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Butterfield RV Resort & Observatory

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This RV park is located in the town of Benson, AZ. Guests can use the observatory on the premises, and the owners are astronomy buffs. Butterfield RV Resort is one of the largest RV parks in the area, and there is a putting green on-site.

Why You’ll Love Butterfield RV Resort & Observatory

The best aspect of this RV park is the observatory. It might be the only RV park in the country where you can observe the stars with professional-grade clarity. This RV park also offers many other luxurious amenities.

What People Are Saying About Butterfield RV Resort & Observatory

“Very nice place! They have their own observatory that is free for the guests as well as very knowledgeable astronomers. The park is very quiet except for the charming, lonely cry of a passing freight train. Nice facilities, nice people. Would definitely recommend!!!” – Dan, Google Review

“Super clean and always warm and welcoming. Great activities. Wonderful people and caring individuals. We love it here and will be back next year. Thank you to Management, Staff and Activities Team for a memorable and enjoyable 6-week stay.” – Shirley, Google Review

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