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5th Wheel Truck Rental & Fifth Wheel Hitch Rental

If you’re considering seeing the country in an RV, one of the first questions you’ll have to contend with is what kind of RV is right for you. From modest campervans to all-inclusive motorhomes with extras like slide outs, the world of recreational vehicles is a big and exciting one! Figuring out which kind of rig is right for you can be overwhelming, but it’s also exciting. It’s your first step toward getting on the road and starting your dream vacation.

If you have a big family, need a lot of storage room or simply want more room to move around inside your RV, a fifth wheel might be the right kind of rig for you. A fifth wheel is a trailer type of motorhome, which must be towed by a heavy-duty vehicle. This means that your passengers can’t take advantage of the rig’s facilities (like the fridge and the toilet) while you’re driving. But since none of the RV’s internal space is devoted to a cockpit for actually driving the vehicle, there’s a lot more room for activities. Instead of taking up room with a driver’s seat, steering wheel or even an engine, the fifth wheel can offer up to 400 square feet (or more!) of living space, complete with up to five slide outs.

In short, it’s the closest to the home experience a recreational vehicle can get. They also tend to be much less expensive than all-inclusive motorhomes that offer comparable living space, although you do have the added expense of a tow vehicle to consider as well.

But if you’re not quite ready to jump into ownership, renting is a great option to consider -- even if you don’t own a truck that can tow the fifth wheel’s considerable weight.

You can find fifth wheel RVs available for rent at local dealerships as well as in online peer-to-peer marketplaces like RVShare. But for this article, we’ll focus on fifth wheel towing equipment rental -- how to find a rental truck with a fifth wheel hitch, for instance, so you can successfully tow your fifth wheel RV and take your dream vacation.

5th Wheel Truck Rental

First of all, you’re going to need a truck that can handle the weight of a fifth wheel. You’ll have to check with your dealership or the rental’s owner, but in general, you’ll want at least a 3/4 ton pickup truck, and may even consider a 1-ton truck to ensure the vehicle has a high enough payload for your packed and ready-to-go fifth wheel.

You can rent a fifth wheel truck at many car and truck rental dealerships, but not all of them. Enterprise Trucks, for instance, can only arrange for a fifth-wheel-capable truck if you arrange a long-term rental of six months or more. However, you can also consult moving companies, which may be able to rent heavy-duty equipment Additionally, you should be sure to consult local listings for rental vehicles in your area. You could even consider putting out a “wanted” ad in your newspaper’s classifieds section!

5th Wheel Truck Rental Prices

The price of your fifth wheel truck rental will vary depending on where you rent the vehicle from, as well as how long you keep it, how far you’re driving and whether or not you take on any additional insurance policies through the rental company.

That said, it’s probably a good idea to budget about $100-$150 per day for your rental vehicle, if not more, and that’s before the expense of gas. It’s true that you might see rental trucks listed less expensively. However, these listings don’t usually include additional insurance policies, and some exclude mileage and additional towing fees. Overestimating provides a cushion should your actual expenses turn out to be lower. After all, it’s much better to have budgeted too much than too little!

No matter what, once you find an appropriate rental provider, be sure to check with your rental facility to get a full, complete price before planning your RV vacation. You can always rearrange your destinations or activities, but the cost of the vehicle itself is one of the least negotiable parts of the trip!

Fifth Wheel Hitch Rental

Fortunately, many of the rental facilities that offer trucks large enough to tow a fifth wheel include the fifth wheel hitch as a rental option. It’s harder to find the fifth wheel hitch for rent on its own as an a la carte item.

The most convenient option is to find a truck rental with a 5th wheel hitch already included, but you may need to call ahead to ensure that your rental facility has this kind of fifth wheel towing equipment rental available. Make sure when you ask for a tow hitch, you’re explicit about your intended purpose. Not all hitches are created equally, and you need to ensure your vehicle will be compatible with, as well as capable of, towing your fifth wheel RV.

Fifth Wheel Hitch Rental Prices

You’ll have to check with your rental facility to see if they charge any additional fees for the fifth wheel hitch you’ll need to attach your truck to your fifth wheel RV trailer.

That said, it is much more likely that the hitch itself will be rolled into the final price of your rental. In a pinch, you can buy your very own fifth wheel hitch for about $200 through Uhaul or other heavy-duty trucking suppliers. That way, you’ll be all set with your very own, trustworthy towing equipment, which means you’ll be well ahead of the game if you do decide to purchase your own fifth wheel trailer RV!