Unique Ways to Use an RV

Renting an RV

Unique Ways To Use An RV You May Not Have Thought Of

RVs are obviously a wonderful way to camp and an excellent way to vacation, but what if we told you there are plenty of other great ways to put an RV to use? That’s right, there are tons of unique and interesting ways to use an RV. These include RV wedding celebrations, birthday parties, and more!

Not sure what you would use an RV for? Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite unique uses for RV trailers and motorhomes. Check out these options to see if any of the ideas stand out as something you might like to try. 

RV wedding

RV Wedding Celebrations

Our first idea? Using an RV (or a few) to create an RV wedding. An RV wedding is the perfect option for outdoor enthusiasts, those who live on the road, and folks who love to travel.

In recent years, we’ve seen many couples choose a cute vintage trailer to serve as a backdrop at their wedding, and we think it’s the cutest thing ever. Having your wedding in a beautiful campground or an outdoor location with epic views would certainly add to the vibe. 

Other options for using an RV at your wedding? You could put a bigger trailer or motorhome to use as a changing area. We’ve also heard of people using RVs as prep spaces for outdoor bridal showers, and an RV would be an excellent space for a small, low-key bachelor or bachelorette party if going out isn’t really your thing. 

Birthday Celebrations

RVs are also the perfect option for many different kinds of birthday celebrations. Have a kid who loves to camp? Rent an RV for the weekend and take them out into the wilderness. Is your birthday child into traveling? Pick a cool destination and rent a motorhome to take you there. 

You could also use an RV as a prep space for an outdoor birthday celebration, parking it in a super fun spot such as a Jellystone Campground or even in your own yard. Another great option? Using an RV for a small birthday slumber party.

Having a special space for the party will feel extra fun for the birthday kid, and you’ll appreciate the fact that you don’t have to clean the house before the guests arrive (though you will likely need to do some cleaning after the fact). 

Performance Changing Space

Many community theater groups, dance troupes, and bands perform at festivals and events throughout their respective cities and the surrounding areas. Some are even lucky enough to tour outside of their own area. Either way, it’s great to have a changing space that can travel with you.

RVs are the perfect solution for this, and can even double as a sort of “green room” where the performers can wait for their time to shine in comfort. 

Since you won’t always have access to electric hookups where you perform, we recommend choosing an RV with a generator or a solid solar setup if you will require electricity, as well as filling the fresh water tank before you head out. 

Family Reunions

Another great use of an RV? Family reunions (or any reunion really). No, we aren’t suggesting you cram the whole family into one RV, but a big reunion campout is the perfect way to reconnect with family members over a series of days while having an amazing time. 

Everyone can bring their own RV, so each group at the reunion can choose a rig that suits their personal needs. As far as planning the event goes, it’s typically possible to set aside group campsites or whole blocks of campsites for your event in order to ensure the group is camped together. You may need to give the campground plenty of notice beforehand to have the best shot.

We recommend booking at a campground with fun activities for all ages, such as a KOA or one of the aforementioned Jellystone Campgrounds. 

RV holiday

Holiday Gatherings

RVs are also fantastic to have on hand at holiday gatherings. Unless you live in a very warm climate, this idea won’t work for the winter holidays, but it’s perfect for summer holiday get-togethers no matter where you live.

If you’re planning a cookout, a day trip to the lake, or some other outdoor party, the RV works great as a kitchen away from home, as well as a clean bathroom where there may not be one otherwise. It’s also an ideal place to put small children down for an afternoon nap while the adults continue to celebrate and enjoy themselves outside. 

Is an RV necessary for an outdoor holiday gathering? No, but it sure is nice to have!

Guest House

Are you having friends or family come to visit? You could of course invite them to stay in your guest room, or you could put them up in a hotel. That said, we much prefer providing an RV for guests to stay in. 

Parking an RV in your driveway for guests ensures they can rest comfortably in their own space while still making it easy to spend plenty of time together. Because an RV comes equipped with everything you’d find in a small house, it’s typically a more comfortable option than a hotel room. On top of that, your guests are sure to appreciate having access to their own kitchen and bathroom rather than needing to share with your immediate family. 

Our only word of caution? Make sure you have an electrical outlet that is equipped to handle the power an RV can draw—some homeowners will have a 30- or even 50-amp outlet installed just for this purpose—and if you only have a traditional 15-amp outlet to work with, you’ll want to help your guests understand which appliances they can and cannot use while plugged into your system.

Emergency Relief

Losing your house in a fire, flood, tornado, or other disaster is a horrible thing. It can take months to rebuild and get back to normal life, and finding a comfortable and affordable place to stay while you do this can be an enormous challenge. 

This is where an RV can help. Being a tiny home on wheels, a trailer or motorhome provides you with all of the comforts of home in a small and portable package. You’ll have a place to sleep, cook, and clean up while you wait for things to come back together so you can get on with life. 

Some RV owners will go out of their way to help victims of such disasters, so be sure to reach out if you are looking for a rental RV to use as temporary housing after an emergency.

RV next to house

Renting an RV for Your Next Event

Not sure how to go about renting an RV for your event, or for guests who will be staying with you soon? The first step is to hop on the RVshare website and run a search. 

Narrow Your Search

You will want to be sure you narrow your search in order to see the RVs that best suit your needs:

  1. Include your location or the location of the event.
  2. Decide if you need a driveable or a towable RV.
  3. Know how many people the rig needs to sleep, and whether you require two bathrooms or one.

The more you know about your needs, the easier it is going to be to find the perfect rig.

Communicate with the Owner

Once you find some RVs you like, be sure to communicate with each owner of those rigs about what their RV will be used for. Not only do you want the owner to approve of your RV wedding, party, or other event, but knowing your plans can actually help the owner of the RV properly prepare it for your event. 

Choose to Have the RV Delivered

Lastly, if you will be using the RV at a stationary location, we highly recommend having the rig delivered. This takes some of the stress off your shoulders, something that can be a huge relief when you’re attempting to plan a gathering or event.

Just be sure you coordinate with the owner of the rig so he or she knows exactly where to park it, and you should be good to go!