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Delta Heritage Trail State Park

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This park was put under development to fulfill an initiative that converts railroad lines to bicycle and pedestrian routes. The trail spans almost 85 miles and is a favorite hiking spot for adventure seekers. It is also a preferred site for those who just like to relax in nature.

Why You’ll Love Delta Heritage Trail State Park

Although the place is still undergoing development, it already has many activities that both children and adults will enjoy. For instance, there is wildlife viewing along with bird-watching opportunities just by the trail. There are also bridges in the area that offer spectacular views of the White River and the Arkansas River. You can go fishing, boating, and kayaking in the nearby body of water. Of course, there’s also the wonderful hiking and biking trail.

What People Are Saying About Delta Heritage Trail State Park

“The trail is serene and they even have camp grounds! There is a gift shop area that you can purchase something to drink and a tee shirt.” – Lauralite, TripAdvisor

“Super friendly and informative staff. If you happen to get a flat tire on your bike along the trail they’ll offer to come pick you up!” – Javier, Google Review

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