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Kauai is geographically the oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands and is the fourth largest of the main islands in the Hawaiian archipelago. It is also the 21 largest island in the United States. Kauai is known as the “Garden Isle” and is 105 miles across the Kaui’i Channel, Northwest of O’ahu. Kauai’s origins are volcanic, the island having been formed by the passage of the Pacific plate over the Hawaii hotspot. The climate on Kauai is generally mild with parts of the island being some of the wettest on Earth, with an annual average rainfall of 460 inches on Mount Wai’ale’ale. Like the rest of the Hawaiian Islands, Kauai is legendarily beautiful and majestic, making it an extremely popular vacation spot. There is so much to see and do here that you will not want to go home, but a little getaway should do just fine.

Here is a short list of some things you can do and see while here in Kauai. We hope that it gets your vacation off to a good start in your RV

Popular Attractions

Waimea Canyon State Park

Waimea Canyon is a large canyon approximately ten miles long and up to 3,000 feet deep, often called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. It is located on the Western side of Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands and is one of the most scenic areas on all of the island. Waimea is Hawaiian for “reddish water”, a reference to the erosion of the canyon’s red soil, being formed by a deep incision of the Waimea River arising from the extreme rainfall on the island’s central peak. Waimea Canyon State Park is one of the island’s most popular tourist attractions, with numerous hiking trials that pass by gorgeous landscapes such as waterfalls and gorges. You can access the park from Waimea on Hawaii state road, which is 18 miles long and leads up to Koke’s State Park. We definitely consider Waimea Canyon a must see while on the island of Kauai.

Hanalei Beach

Hanalei Beach is a 2-mile long half-moon bay with white sand and majestic mountains that are more than just beautiful, they are revelatory. This ocean playground is a favorite for those who live here and for those who are coming to visit or have been here before. Come and enjoy the beautiful scenery, restaurants and bars that are close by, and maybe catch some World Champion surfers and athletes playing in the waves. You can also get in the water as well if you’d like and enjoy some body boarding, surfing, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and more when you visit in a motorhome rental Kauai! Hanalei is one of the nicest beaches on the entire island, and who doesn’t love the beach?

Poipu Beach Park

Poipu Beach Park is located on the very Southern end of Kauai and offers tourists a fantastic place for a dream vacation. The park is full of resorts, restaurants, spas, bars, activities, markets, parks, shops, and so much more. Poipu Beach itself is the most popular beach on the South Shore and was named America’s Best Beach by the Travel Channel. This beach is a series of golden sand crescents where people can go to enjoy snorkeling, swimming, surfing, canoeing, boogie boarding, and a natural ocean wading pool. Come here and spend the day at the beach then go enjoy a fantastic dinner at one of the resort restaurants. This place was just built for fun and relaxation, so if you’re looking for a slowed down getaway in Kauai, Poipu Beach Park is where you want to be with your travel trailer rental Kauai.

Campgrounds on Kauai

The Lodge at Kokee

Located in Waimea on Kauai, the Lodge at Kokee has been a campground providing visitors a place to stay, hike, and enjoy the outdoors since 1928. The Lodge has a restaurant with a retail shop and cocktail bar, as well as cabins for rent. Along with the beautiful natural atmosphere and clean quarters, you’ll find that the Lodge at Kokee offers many conveniences that many campgrounds on the island do not for your camper rental Kauai. Come and enjoy this fantastic park and its proximity to the breathtakingly beautiful Waimea Canyon. If you are coming to Kauai, specifically Waimea, the Lodge ad Kokee is the best bet for you and your fellow travelers when it comes to laying down your head at night! Don’t hesitate to call and book your stay today in your RV

Ha’ena State Park

Ha’ena State Park is located on the Northern end of the island of Kauai and is one of the most popular places to camp on this part of the island. This scenic wildland park provides campers with a comfortable place to come and enjoy the spectacular outdoors of this tropical paradise. The park lies at “the end of the road” known as Kuhio Highway and is right near the ocean. Here at Ha’ena State Park you can view wet caves, ancient sea caves formed during a higher stand of sea, probably around 4,000 years ago. You can also take part in beach related activities such as shore fishing, viewing the spectacular Na Pali Coast, swimming, surfing, and more. There is also 11-miles of Kalalau Trails that begin in this park. Arriving early in your campervan rental Kauai is recommended since parking spots get taken quickly.

Kauai is a place that you will almost surely fall in love with from the moment you step foot onto its beautiful land. With so much to do and so many ridiculously gorgeous places to see, Kauai adds up to a magical getaway location.

Safe travels and we hope to see you here soon in your RV

Frequently Asked Questions About Renting an RV Near Kauai, HI

Do I need to be a certain age to rent an RV in Kauai, HI?

If you are considering a rental from RVshare, then you will need to be 25 years of age to be approved.

Do I need insurance when I rent an RV?

Just like any vehicle that you rent, with camper rentals in Kauai, HI, you are going to need to have insurance that will cover the vehicle in the event that there is an accident. If you do not have insurance that you can use for the rental, then take a look at our insurance page for more information about your options.

Do I need to return my rental RV with a full tank?

When you rent an RV, it’s a good practice to bring the RV back with a full tank. At the same time, not all owners require it, so be sure to communicate with the RV owner before you rent so that you understand his or her refueling requirements.

Does RVshare offer one-way RV rentals in Kauai, HI?

One-way RV rentals in Kauai, HI are available, but it is not always an option with every RV owner. It's important to ask the renter if a one-way rental is an option prior to renting your vehicle.

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