teardrop Trailer?

Once you start looking at the different teardrop trailers available on either the rental or for-purchase market, you’ll notice that there are a wide variety of them available. Although there aren’t as many teardrop trailer manufacturers as there are, say, makers of Class A or Class C motorhomes, there are a growing number of makers who specialize in these popular little trailers.

Here are some teardrop trailer manufacturers you should know if you’re in the market:

  • Aero Teardrops

  • Camp-Inn

  • Cozy Cruiser

  • High Camp Trailers

  • Little Guy Trailers

  • nuCamp 

  • Timberleaf Trailers

  • Vistabule

While many consumers want to know which is the best of any given class of trailer, the truth is, each manufacturer and model has its own drawbacks and benefits. The best way to figure out which trailer is best for your needs is to experience a camping trip in a variety of different types. That’s especially good advice if you’re planning on eventually purchasing one for yourself.

Teardrop Camping Prices

If you’re interested in purchasing a teardrop trailer, you may wonder what the average teardrop camping prices are. But the answer to the question, “How much are teardrop campers?” — once again, it depends on which camper you’re talking about.

For example, a brand new teardrop trailer, custom-built for the buyer from the manufacturer, might cost as much as $20,000-$30,000 or more. 

But a used teardrop trailer, or one that’s more modest, could cost less than $10,000, even if it’s still in very good repair. 

Relatively low prices are another benefit of teardrop trailers; if you can deal without all the extra living space, a teardrop trailer could be a much more affordable way to get on the road as quickly as possible. Of course, if you’re thinking seriously about purchasing a teardrop camper of your own, it’s important to ensure you know what the experience of camping in one is actually like.

Which leads us to...

How to Find a Teardrop Trailer Rental on RVshare

Looking for a teardrop camper rental? Wondering, “What if I can’t find a teardrop trailer rental near me?”

As mentioned above, it can be difficult to find small camping trailers for rent from the traditional rental agencies, which usually focus only on Class A and Class C motorhomes. These types of vehicles are large, luxurious, and relatively easy for beginning RVers to use. But that doesn’t mean renting a teardrop trailer is impossible… in fact, it’s easy!

At RVshare, our fleet of well-maintained rental vehicles is owned and managed by owners who live in and love their rigs themselves. And since they’re not tied to some corporate mandate about which types of RVs make the most sense to offer, they have all sorts of rigs available, including tiny teardrop trailers.

To find a teardrop trailer near you, simply navigate to RVshare’s RV rental homepage, enter your prospective dates and travel location, and then use the dropdown filters to search specifically for travel trailers under towable RVs. You can also enter the keyword “teardrop” in order to specify your results even more.

Then, get out there and enjoy your camping trip! Or should we say, “trips?” Chances are you’re going to enjoy the experience enough to want to repeat it!