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Altoona-Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Altoona-Johnstown are cities located in Central Pennsylvania .It was founded by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1849, and developed at a very rapid rate, since it was used as a shopping complex for the Railroad and its employees. It has humid hot summers and cold snowy winters. Altoona-Johnstown has numerous attractions, making it the ultimate travel destination in the Pennsylvania region.
Altoona-Johnstown provides a great experience for tourists, because you can never run out of fun activities in this city. As a matter of fact, you`ll wish you had more time to finish your adventure in your RV rental Altoona PA.

Popular Tourist Attractions in RV Rental Altoona Pennsylvania

Jaffa Shrine

This mysterious shrine is a branch headquarters for the Fraternal Masonic Organization. They are commonly referred to as the Shriners of North America. They are the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the mystic shrine. The first shrine was constructed in 1909, but it was replaced by a more sophisticated shrine which was completed in 1930.It is one of the most notable landmarks in Altoona-Johnstown, and its mysteriousness always attracts curious onlookers, especially people who are new in town.

Tunnels Park Museum

This museum preserves and celebrates the History of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Visitors get the opportunity to listen to the rail traffic radio. If you want to gather information about the Pennsylvania railroad since its inception, this is the place to be. Tunnels Park Museum is a popular attraction for RV rentals in Altoona Pennsylvania and you’ll see why when you get here.

Horseshoe Curve

This railway curve was built by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1854.Its objective was to enable trains to pass over the Allegheny Mountains of central Pennsylvania. It has a vast history, such as the 8 secret Nazi agents who were dropped by the Nazi fighter jets in order to sabotage the horseshoe curve, which would in turn interfere with the flow of rail transportation in the country during World War II.
The Horseshoe curve is open to the public at a $7 fee, which also includes entry to the nearby Railroaders Memorial Museum.

Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament

This is one of the notable landmarks of Altoona-Johnstown. It is impossible to miss the view of this great architectural landmark even from a distance. Perhaps what most people do not know is that this cathedral was constructed from 1924-1960.Yes, it took 36 years to construct it, which is quite understandable because the level of sophistication and perfection witnessed in this cathedral is just mind-blowing. It is a Roman Catholic Cathedral, with a neoclassic dome at the top.

The Railroader Museum

It celebrates and recognizes the efforts and contributions of railroaders and their families towards the growth and success of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Great was the Pennsylvania Railroad, such that by 1945 it had over 15,000 employees. This made Altoona-Johnstown the largest rail shop complex in the world.


Local Bus Service by AMTRAN
The Altoona-Blair county Airport
Norfolk Southern Railways

Campgrounds Near Altoona-Johnstown

Wright`s Orchard Station Campground

This is arguably the best RV campsite in Altoona-Johnstown. It is just a short drive from the state college, which makes it the best camping site for people who are visiting the college on one of its annual events or festivals. It is conveniently located just off interstate 99 at exit 31, which makes it easily accessible in one of the camper rentals Johnstown PA. There are wonderful RV shaded areas at the site, and they accommodate RV`s of all types, shapes and sizes. Olden trains and machinery can be found in this park, and visitors can schedule reservations with the engineer to watch how the machinery functions. Wright’s Orchard Station Campground is perfect for your RV rental Johnstown PA.

Blue Knob State Park

Blue Knob is the second highest mountain in Pennsylvania. This camp is located northwest of Bedford County, near Altoona-Johnstown. It is located at the Allegheny Front, and this therefore ensures that visitors have a spectacular view of the Scenic Ridge and Valley Province to the East. With great photographic sceneries, this park is as natural as it can get with your RV rental near Johnstown PA. If you are into woodland adventure, this park offers 5,874 acres of woodland, and visitors are allowed to take adventurous trips into the wild. This is a great campground for your RV rental Johnstown PA. Amenities include:
It has 45 RV sites, which are open from April-October due to weather constraints.
25 sites have electric hookups and 2 sites are walk-in only
Water and sewer hookups are available
Playground plus playing equipment
Swimming pool (open 11am- 7pm).

Additional Amenities Include:

Picnicking (200 picnic tables)
Horseback riding at Springs Trail
Cross country skiing
Biking at the Chappell Field Trail and springs Trail
Mountain biking (for experienced bikers) at Crist Bridge Trail
Trout fishing at Bob`s creek
Hunting- species available are deer, squirrels, turkey and grouse


Holiday Lights on the Lake

Lots of lights are erected on the lake, and visitors drive by the lake in huge numbers, in the warmth of their cars, during the cold winter season. This event is meant to ensure the winter season bearable. It is hosted in Thanksgiving season in Altoona-Johnstown starting from November till mid-January.

The Blair County Arts Festival

Artistes from the region showcase their Art, which is subject to a jury who will choose the best of the best. This event attracts huge crowds, and there is lots of entertainment& great food .It is usually held in May.

Thunder in the Valley

It is a biker rally, which offers a great tour through the Allegheny Mountains. Thousands of bikers from all over the country attend this event, making it a huge success every year. The after-party is usually the best part of the event, and there is lots of music and entertainment.
Altoona-Johnstown is a great destination for camping, because there is something for everyone. Party animals will find it very accommodating while laid back individuals will find a great, quiet place to relax. The adventure never ends in this city, which is why you need to hop into your RV rental near Johnstown PA.
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