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If you want to head west from the Kansas/Missouri border and drive until you reach the West Coast, then a Kansas City to Los Angeles road trip may be in your future. A day's net driving time will take you within striking distance of some awesome national and state parks. You'll also get to travel through some excellent cities that have some interesting tourist attractions in them that will be perfect additions to your road trip itinerary from Kansas City to Los Angeles. 

Kansas City to Los Angeles Road Trip Itinerary

  • Trip length: 23 hours and 46 minutes
  • Mileage: 1,618 miles
  • Fun Fact: If you were to travel all of Interstate 15's 1,433 miles, you could go from the U.S./Mexico border all the way to the U.S./Canada border.

Nearby National Parks

Rocky Mountain National Park  

Rocky Mountain National Park is only an hour and a half from Denver, so how could you pass up the opportunity to explore the majestic Rocky Mountains on your road trip from Kansas City to Los Angeles? There are more than 300 miles of hiking trails in this park, so you won't have to worry about running out of gorgeous mountain scenery to explore. Forests, lakes, waterfalls, summits, and more await you at Rocky Mountain National Park. 

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park  

If you travel an hour and 20 minutes southeast of Grand Junction, Colorado, you'll be able to explore the fascinating landscape of Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. The exposed basalt rocks of this gorge are a striking black color that contrasts starkly with the park's water and greenery. Rafting, kayaking, fishing, and more are popular here due to the Gunnison River. Trails of varying lengths and degrees take you around and into the North Rim and the South Rim of the Black Canyon. 

Arches National Park  

Arches National Park is one of three awesome national parks that are easily accessible from Interstate 70 as it cuts through Utah. Its entrance is only half an hour south of Crescent Junction, so you should definitely stop by on your Kansas City to Los Angeles RV road trip. The park takes its name from the thousands of graceful sandstone arches that call this 100-square-mile park home. There are plenty of gorgeous red rock formations and desert vistas here; if you want to see additional canyons, plateaus, spires, and more, you may also want to stop by Canyonlands National Park and Capitol Reef National Park as you drive west on Interstate 70. 

Zion National Park  

Before you leave Utah behind, you should travel 50 miles east of St. George to jaw-dropping Zion National Park. Out of Utah's multiple gorgeous national parks, Zion is one of the most popular for good reason. The iconic Narrows hike is a must; you can't visit this park without wading through Zion Canyon in the Virgin River. If you'd prefer to keep your feet dry, you can still take advantage of numerous trails that give you great views of Zion Canyon, the Virgin River, and other features of the park. Canyoneering, biking, and climbing are other fun activities to do at Zion National Park. 

Death Valley National Park  

If you want to add an extreme national park to your road trip itinerary from Kansas City to Los Angeles, then you should pay a visit to Death Valley National Park. The world's highest air temperature was recorded there roughly a century ago, and it hasn't gotten much cooler since. Features like Badwater Basin, Furnace Creek, and Stovepipe Wells are aptly named but are, nevertheless, lovely in their own ways in the midst of this immensely hot environment. Many visitors set off into the desert on their own adventures, but you can also hike on any of the multiple marked trails throughout the park. 

Nearby State Parks

Kanopolis State Park  

About 25 minutes south of Glendale, Kansas, is Kanopolis State Park. This was Kansas's first state park for good reason, so you'll be following in the footsteps of many when you spend time at Kanopolis Lake and its surrounding shoreline. You'll also be able to explore some rolling hills, forests, prairies, and more here. The Faris Caves are also on the premises, so be sure to check out these caves that were crafted in the 1800s by a miner. 

Chatfield State Park  

Chatfield State Park is only half an hour south of Interstate 70 as it goes through Denver, so you should definitely stop by on your road trip from Kansas City to Los Angeles. This park consists of nearly 4,000 acres at the base of the Rocky Mountains, so there's plenty of land to explore here. You can hike, ride, and bike on 26 miles of trails that go through the park. Chatfield Reservoir is a great place to go boating, fishing, and swimming.

Goblin Valley State Park  

Goblin Valley State Park is roughly 35 minutes from Emery, Utah. This park is only four square miles large, but it's packed full of the distinctive rock formations called hoodoos that can be found at some of the state and national parks in this area. Since this park is smaller than most others you can visit, it's easy to explore on foot or on a mountain bike. You can also play the nine-hole disc golf course set up in this alien environment.

Valley of Fire State Park  

Half an hour from Glendale Valley, Nevada, you'll find the striking Valley of Fire State Park. The brilliant red of the Aztec sandstone formations here gives this park its name. Plenty of great trails in the park take you through this red rock desert environment that's full of desert wildlife, petroglyphs, and rock formations. 

Silverwood Lake State Park  

Before you head south toward the LA area, you should visit lovely Silverwood Lake State Park. It's only 15 minutes from Cajon Junction, California, so it's a sensible addition to your road trip itinerary from Kansas City to Los Angeles. Silverwood Lake's surface area is nearly 1,000 acres, comprising an excellent location for water sports. If you want to hike part of the Pacific Crest Trail, you can do so here. 

Along the Way

Topeka Zoo & Conservation Center  

The entrance to Topeka Zoo & Conservation Center is only a minute off of your route as it goes through Topeka, Kansas. Exhibits like Kansas Carnivores, Camp Cowabunga, and Hill's Black Bear Woods are on display here. You can grab a bite to eat at Grazers Cafe and buy a souvenir at Leopard Spot Gift Shop.

Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum  

Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum is a dozen minutes from Interstate 70 as it travels through Denver. This museum is located in a hangar that houses iconic aircraft, spacecraft, military uniforms, and numerous other artifacts related to air flight and space travel. 

Colorado National Monument  

In order to reach the gorgeous Colorado National Monument, all you have to do is go 10 minutes west of Grand Junction, Colorado. You don't even have to leave your vehicle to see beautiful scenery here, thanks to scenic Rim Rock Drive. If you want to hit the trails, you'll have more than 40 miles of them from which to choose.

The Mob Museum  

Las Vegas is known for its casinos, but it's also home to The Mob Museum. This museum is housed in a restored courthouse and post office from the 1930s, so the atmosphere is perfect to learn about the rise of this fascinating organized crime syndicate. You'll be able to view numerous rare artifacts in immersive exhibits dedicated to the history of the Mob.

Mojave National Preserve  

The entrance to Mojave National Preserve is only one minute from your route as it passes through San Bernardino County, California. This is another gorgeous park that you can explore from the comfort of your car. There are plenty of great trails available if you want to see the Kelso Dunes, Cima Dome, Lake Tuendae, and more.

Main Cities You Will Pass Through

Denver, Colorado  

Denver Botanic Gardens, the Denver Museum of Natural Science, and more are located in the capital of Colorado. Numerous quality dump stations and campgrounds are close by.

Grand Junction, Colorado

Whether you want to stroll through Downtown Grand Junction or get out in nature at Grand Mesa, Grand Junction has plenty of entertainment options. Many reliable dump stations and campgrounds are available. 

St. George, Utah  

This city in the southwestern part of Utah is home to the Red Hills Desert Garden and Red Cliffs National Conservation Area. You won’t have to look hard for nearby dump stations and campgrounds.

Las Vegas, Nevada  

The Mirage, Luxor Hotel & Casino, Caesars Palace, and more await you in Sin City. You won’t have a problem finding excellent dump stations and campgrounds at this immensely popular tourist mecca.

San Bernardino, California  

San Bernardino is home to attractions like the Original McDonald’s Site and Museum and the Kelso Depot. Some local dump stations and campgrounds are close by.

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