Top 10 Campgrounds and RV Parks Tuscaloosa, Alabama

While primarily known as a college town full of rabid football fans, Tuscaloosa, Alabama also has some of the finest views of nature in the Deep South. The region is on the fall line of the Black Warrior River, which is around 193 miles away from Black Warrior River’s junction with the Tombigbee River near Demopolis. Depending on where you travel in Tuscaloosa, you can find various bodies of water along with a wide selection of hills. The northeast sector of town, in particular, has a large number of hills. The southwest area, on the other hand, is mostly recognized for its beautiful plains.

Tuscaloosa campsites are just as diverse as the city’s geographical sphere. Since there are so many options, selecting the 9 best campgrounds in Tuscaloosa, AL, is no easy task. RVers will find an array of great short- and long-term RV parks in Tuscaloosa, AL.

Bama RV Station

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Bama RV Station has a basement-level commercial building on its grounds that can be used for refuge during heavy storms. This site also lets you leave your RV parked on its grounds during the entire season, so there will be no need to seek out different places throughout your vacation. Such benefit can save a lot of time along with money for fuel and space rental.

Why You’ll Love Bama RV Station

Bama RV Station has an excellent walking trail for nature lovers and the athletic. Pets are welcome at this Tuscaloosa, AL, campground as Bama has three areas designated for animals and their owners. University of Alabama tailgating is a big deal at this RV park, which is why an annual fish fry is held and additional storage space provided.

What People Are Saying About Bama RV Station

“This was a great RV park! We stayed here for two months and had a great experience. The people that run the RV park are very nice and helpful. It’s a great location; it’s located about a mile off the interstate and not far from gas stations, grocery stores, etc. They also have GREAT Wi-Fi !! Which is very hard to find when staying at an RV park. I definitely recommend this RV park if you’re staying in the Tuscaloosa/Cottondale area.” – Stephanie, Google Review

“If you don’t like interstate noise this park is good, as it is sufficiently away from I-20.” -Tidy Boy, RV Park Reviews

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Lake Lurleen State Park

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Lake Lurleen State Park is 9 miles northwest of Northport and within the borders of Tuscaloosa County. The campsite has 1,625 acres of land that includes the beautiful Lake Lurleen. The lake is quite the site, with 150 acres of water that is pure and beautiful.

Why You’ll Love Lake Lurleen State Park

The Kentuck Art Festival, which attracts artists throughout the southeast region, is held on Lurleen’s park grounds every year. This is one of a few RV parks in Tuscaloosa centrally located near the University of Alabama and The Alabama Museum of tural History. The Paul “Bear” Bryant Museum is also a short distance from the site.

What People Are Saying About Lake Lurleen State Park

“Great hiking/biking trails. Small beach. RV camping and primitive camping.” -Ron, Google Review

“Great place. Family friendly! Clean!” -Fausti, Google Review

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Burchfield Branch Park

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Burchfield Branch Park is counted as part of the Black Warrior and Tombigbee Lakes. The space is closest to Holt Lake and offers access to the water along with wildlife. Boaters, swimmers, and general sightseers may enjoy this location best because of its openness and proximity to Tuscaloosa’s lakes.

Why You’ll Love Burchfield Branch Park

Burchfield Branch Park offers hot-water shower facilities to its guests. The park has an array of recreational activities that include fishing, which is usually done on the waterway. Burchfield is a family-friendly campsite because of its landscape and amenities.

What People Are Saying About Burchfield Branch Park

“The park was very well kept. The staff was nice and welcoming. Our family had some good outdoors time fishing, kayaking, and swimming.” -Lashonda, Google Review

“Love this place to camp. So quiet and peaceful.” -Teresa, Google Review

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Park at Manderson Landing

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Park at Manderson Landing is the best RV camping in Tuscaloosa when you want to be extremely close to student life. In fact, the school owns the property, so it’s common to see professors and students walking through during the day. Park at Manderson Landing is within walking distance to the university’s student center, which makes it the ideal choice for parents who want to make sure that their college kids are settled in for the upcoming semester.

Why You’ll Love Park at Manderson Landing

The park is the perfect getaway for residents and a great option for visitors. Manderson Landing recreational space is near some of Tuscaloosa’s favorite spots. You can park your RV and walk to various eateries and retail stores in town.

What People Are Saying About Park at Manderson Landing

“This is a very quiet place to take a walk, read a book, take photos, take a nap, or just sit and relax in sun or shade.” -Karen, Google Review

“Beautiful, public space with river access for your canoe or kayak.” -J. Killough, Google Review

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Jennings Ferry Park Campground

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Jennings Ferry Park Campground is in Hale County, which is just outside of the Tuscaloosa region of Alabama. The park comes highly recommended because of the deer and other wildlife population that frequents the area. Jennings Ferry Park Campground is located 100 feet above sea level and offers unobstructed access to the Tombigbee River.

Why You’ll Love Jennings Ferry Park Campground

Jennings Ferry Park Campground is surrounded by the forest and Tombigbee River that is home to various wildlife. The facility allows for credit card payments, which only adds to the convenience. Up to eight residents can stay overnight, and you can have up to four people visit you at the campsite.

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Sunset RV Parks

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Sunset RV Park is quite possibly one of the largest RV parks in the Tuscaloosa, AL area. There are two sections to this campsite — Avalon and Sunset. Avalon is approximately 1.6 miles away from the campground’s Sunset location, which is less than 0.5 miles away from Interstate 20.

Why You’ll Love Sunset RV Parks

Sunset RV Parks campground offers easy access to Interstate 20. The site is right off exit 76 so that you can settle into the area quickly and leave just as fast. Convenience runs rampant in this park as Sunset offers pull-thru RV sites for no-hassle overnight stays.

What People Are Saying About Sunset RV Parks

“Nice clean lots. Gravel drive through. Friendly staff.” -Judy, Google Review

“Easy to get in and out.” -Mark, Google Review

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Candy Mountain RV Park

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The family-owned Candy Mountain RV Park delegates its lakeside campgrounds to short-term visitors. It’s also one of the top trailer parks in Cottondale, AL. The campground has been in business since 1996 and is not too far from Interstate 20.

Why You’ll Love Candy Mountain RV Park

Candy Mountain RV Park is near the road and about 50 minutes away from Birmingham. Take the Interstate 20 to shops and popular restaurants in Alabama’s most historic towns during the day. Return to Candy Mountain to rest at night.

What People Are Saying About Candy Mountain RV Park

“Very Nice spacious campsites, plenty of shade. Owner and manager on site at least one of them 24/7.” -James, Google Review

“Beautiful place to camp… love it here.” -Anna, Google Review

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Deerlick Creek Public Use Area

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With nearly 50 campsites and a group picnic shelter, Deerlick Creek Public Use Area is great for families. There is an amphitheater on site and hiking trails for added fun. A playground is also available for small children.

Why You’ll Love Deerlick Creek Public Use Area

Why you’ll love Deerlick Creek Public Use Area There are six spaces specifically designated for tents. Registered guests can enjoy hiking, biking, and the various trails any time of day.

What People Are Saying About Deerlick Creek Public Use Area

“Some of the best laid out campsites we have ever been in. I don’t think there is a bad site in the campground.” -Tiger, Google Review

“I love this campground. It’s clean and quiet every time that I have been there, and very reasonably priced.” -Michael, Google Review

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Moundville Archaeological Park

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Moundville Archaeological Park is one of many RV parks in Tuscaloosa that offers tent camping alongside mobile home living. Sites on this ground are numbered and come with additional amenities depending on location. Moundville Archaeological Park is closed from January 1 to March 1.

Why You’ll Love Moundville Archaeological Park

The joy of learning comes with your visit to Moundville. Why not take full advantage of the experience by visiting the on-site museum and learning a few things about past times in Alabama? Moundville Archaeological Park also has a dump station along with trash bins that help you and the family maintain a standard of cleanliness while on the road.

What People Are Saying About Moundville Archaeological Park

“Gem of a park on the Black Warrior River with a great deal of history, hiking, and educational opportunities. Be sure to check out the museum.” -Agent Phrosty, Google Review

“I enjoyed the history of the mounds, and the employees were very friendly. The grounds are kept up nice.” -Kelly, Google Review

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In Summary

Tuscaloosa, Alabama is one of those regions that you just have to see to appreciate. The Black Warrior River is the ideal place to lodge if you are traveling by RV through the city or county. Tuscaloosa offers many amenities that those from big towns can enjoy, but it remains small enough to keep you from getting lost in the shuffle. The best RV parks in Tuscaloosa are those with adequate lighting and amenities that keep the whole family active.

Moundville Archaeological Park and Deerlick Creek Public Use Area may, quite possibly, be the best options in the above list when it comes to accommodating small children. Moundville is an absolute choice regarding education since kids can tour an archaeological spot in the campground area. Deerlick Creek Public Use Area is ideal for families looking for some budget-friendly RV camping in Tuscaloosa.

Extended stays are best at Sunset RV Parks. Few campsites can compete with the location’s discounted $340 monthly rate. Sunset also gives you the option of more spots and a larger community, which is something that you do not get at Bama RV Station and Candy Mountain RV Park. However, these smaller facilities offer great hospitality and quiet surroundings.

Jennings Ferry Campground and Lurleen State Park are ideal if you want vast land coupled with serenity. These campgrounds are widespread but do not inhibit your ability to stretch out and enjoy your trip. In fact, interacting with wildlife in Lurleen and Jennings Ferry parks is considered the norm.

Regardless of your preferences, there are several RV parks in Tuscaloosa to meet your needs. It is best to call the campground of your liking to inquire about reservations instead of merely showing up to the site. Calling ahead will ensure that your trip flows smoothly and that there is a space for you and the family.

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How much does it cost to camp in Tuscaloosa, Alabama?

The top 10 campgrounds we selected all show daily, weekly and monthly rates for you. Pricing will vary.

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Pricing will vary. The top 10 RV Parks we selected all display daily, weekly and monthly rates for you.

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Staying at an RV Park for a long period of time will vary on the campground & RV Park you choose. View our post for more information.

Are there pet friendly RV Parks & Campgrounds in Tuscaloosa, Alabama?

Yes. The majority of campgrounds we selected in this blog allow pets.