RV Stove Cover – Read This Before Buying One

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“Well this is frustrating… I can’t seem to find space to chop vegetables in my RV kitchen!”

As you experience the wonderful world of RVing, you may come to realize the common frustration pertaining to a lack of kitchen counter space. While the RV lifestyle is intended to be relaxing, there are still many people who cannot seem to escape the dissatisfaction that stems from the limited amount of counter space for daily kitchen tasks.

Everything in a motorhome has a job to do – and often, several. There’s no room for anything that isn’t pulling its weight!

One of the best purchases to help your appliances pull double-duty is an RV stove cover. Not only does the RV stove top cover protect your stove when it isn’t in use, it also gives you more counter space when it’s on.  Many like to refer to this RV kitchen accessory as a “stovetop countertop”. This nickname perfectly sums up its primary two functions.

The overall concept of an RV stove cover may seem fairly simple to understand. You might even go on to convince yourself that you have enough knowledge to purchase one. Don’t let the simplicity of this product fool you.

The main purpose of this post is to further educate you on a few of the most acclaimed RV stove covers on the market. After reading, you should have a much stronger understanding regarding which specific product is most suitable for your RV. Let’s take a leap into the world of RV stove covers!

Why do I need an RV stove top cover?

An RV stove top cover is a hard covering that sits on top of your RV stove when it’s not being used. There are several questions you must ask yourself prior to purchasing. Questions such as…

  • Do I want an RV stove cover that has multiple functionalities?
  • Do I want my RV stove cover to have a stylish appearance?
  • What is my ideal price range for this accessory?
  • Do I have room to store it while using my stove?

How much are RV stove top covers?

Like many things, stove covers range in price. You can get a quality cover for around $40-45, though they can go as high as $70. 

Our Top 3 Picks:

Here are a few you may want to look at buying:

#1- Camco RV Stove Top Cover- Black

This specific RV stove cover is the perfect fit for those who are searching for a generic model that will provide additional counter space along with the right protection for an idle stove. When the user wishes to use the stove, they simply fold the metal cover up to revel the burners.

  • Easy to set up (you do not need to refer to “RV Stove Covers for Dummies”).
  • Stores easily.
  • Does not rattle or shift when the RV is in motion.
  • Protects burners when not in use.
  • Smooth appearance.
  • Adds counter space.


  • Not classified as a functional cutting board.

#2- Camco RV Decor Mate Stove Topper

This cover exhibits a much more stylish appearance then the previous one. If you take a glance at the image posted above, you will notice that this model has a significantly thinner physique. In addition, it is apparent that it can assume the role of a generic cutting board. As opposed to retaining a hollow-fitting frame, this stove cover features a non-skid backing which helps keep it firmly in place. Lastly, it is composed of a polythene durable material that washes easily with soap and water. If you are searching for a more stylish RV stove cover, this is a noteable candidate that should not go unnoticed!


  • Simple configuration (placing it on the stove is all that is required of you).
  • Strong, durable composition.
  • Doesn’t rattle or shift when the RV is in motion.
  • Protects burners when not in use.
  • Stylish appearance.
  • Provides additional counter space.
  • Functional cutting board.


  • Not scratch resistant

#3- Camco Hardwood Stove Topper/Cutting Board

This distinct dual-functional model has proven to be extremely practical as it fits the profile of a generic RV stove cover while also functioning as a cutting board and serving platter. If you happen to be the type of customer who is seeking a stove cover that wields the most functions, this one is best suited for you! Whether you choose to use it as an RV stove cover or a serving tray for your happy hour beverages, this model is designed to fulfill these roles!


  • Simple configuration (placing it on the stove is as easy as it sounds).
  • Serves as a functional counter top, cutting board, and serving platter.
  • Protects burners when not in use.
  • Wood finish enhances its appearance.


  • May need to be stowed when RV is in motion.

It isn’t hard to notice that the three products presented all originate from the same brand, Camco. Keep in mind that this was not intended by any means. Throughout Camco’s years of participating in the RV market, they have assumed the role as a leader in this sector. Overall, this is not a result of their brand name, but rather a result of their unique ideas and marvelous quality.

Where can I buy an RV stove top cover?

You can, of course, purchase an RV stove cover from a trusted RV dealer or store, like Camping World. They are also available at places like Walmart or Home Depot, though you may have to look online rather than in-store. Finally, you can purchase a stove topper online, directly from the manufacturer or from Amazon or other online stores. If you do choose to purchase online, make sure you read the return policy in case your stove cover isn’t exactly what you’d hoped.

With a little thought and some research, you can pick out the stove top cover that best suits you and your motorhome. And you can save yourself wear and tear on your stove, and — even better — save yourself even more space in your rig. 

The Bottom Line

You may want an RV stove cover that primarily provides additional counter space along with protection for the stovetop. You may be interested in one that serves this purpose while also functioning as a cutting board. Or you may want the full package that includes those previously mentioned attributes along with a suitable tray for serving your happy hour beverages. All things considered, it all comes down to the RV stove cover that best satisfies YOUR demands!


This post contains affiliate links. RVshare may receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on a product link.

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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