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If you are looking for cheap rental vans for a vacation, RVshare has many options for you. You may think that vans do not fall under the purview of RVs, but this is not necessarily the case. 

Many vans have been converted to be campervans. This means that they can be used for recreational purposes — and, of course, "RV" simply stands for recreational vehicle.

When many people think of recreational vehicles, Class A motorhomes come to mind. These are the largest and most luxurious RVs on the market. However, campervans provide a range of advantages, including superior maneuverability and rental costs.

Rental Vehicles for Vacation

A van rental for a family vacation is one of the best options if you are on a budget and your group is relatively small. As you might expect, vans are on the small side of the recreational vehicle spectrum. If you have a larger family, you may want to go with a Class C or A RV to better accommodate your group. 

Class C RVs are one step up from campervans in terms of size and luxury. If you are looking for a combination of affordability and amenities, a these campers may be the right option for you and your group. 

If you have a large group and are interested in traveling in style, a Class A RV may be the right option. As the largest campers, they are what you might think of when you hear the term "motorhome." They often have separate sleeping areas, a bathroom with running water and kitchenettes. 

For those who prefer better drivability over superfluous amenities, a van will be the best rental vehicle for a vacation. Campervans are especially suited to shorter vacations both in terms of distance and in the time you'll be out on the road.

There is also a larger class of vans that have been converted from other vehicles. These vans are much more spacious, so they can accommodate more people. In addition, they can accommodate more amenities and cargo. 

Converted campervans may be the best choice if you are looking for a cost-effective van for a long-term trip. Since they are nonstandard models, they have usually been converted by their owners or specialty shops. 

Each converted van varies in specifications and amenities. While they are also somewhat less common than traditional campervans, you will find various options online.

Conversion Van Rental for Vacation

For exceptionally large groups, there are plenty of options as well. A 15-passenger van rental is more common than you might think. Many old buses and large vehicles have been converted to RVs.

There are campervans that can accommodate anywhere from 8 to up to 15 people. It should be noted that these vans are not necessarily designed for overnight quarters like Class A and C motorhomes. However, some of these conversion vans may be altered with some of the seating removed to provide more space. 

These non-standard campervans have generally been modified after leaving the factory. This means that they are all different. Furthermore, the selection that is available at any one time may vary.

Renting a Van for Vacation

You may have some rental vans for vacation questions. When renting vans for vacations, the main things you need to look into include the dates and availability of your vehicle. You'll also want to think about the size, amenities and how many miles you can put on it. 

This may seem like a lot, but the listings on RVshare make it easier for you to find this information relatively quickly. You can always message the owners and speak to them if you have any questions. Be sure to do your research and find an RV that meets all of your needs before reserving one.

Campervan Rental

Many people ask themselves, "how can I find rental vans for a vacation near me?" In the past, you may have had to try and go to brick and mortar businesses to find a van you could rent for your vacation. Now, however, there is an easier alternative. 

You can search our site for the RVs that meet your specifications in the surrounding area. This will grant you a greater selection, better prices and an easier time picking out the RV that is right for your vacation. Once you have chosen the filters for your search results, you can easily see all the rental vans near you.

You may need to find a large van rental for a vacation if you have a large group of travelers. While many campervans are designed for couples or smaller groups, there are various options that can accommodate more people.

For example, there are converted RV vans that can accommodate as many as eight or more people. These converted vans are not as common as standard campervans. You may have to start looking well in advance of your vacation and widen the search area to find a suitable rental.

As far as campervans go, a Sprinter van rental is one of the most popular RV rentals on our site. The Sprinter van is a relatively new design, having only become popular within the last few years. It was originally designed to haul around cargo for commercial use. 

However, it was quickly adopted for RV use. It is now fairly common to see a converted Sprinter van that is available to be used as a recreational vehicle. Built by Mercedes-Benz, these models are known for their comfort and reliability. 

Whether you're planning a short vacation or extended excursion with a larger group, you can find a campervan that will meet your needs here on RVshare.