Roadtrip with RVshare Riverside to Brookings

Driving from Riverside, California, to Brookings, Oregon, is a refreshingly varied experience. You will start in the large city of Riverside and travel through rolling farmlands in the central part of California. From there, you travel into the fresh coastal air near San Francisco Bay. Northern California opens up to forests and mountains, and you will pass through vineyards in Sonoma County. By the end of the trip, you will be enjoying the beauty of the Pacific Ocean. A Riverside to Brookings RV road trip is the perfect way to travel because you can stop along the way anytime you want for a meal or a nap.

Riverside to Brookings Road Trip

  • Trip Length: 13 hours
  • Mileage: 805 miles
  • Fun Fact: You will be traveling through a wide expanse of farmland. California produces over 400 different crops and a huge percentage of the nation's food.

Nearby National Parks

Channel Islands National Park

Channel Islands National Park is located off the coast of Ventura, California. This group of five islands celebrating the natural beauty of the area is the perfect getaway from the bustling mainland. This is a rugged area with lots to explore, so rugged that there are no facilities available. You will want to bring your own food and water. Get ready for a wide variety of activities, including hiking, scuba diving, surfing, fishing, and camping.

Pinnacles National Park

Pinnacles National Park is a gorgeous wildlife area located just off our path. The landscape includes many towering pinnacles that provide beautiful photography opportunities. Get ready for a fun pitstop where you can explore woodlands, caves, and grasslands. This is a wonderful spot to see a variety of large birds like eagles, falcons, and the California condor. 

Redwood National Park

Once you reach the coastal part of the route, you will be entering the Redwood National Park. These stunning trees are some of the tallest in the world and provide breathtaking scenery. The park also protects prairies, rivers, and miles of rugged coastline. The serene environment is the perfect spot to stretch your legs and get a breath of fresh air. Enjoy peaceful trails surrounded by lush moss and ferns with rays of sunshine streaming through from above. This iconic redwood forest is a must-stop on your Riverside to Brookings road trip.

Nearby State Parks

Fort Tejon State Historic Park

The Fort Tejon State Historic Park is located outside Lebec, California, and is a visit back in time to an 1850s fort. The fort was built to control and protect the Indians on the Sebastian Indian Reservation, and to protect the white settlers and Indians from raids. Now, you will find restored adobes as well as a museum to explore. They have fascinating exhibits about army life and history from the local area. You will also see some gorgeous 400-year-old oak trees.

Olompali State Historic Park

The Olompali State Historic Park is a state park in Novato, California. It overlooks the Petaluma River and San Pablo Bay. The Coast Miwok Indians inhabited the area from 6,000 BC until the early 1850s. This park contains Kitchen Rock, a huge boulder they used as a mortar. The women would gather there to grind seeds and acorns into fine flour for food. It was a popular place for them to work and socialize. 

Harris Beach State Park

Harris Beach State Park is a gorgeous coastal park near your destination in Brookings, Oregon, just north of town. The area offers restrooms, picnic areas, and a campground. There is also a paved ramp that goes gradually down to the sand for the benefit of disabled or elderly visitors. The picturesque view is perfect for beautiful photos and fun to explore. From this beach, you can see the largest island off the Oregon coast called Bird Island. It is a National Wildlife Sanctuary and breeding site for many rare sea birds.

Along the Way

Los Angeles Zoo

The Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens takes care of over 1,400 animals while participating in conservation efforts and giving us a memorable learning experience. Enjoy visiting areas like the Rainforest of the Americas, the Elephants of Asia, and the World of Birds. Take the shuttle for a fun tour of the zoo and check out your favorite animals. While you are there, enjoy tasty food from a variety of shops, and do not forget to get a souvenir at the gift shop.

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain is in Valencia, California. This theme park is 262 acres of fun. Enjoy thrills from rollercoasters like the Apocalypse, the Buccaneer, and the Canyon Blaster. Enjoy the Grand American Carousel and the Pacific Speedway. The park also contains family rides that allow you to let loose. Watch for special events and meet and greets. You will want to plan an entire day to visit since there is plenty to do, and if you get hungry, there are plenty of areas to eat. 

Ocean World

The Ocean World Aquarium & Gift Shop is in Crescent City, California. Let the staff treat you to a 45-minute tour where you will learn plenty about the local coastal wildlife. The tour starts with a hands-on pool where you can put your hands in the water and feel some of the textures of different creatures. From there, you go down into the aquarium, where you can watch sharks, rays, and sea lions under the water. After that, you are escorted to another area where you can pet a live shark. The tour ends with a playful seal and sea lion performance. Throughout the visit, you learn about all the animals you see.

Main Cities You Will Pass Through

Bakersfield, California

Bakersfield is located on the Kern River just north of Los Angeles. This city is known for agriculture and energy production. Be sure to visit the Kern County Museum and Murray Family Farms. If the weather is nice, you can also stop by the McMurtry Aquatic Center and cool off on the water slides.

If you need an RV dump station while you are in the area, you can use A Country RV Park, whose station is free for guests. If you decide you want to camp for the night and get a fresh start, Bakersfield River Run RV Park has full hookups and is within walking distance to stores like Walmart, where you can replenish supplies. 

Santa Rosa, California

Santa Rosa is a beautiful town in the heart of wine country, a perfect pitstop on your road trip from Riverside to Brookings. It is the home of the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center, which is named for the creator of Charlie Brown and Snoopy. You can explore vineyards, wineries, and breweries with tours of the area. Hike in the Sonoma redwoods to enjoy some natural beauty. Be sure to visit Safari West while you are there and spend some time with giraffes and other animals roaming around the grounds.

If you need a dump station in the area, your best bet will probably be Sonoma County Recycling near the fairgrounds. Since there is so much to explore in this area, you may want to spend the night. There is a nice campground at Spring Lake Park with showers and lake access. The park itself covers 320 acres with lots of trails, so you can stretch your legs and do a little exploring. 

Eureka, California

Eureka is located on the northern coast. It features the Old Town district with the gorgeous architecture of homes, including the Carson Mansion, a stunning building. Visit the Sequoia Park Zoo, where you can see red pandas, gibbons, river otters, and bald eagles. Humboldt Bay is also lots of fun, home to the oldest floating bar in the country. You can see lots of wildlife in the area and beautiful ocean scenes. 

If you need a dump station in this area, you can go to the Humboldt Waste Management Authority on Hawthorne Street. There are also multiple gas stations in the area that offer the service. If you want to camp in the area, you will find a comfortable little spot at the Shoreline RV Park. They offer fast Wi-Fi and cable television. This park also offers discounts for vets, AAA members, seniors, and RV club members. You can take a shower, do your laundry, and walk into town for shopping or eating. 

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When you follow this road trip itinerary from Riverside to Brookings, you will enjoy historic locations and beautiful scenery along the way. If you want to travel in comfort and style, consider an RV rental from RVshare. From large motorhomes to compact campervans, there is a rig that will meet your travel and budget needs. Once you hit the road, you are protected by our renter guarantee and 24/7 roadside assistance. Find the perfect vehicle for your travel needs in Riverside or Brookings.

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