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If you want to take a road trip from Idaho Falls to Kennewick, an RV is the perfect vehicle for the journey. Idaho Falls hugs the Snake River, and there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy water-based activities. As you head north, you can travel through the cities of Butte, Missoula, and Spokane. At the end of your road trip, Kennewick is home to several parks, and it is the perfect spot to reconnect with nature. When you follow this Idaho Falls to Kennewick RV road trip itinerary, you will see the best attractions and natural wonders from Idaho to Washington. 

Idaho Falls to Kennewick Road Trip Itinerary

  • Trip Length: 8.5 hours
  • Mileage: 564 miles
  • Fun Fact: Interstate 84 connects several states in the northwestern portion of the United States. From Oregon to Idaho, the interstate is known as the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway

Nearby National Parks

If you are looking to get into nature, then you should definitely plan to visit a national park during your Idaho Falls to Kennewick road trip.

Mount Rainier National Park

Rising about 14,410 feet above sea level, Mount Rainier is an icon in the Washington landscape. Mount Rainier is still an active volcano, and Mount Rainer National Park is home to the most glaciated peak in the contiguous United States. With over 236,000 acres of land, this park contains a wide variety of ecosystems for visitors to enjoy. In the summer, many visitors head here to see the fields of wildflowers that pop up in the meadows. If you want to get outside and explore, this park is a great place to kick off your adventure. There are plenty of recreational activities to enjoy in the park, including hiking and camping. 

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is a true American icon. This national park encompasses about 3,500 square miles of wilderness, and it rests atop a volcanic hot spot. Most of the park is in Wyoming, but it does extend into parts of Idaho and Montana. If you are looking for dramatic views, then this park is the perfect place for you. Visitors can experience the natural beauty of the alpine rivers, canyons, hot springs, lush forests, and geysers. While you are there, you will want to visit the most famous geyser, Old Faithful. Whether you want to horseback ride or fly-fish, there are plenty of activities to enjoy in this park. Yellowstone is also the home to hundreds of animals, including antelope, elk, wolves, bison, and bears. 

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park covers 1,583 square miles of protected wilderness area near Montana's Rocky Mountains. With its glacier-carved peaks and valleys, this national park is often called the "Crown of the Continent." If you want to see the best views from your RV, the mountainous Going to the Sun Road winds through this park. This is a perfect spot for hikers and explorers. There are over 700 miles of trails, and some will lead you to the beautiful Hidden Lake. You can enjoy other outdoor activities in the park, including cycling, backpacking, and camping. While you are there, you might get a glimpse of the local wildlife. From grizzly bears to mountain goats, Glacier National Park is home to a diverse range of animals.

Nearby State Parks

State parks also provide you with plenty of opportunities to stretch your legs and marvel at our country's natural beauty. 

Logan State Park

Logan State Park is located in the middle of the Thompson Chain of Lakes. If you want to camp under the stars and trees, this is a great place for your trip. Many visitors head to this spot for fishing and boating opportunities. In the narrow channels of the lakes, fly casters can try their hand at catching some dinner. Along with the water fun, you can also hike and camp through this park. 

Riverside State Park

With over 9,194 acres of land, Riverside State Park is a great spot for nature lovers. If you enjoy horseback riding, kayaking, or freshwater fishing, then you need to plan a visit to this park. This area was once the center of fur trading. Today, the park includes more than 80 miles of hiking, biking, and equestrian trails. You can even take an off-road vehicle to the 600-acre recreational park. For those who want to learn about the area's rich history, there are interpretive kiosks around the park. 

Dash Point State Park

Dash Point State Park is located on the Puget Sound, and it is an excellent starting off point for all those water-based activities. This park is home to forested trails, but the main attraction is the beach. The park's low tide has made it a popular place for skimboarders. This sport is a cross between surfing and skateboarding, and you can grab a board to try it for yourself. Bird enthusiasts will enjoy the area since many shorebirds love to scuttle across the sandy beaches. 

Along the Way

Idaho Falls Zoo at Tautphaus Park

If you want to see some exotic animals on your road trip from Idaho Falls to Kennewick, you need to visit this zoo. The Idaho Falls Zoo has a wide collection of international animals on display. You can also get a closer look at these animals in the petting zoo, which is a hit with children and those who are young at heart. There is also an aviary for you to visit many different species of our feathered friends. 

A Carousel for Missoula

You can enjoy some old-time fun at A Carousel for Missoula. This hard-carved carousel was built with the help of local volunteers. Located in downtown Caras Park, this labor of love is open to the public. The purpose of the carousel is to bring smiles to the faces of children and adults. 

Museum of Glass

The works of Dale Chihuly can be found throughout the world. If you want to see the most extensive collection of his pieces, then you need to visit the Museum of Glass in Tacoma. In addition to this work, the museum is dedicated to the fine art of glass making. You can see live demonstrations and even make your own glass art. 

REACH Museum 

While you are in Kennewick, you should consider stopping by the REACH Museum. This museum has exhibits that outline the geological impact of the basalt lava flows and Ice Age floods. You can also learn about the Manhattan Project and see how testing still impacts the local area. The museum extends to the outdoors and has a walking trail that leads to the Hanford Reach National Monument.

Main Cities You Will Pass Through

On this Idaho Falls to Kennewick road trip, you might need to stop off for the night. There are several cities with relaxing campgrounds and clean dump stations to help make this trip a more enjoyable experience.


Butte is located in an area known for beautiful Rocky Mountain views. For outdoor lovers, this is a great location to experience the beauty of nature. This town has plenty of attractions, including the Berkeley Pits, Our Lady of the Rockies shrine, and the Curtis Music Hall. When you are ready to find a place to camp out, there are plenty of choices near Butte. 


Missoula is home to the Lolo National Forest, Montana Snowbowl, and Mount Jumbo. You can find many things to keep you entertained in this town. The 1877 Fort Missoula includes a museum and restored buildings. If you want to see some contemporary art, then you should visit the Missoula Art Museum. Along with all the fun activities, Missoula is a great place to spend the night. You can find a few campgrounds and dump stations that can accommodate your rig. 


Spokane is an outdoor lover's dream location. You can set out and explore the many lakes and rivers. This is the perfect spot to camp out under the stars. If you travel into town, you can soak up some culture at the Bing Crosby Theater or Davenport Art District. Spokane also has several places to camp for the night or dump out your wastewater tanks.

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