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RV Rental Reviews

Thinking about renting an RV? With all the rental options out there, research can seem a little overwhelming. From chain rental services to privately-owned small businesses – you could throw a rock and hit an RV rental service nearby! However, not all RV rental services are the same. That’s why it’s critical to read the fine print and sift through user reviews. Here, we’ll take a look at some reviews from RVshare customers.

What Makes RVshare Different?

We approach RV rentals from an entirely different angle. RVshare is one of the newest and largest peer-to-peer rental networks. Peer-to-peer networks let individuals work with one another to rent or buy goods and services (think Airbnb). Whether you’re an RV owner or someone who is looking to rent, you’ll have a lot more control than you would with another rental service. Here’s how it works:

  • Using our online platform, RV owners list their RVs on our nationwide network. They upload photos of the RV along with rates and other pertinent information. If you’re looking for a rental, you’ll put your location and travel dates into the search engine. This will pull up a list of available rentals in the area. You can filter the listings by RV type, capacity, and price.
  • You’ll find some of the lowest pricing around since owners set the rates themselves. Most owners rent out their RVs to make some extra cash when they’re not using them, so the prices aren’t as high as commercial rental services.
  • As you’re browsing through listings, you’ll see everything you need to know, right in the listing. You’ll find information about the RV, daily rates and discounts, optional extras, and other features that make each listing unique.
  • Once you find the RV you want, you’ll work with the owner one-on-one. You can talk to them through the site’s messaging feature, read reviews, and get a rental quote, all in one place!
  • The owner will give you a tour of the RV when it comes time to start your adventure. They’ll show you how all the systems work, too. You’ll go over all the contract details before finalizing the rental. After your trip, we encourage you to leave a review about the owner and tell other potential renters how great your experience was!

RVshare Rental Reviews

Our rental service is nationwide, so we get reviews from all over the country. Here’s what people are saying about our RV owners:

“The Dunn's are great people, they were wonderful to work with and helped in every way to make our renting experience great. The motor home was well-stocked with things you may need, ran down the highway without a problem, (Tennessee to California and back) so it was well tested.”
-Gary, Tennessee, October 2016.
“We could not have been happier with the way David handled our first RV experience. He spent all the time we needed going over the onboard systems. He was very quick to respond when we had questions during the trip.”
- Rick, Massachusetts, August 2016
“Thank you, Sean, for not just renting the pristine and impeccably decked-out Winnebago but also for aiding us in just about every which way possible to make this one of the most unforgettable weekends for our group!”
- Phoenician Longxiu, Nevada, January 2017

Start Your Trip Today!

If you want a different (and we think better) way to rent an RV, then you’ve come to the right place. What’s not to love about working directly with the RV owner and saving money at the same time? To get started, search through our RV rental reviews by city and state. Happy renting!

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