RV Upgrades: 20 popular RV & Camper Upgrades & Mods

When you first buy an RV, you will no doubt be impressed by all the bells and whistles. But chances are after you spend any amount of time traveling in it, you will start to notice things that are missing, or not quite how you want them to be.

The folks over at Mod My RV know this story all too well. They enjoy making RV upgrades and modifications so much that they created an entire website where RV enthusiasts can share upgrades and mods with the community.

Here are 20 popular RV upgrades presented by Mod My RV.

#1. Storage Bay Locks



Most locks on RV storage bays are the same. If you have a key marked CH751, chances are your storage bay lock can be opened by millions of other RV owners with the exact same key. Save yourself a potential problem and have some new locks made.

#2. A Quality Propane Regulator

This is a no-brainer. Talk to a propane tech about your current regulator and follow whatever advice he gives you. Do not be cheap with your LPG system hardware.

#3. LED Lighting

LED bulbs save valuable power, plain and simple. They also improve visibility, both in and outside the RV, are cool to the touch, and last far longer than any other type of bulb.

#4. Hard Wired Surge Protector

For many people surge protectors are a necessary RV upgrade. Surge protectors monitor the voltage coming into your RV when connected to shore power. They automatically disconnect if high or low power is detected. Surge protectors may be costly, but in the long run they are much cheaper than replacing all your electronic appliances due to a power surge.

#5. Solar Power

The cost of solar systems is dropping every year. For those who prefer to RV off the grid, or at campgrounds with no hook-ups., solar power is an investment well worth making. Many people choose to save money by installing their own solar set-ups.

#6. Inverter

An RV inverter converts 12 volt power from your RV batteries to 120 volt power that can be used to power common items such as a microwave, TV, coffee maker, hair dryer, etc. For those who are interested in boodocking or dry camping, and inverter is a necessary RV upgrade.

#7. Improved Roof Seals

A leaking RV roof can cause thousands of dollars in damage. It may also cause health problems due to the mold that grows when moisture leaks in. A helpful upgrade is to improve the seals on your roof with a product such as Eternabond tape.

#8. Digital TV Signal Booster

This RV upgrade is a simple way to get more over the air TV stations. The Wingard Wingman Booster installs in minutes on your existing crank up RV antenna.

#9. Extra Battery Capacity

Most RVs come with one or two deep cycle batteries. These work fine if you are the type of camper who prefers campgrounds with electric hook-ups, but for boondockers these batteries often prove to be inadequate. Installing more batteries means you can store more power, which in turn means you have to use your RV generator less often.

#10. Roof Vent Fan

If your RV didn’t come with a roof mounted vent fan, you may find this be a much needed upgrade. Vent fans keep you cool when it’s hot, remove excess moisture when it’s humid, and help remove cooking odors. They come in a variety of sizes and style with varying features such as remote controls, automatic rain sensors, and rain covers. The two major RV roof mounted vent fan brands are Fantastic Fans and Maxxair Fans.

#11. Extra Waste Valve

All RVers know to tightly close the waste valve after dumping the tanks. Unfortunately,  sometimes try as you might, the valve may not seal properly, and the next time you open the valve, a dribble of nasty water flows out. Yuck!

This problem can be negated by installing an extra waste valve. Simply twist it onto the end of the pipe and the problem is solved.

#12. Digital Thermostat

A digital thermostat will give you more precise temperature control than the manual slider control thermostat that comes standard in most RVs. There are a variety of digital thermostats for RVs on the market. One model that many RVers recommend is the Hunter Just Right Digital Thermostat.

#13. Remote Headphone Jack

Headphones can be essentail for keeping the peace in an RV. A headphone jack installed next to your favorite chair allows you to watch or listen to whatever you want without being a nuisance to everyone else in the RV.

#14. Towel & Shower Rack

With all the decor choices that manufacturers make when designing an RV, you would never imagine a towel and shower rack would be an RV upgrade. Yet somehow this necessary item is often over looked. Towel racks can be found at most home stores, as well as places like Camping World or Ikea.

#15. Shoe Storage

After spending a week or more traveling in an RV, you come to realize the biggest thing missing in terms of storage is a place to put your shoes! The usual method ends up being a pile of shoes either inside or outside the RV. If you can find an empty space, or even cabinet, make a simple shoe rack for dedicated shoe storage.

#16. Cup Holder

If you like a cup of tea before bed, or a glass of water in the middle of the night, consider installing a cup holder next to your bed.

#17. Pantry Lighting

If you have a deep pantry, it doesn’t matter how your lights are set up, it will be dark in there. Install a simple light inside the pantry to make life easier. Consider a battery operated light that requires no wiring, or a motion detected light that automatically comes on when you open the pantry door.

#18. Shower Head & Faucets

The standard shower heads and faucets in most RVs are nothing to rave about. Consider swapping out the old crappy model for a shiny new one. Look for features such as pull-out sink faucets or low flow shower heads.

#19. Extra Shelving

Tall cupboards often end up being wasted space. Install a few wire shelves to utilize this space for items such as towels, plastic dishes, or clothes.

#20 Paper Towel Holder

Because life is full of messes.

Do you have an RV upgrade wish list? Have you made upgrades to your RV? Let us know in the comments below!

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