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Beaverlakes Campground

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Located  in the Appalachian Mountains on 250 acres of land. Portions were previously strip mined creating some flat fields and access to all property.  Strip mining if done properly can and does enhance the property. Ponds were built to catch runoff and several new animal species moved in waterfowl, muskrats, and beavers. The beavers have constructed large dams on property further adding to the beauty. Have seen bears, deer and several bald eagles on and around the property. 

Why You’ll Love Beaverlakes Campground

Beaverlakes Campground has spacious sites and the hosts are very friendly. There is over 250 acres in total to enjoy all of mother nature and the views of the campground. A convenience store is located only 2 minutes away while the small city of Craigsville is less than 10 minutes away. The larger town of Summersville is only 15 minutes away.

What People Are Saying About Beaverlakes Campground

“This is an amazing campground where you will find organic camping location with the luxury of full hookups. John is an awesome host and made sure we had everything to our liking for our stay. He even let us explore his vast property to enjoy views and serenity. This campground is away from rush and about half and hour away from New River Gorge National Park and several other places to hike and enjoy the streams of Birch River etc. Will definitely come back again when visiting the area or passing by which we do atleast once a year.” – Raheel Rao, Google Reviews

“Absolutely loved our stay here. So much to hike, do, and see. Grocery store and laundromat are close by. Highly recommend it!” – Raquel Thompson, Google Reviews

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