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Aurora Acres RV Park is an RV park in the Corvallis, Oregon area that is an easy drive north along the I-5 corridor. It is a welcome sight for travelers that are taking a leisurely trip from Southern Oregon to Southern Washington. The park is well established with mature trees that produce plenty of shade for sun-weary travelers.

Why You’ll Love Aurora Acres RV Park

Aurora Acres RV Park is a beautiful setting in which to relax. The trees are mature and provide excellent shade while the breeze soothingly rustles through the leaves. The park is easy to access, and you are just a short drive away from the historic city of Aurora with its huge antique community of shops.

What People Are Saying About Aurora Acres RV Park

“It is nice that this property offers dry storage, of which we have access to during business hours. It is nice to know that our storage area is secured with lock and key and not a free-for-all for whoever decides to take off with something so costly and personal to us.” – Kristin, Yelp Review

“The park is clean. Any full-timer spots were picked up and tidy and the people friendly.” – Kathy, Yelp Review

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