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What is a Sleeper Van?

Looking for a small but powerful way to see the country on your terms? A sleeper van is an awesome way to combine the freedom of the open road with the convenience of carrying your own accommodations along for the ride. 

Sleeper vans, also known as Class B RVs, are small drivable RVs that make up for what they lack in living space with convenience and flexibility. They’re often self-contained, meaning they offer both kitchen and bathroom facilities as well as sleeping space, but they’re small enough to navigate down even remote and rocky roads. 

Of course, finding a sleeper van rental isn’t always as simple as finding a more traditional rental motorhome. These small, specialty vehicles aren’t usually offered by traditional RV rental agencies and dealerships.

That said, it is possible to rent a sleeper van, and doing so could totally change the way you experience your camping trips. 

In this post, we’ll cover what you need to know about renting a sleeper van, including pricing, availability, and different types you’ll find on the market.

Where to Rent a Sleeper Van

If you want to rent a sleeper van, chances are you’ll run into some trouble if you turn immediately to the traditional rental market. Most of the major RV rental franchises specialize only in Class A and Class C rigs, which combine luxury with functionality and ease of use for beginners.

But sleeper vans are a great alternative for campers who are happy to trade some living space for versatility. These smaller RVs have many of the same amenities as their larger cousins, just scaled down… and they’re easier to navigate down narrow roads to access remote backwoods campsites (or for stealth camping on urban roadways).

Sleeper vans come in a wide variety of types and luxury levels, from modest converted VW vans to posh Sprinter vans with sleeper quarters. If you want to rent one to experience this range of amenities for yourself, the peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace is an ideal searching ground.

When you rent from a peer-to-peer market, you’re renting a rig directly from its owner, which means your choices aren’t limited by some corporation’s verdict of which types of RVs are most marketable. Along with having access to a wider range of RV types, shapes, and sizes, you’ll also save a significant chunk of change as compared to what you’d pay at a traditional agency; after all, owners are just looking to line their pockets with a little bit of extra adventure money. They don’t have to foot the expensive overhead of keeping a business open!

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Sleeper Van?

Once you start looking for RV vans for rent, you’ll likely notice that rental prices range considerably. Because although the peer-to-peer marketplace is a reliable place to find non-traditional rigs, you can find RV van rentals from specialized agencies as well.

Even on the peer-to-peer market, prices will range depending on the exact vehicle you choose, how long you plan to keep it, and even who, exactly, you rent it from. That said, sleeper minivans do tend to be significantly less expensive than larger RVs, like Class A and Class C motorhomes, both in their rental prices and in their gas tanks!

Because these smaller RVs are lighter in weight, they don’t take as much fuel to get where they’re going as much larger RVs do (including large travel trailers towed by trucks). And as far as rental prices are concerned, if you’re searching the RVshare RV rental marketplace, you may be pleasantly surprised to find vehicles available for as little as $50 per night!

Sleeper vs. Sprinter vs. Camper

So, what types of Class B RVs and sleeper vans are available to renters and purchasers? 

There are a wide variety… but you may hear these rigs referred to with the following words: sprinter vans, camper vans, and sleeper vans.

Each of these terms generally refers to the same kind of vehicle, though Sprinter refers to a specific brand (which are built into Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van chassis). Sleeper vans of all sorts may or may not have amenities like bathroom and kitchen facilities, so it’s important to shop around and ensure your prospective rental vehicle has what you need for your vacation.

From repurposed VW vans with pop-up tops and little more than a bed inside to tricked-out Class B RVs with genuine leather seating, memory foam beds, and entertainment systems, sleeper vans are a great way to upgrade any vacation. Here’s what you need to know about finding one for rent.

Sleeper Van Rentals in the USA

As mentioned, it’s not always as easy to rent an RV van as it is to rent other sorts of RVs. The big commercial dealerships tend to deal mostly with motorhomes of a variety of shapes and sizes, usually not including Class Bs. 

“So how do I find sleeper van rentals near me?” you may be wondering. Well, if you’re anywhere in the continental U.S., there’s an easy solution: search the available RV rentals at RVshare.

Our peer-to-peer RV rental market includes rigs of all shapes, sizes, and types, including sleeper vans. To find one, simply navigate to the RVshare rental homepage, enter your prospective travel dates and location, and filter for “Class B” under the “Drivable RV” drop-down menu above.

Along with filtering for this specific type of RV, you can also utilize other filters to further specify the camper you’re looking for. For instance, some owners allow pets in their RV rentals, whereas others don’t; you can also filter for Instant Book, which can simplify your travel plans by making it possible to ensure you get the camper you want without having to have a back-and-forth with its owners.

No matter which sleeper van rental catches your eye, we hope you enjoy your one-of-a-kind vacation in these little rigs, which offer a big payoff. Happy camping!