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Traveling With a 5th Wheel

If you love the excitement of cruising down the open road, then it sounds like RVing might be for you. If you love the excitement and also want some added freedom, then traveling with a 5th wheel might be a perfect way to do it! In this article, we’re going to look at some of the pros and cons of choosing a 5th wheel, some rules of the road, and where you can get the best possible prices on 5th wheel rentals all across the country!

Choosing an RV

Your first goal is to know whether or not renting a 5th wheel is the best option for you. There are almost a dozen different kinds of RV types. Then, once you figure out your style, there are more options beyond that. Choosing may feel like a daunting undertaking, but we’re here to help make the process of picking and renting an RV as seamless as possible.

Fifth wheels are a great option depending on your specific situation. For example, if you’re not planning on spending long periods of time on the road, if you want to save the most on fuel, and if you’ve got a powerful vehicle to haul it with, you may have found your perfect match. If you’re a fan of open space, a more stable ride, and luxury for a reasonable price, then it’s probably even better. We’ll expand a little on this.

Advantages of a 5th Wheel

Most veterans agree that traveling in a 5th wheel is perfect for the new RVer for various reasons. First, many people find them easier to hitch and back up (although it’s debatable), which is a huge stress saver. They’re also considered to be safer by many, which should be a priority, especially for a family with kids. Swaying is reduced to a minimum and in many situations, the 5ths wheel can actually assist the tow vehicle stick to the ground.

As far as comfort is concerned, 5th wheels for rent have many other RV types beat as well. They’re generally longer and have a lot more open space because there is no cab. Part of the living area actually hangs about four to five feet over the towing vehicle, which adds more living space, even in a shorter 5th wheel! With the high ceilings, they’re excellent for taller travelers as well. And of course, they offer more storage space per foot than most RVs.

If you’re the kind of traveler that enjoys a home cooked meal, you don’t need to compromise! Most 5th wheels come equipped with all the essentials of a home away from home, including a full kitchen. More luxurious models have a washer, dryer, and generator!

An all around favorite advantage of a 5th wheel is the savings you’ll find! Again, because they don’t have cabs or engines, the money you’d spend on buying or renting is a lot less than if you were to rent a standard A, B, or C class. On top of that, if you ever need maintenance, that’s also made a lot easier with a 5th wheel. The bill for the mechanic will be a lot cheaper then if you were to repair a regular motorhome. Gas is another area you can save because a fuel efficient tow vehicle is still better than a regular RV. If your family enjoys traveling in luxury, you’re in luck. A more luxurious and feature rich 5th wheel is still cheaper than many RVs with engines.

The freedom a fifth wheel offers can’t easily be replicated. What do we mean? Well, imagine finally arriving at your favorite RV park and setting up camp. Now, let’s say you realize you need groceries, you want to explore the town you’re in a little, or you forgot to pick something up somewhere. If you’re in a motorhome, your options would be to pick up and take your entire camp out with you to go buy the groceries, or tow another vehicle with you, something that adds both cost and complexity to your setup. A 5th wheel eliminates that dilemma. Once you unhook and set up, you have your home base and then your tow vehicle to run errands with or have fun.

Some Cautions

It’s not all sunshine though, some of the cons of traveling with a 5th wheel include the separation between your vehicle and trailer. Another disadvantage is that if you don't have the proper tow vehicle, your trip is a no go. The size of the RV could pose another problem when figuring out where to park.

It’s also important to know some of the rules of the road when traveling with a 5th wheel. Some states don’t allow passengers in the RV while it’s being towed. Some states don’t allow certain 5th wheels that are more than a certain size at all. And some require specific safety equipment.

Hopefully we’ve made the decision a little easier for you. Many would agree that the advantages trump the disadvantages. Maybe that’s the case for you too. If you’re ready to see how great it can be to rent a 5th wheel, we want to help you get the most bang for your buck.

Renting a 5th Wheel

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Wrap Up

With all of the different options in choosing an RV, it’s not hard for even veteran RVers to get confused. Thankfully, 5th wheels make a fine all-around option for new and experienced travelers. With their safety and convenience, your family is bound to have the perfect option to enjoy a wonderful family trip. Using RVshare to save hundreds in the process is just icing on the cake!