10 RV DIY Hacks You Need To See

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Everyone loves a good DIY project. And for some reason, RVers more than almost any other group of people, seem to flock to DIY solutions for simple RV problems.

We call these solutions hacks.

And you’re in luck because we’ve compiled a list of 10 RV DIY hacks you need to see. Because we know how much you love DIY hacks, along with each idea we’ve provided a link to a website or video with instructions on how to DIY the heck out these hacks. Are you ready? Let’s get DIYing!

#1: Cutting Board Sink Cover

Most RV sinks have covers that slide over top while you’re driving down the road. These covers are great because they not only create a covered in-sink storage area, but they also serve as extra counter space. But what if we took that concept one step farther?

What if, in addition to a storage lid and extra space, the sink covers also doubled as cutting boards? Brilliant right! This simple DIY requires nothing more than a simple piece of high density plastic and a hack saw to cut it to size. For detailed instructions, take a look at this article on rvtravel.com.

#2: DIY Awning Clips

We all love our RV awnings. They provide shelter from the hot summer sun and turn our outside space into a cozy little room. They are also a great place to hang things. Things like a fun set of flamingo shaped lights, or large colorful paper lanterns.

On the more practical side of things, awnings are handy for hanging mosquito netting, or a lightweight shade cloth. But in order to hang things from your awning you need some sort of awning clips. Sure, you could go to the camping supply store and buy yourself a set of clips…or you could make your own!

For a quick and easy guide to making homemade awning clips head over to Popupportal.com

#3: Bungee Cord Plate Rack

Plates are probably one of the biggest space hogs of all the kitchen items in your RV. When stacked flat they take up a large amount of space on the bottom of the cupboard, while leaving extra wasted space above. Even worse, they sometimes don’t fit flat in our tiny RV cupboards.

There’s got to be a better way! Why not try going vertical? When stored vertically, plates take up less space on the bottom of the cupboard, while at the same time leaving no wasted space up top. It’s easy to make your own DIY Plate rack. All you need are small bungee cords and metal cable clips.

Head on over to watsonswander.com for a quick tutorial.

#4: Propane Quick Connect for Grill

Portable grills and RVs go together like…well, like hamburgers and hot dogs, or marshmallows and chocolate, or corn on the cob and…you get the idea. The problem is that a portable propane grill needs a fuel supply. Your choice is either to lug around an extra full size propane cylinder, or spend a ridiculous amount of money on those small, non-refillable canisters. 

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could simply tap into the onboard propane tanks you already carry on your RV? Well, guess what? You can do just that. With a few basic items, or with the simple purchase of a kit, you can create a DIY solution to this problem.

Take a look at both this article for DIY instructions, and this video for directions on how to modify your grill for an existing RV propane quick connect.

#5: Command Hooks for Curtain Rods

Curtains not only make the interior of an RV feel cozy, but they also serve many practical purposes. Privacy curtains near the RV bed, light blocking curtains in the living room, and towel bars in the bathroom are all practical uses for curtains in RVs.

But what if you want to hang those curtains without adding extra holes to your RV walls?

Try Command hooks with removable sticky backs. These ingenious hooks come in a variety of sizes rated for different weights. Simply stick the hook on the wall, slide the curtain rod over top, and there you have it – an instant curtain hanger. This DIY is fairly self explanatory, but if you want a few more instructions head over to instructables.com.

#6: Make a Mason Jar Solar Lantern

Spending time outside is one of the greatest pleasures of RVing. There’s nothing better then eating meals or playing games with the family in the great outdoors. For lasting outdoor fun even into the night, one of the best ways to light up your campsite is with a table lantern. And the best kind of table lanterns are those that run on solar power. 

Rather than go out and buy an expensive solar lantern, why not make your own? With just a single dollar solar light, a mason jar with a lid, and some double sided sticky tape, you can make your very own solar lantern. Let the experts over at Instructables show you how.

#7: Chalkboard Refrigerator

RV Refrigerators are boring. Most are constructed of wood laminate that is not only ugly, but non-magnetic, which makes decorating a pain.

One awesome solution to jazzing up the fridge, and turing it into a useful space at the same time, is to cover it with a roll of chalkboard vinyl. The vinyl comes in a large roll that you simply cut to size and adhere to the front of the fridge. Presto! You now have a chalkboard surface where you can write notes or keep lists. Practical and good looking!

Check out hometalk.com for detailed instructions.

#8: DIY Counter Top Extension

Yet another way to create more counter space in an RV. Are you seeing a trend here? If the cutting board sink covers and custom stove top covers are not enough, here is yet another way to increase the space in your RV kitchen.

This flip up counter top extension gives you extra space when you need it, and folds down out of the way when you don’t. The experts over at lovethatrv.com provide easy to follow instructions for making a DIY counter top extension.

#9: Blue Boy Hand Truck Mount

Photo: roadtrip.us

First of all, what the heck it a blue boy? Well, if you have one than you already know. But if you don’t, all you have to know is that it’s basically a portable waste water holding device that can be wheeled to the dump station without moving your RV. If you have a Blue Boy, or you’ve been thinking of purchasing one, chances are that you struggle with a place to store it.

Here is an excellent DIY solution for you. A modified hand truck is mounted on the RV bumper, and the blue boy rests on top secured with ratchet straps. For more information on how to make this very smart DIY RV hack, check out the roadtrip.us website.

#10: DIY Awning Protector

Your RV’s awning requires protection from dirt, debris, and bugs. Luckily the cleaver folks over at Do It Yourself RV came up with a simple, cheap way to make an awning protector out of a two liter bottle of soda (obviously empty).

This cover can even be attached to the rolled up awning while driving down the road. Simply attach is with using a bungee cord or just some rope.

  • Begin with an empty, clean two liter soda bottle. Make sure you rinse out any sticky residue, to ensure it doesn’t attract bugs. 
  • Use a sharp utility knife to cut the head off the bottle. Make the cut roughly a quarter of the way down the bottle. 
  • Next, determine how big of a hole you will need at the bottom of the bottle to fit over the awning shaft. The easiest way to do this is by tracing the end of the shaft’s hole on the bottom of the bottle. Once you have the correct size, drill a hole through the bottom.
  • Using your utility knife once more, slice all the way from the top to the bottom hole.
  • Repeat for the other side and slide each of your DIY awning protectors onto the ends of your RV awning. That’s it!

This easy, simple DIY project only takes minutes, and could save you the hassle of cleaning and potential damage from dirt. Interested in seeing a video of how to make this awning cover? Head on over to Do It Yourself RV.com.

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