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The Red Barn Rendezvous

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Photo credit: By Illinois2011 (Tyler Warren) (Own work) , via Wikimedia Commons This RV park may be in Illinois, but it’s only a 20 minute drive to St. Louis and all of its attractions. The park is located conveniently, right off of I-55 near a fuel station and convenience store. It’s just minutes from the center of Edwardsville, Illinois and ideally located for anyone continuing on into Chicago.

Why You’ll Love The Red Barn Rendezvous

You’ll feel at home here in this friendly, small campground just outside of St. Louis, Missouri. It’s one of the most affordable options if you want to be within 30 minutes of the St. Louis Gateway Arch. The park is scenic and calm and has plenty of amenities to make your stay comfortable. If you’re looking to hit the trails, you’ll find some lovely hiking and biking trails right on the premises of Red Barn Rendezvous.

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