10 RV Decorating Ideas You Need to See

It’s no secret that RVs are not known for their stylish interiors. In fact, the decorating style of most RVs can be summed up in one word – boring. Dull colors, bland fabrics, and uninspired finishes. As RVing becomes more and more popular, many RV owners are wishing for interiors with better style. But with a wide demographic to please, the manufacturers are hesitant to make bold design choices.

So what’s a design-minded RVer to do? Must you live with those tan walls and that brown couch? No way! With these 10 decorating ideas, you can take matters into your own hands, and turn your RV into a traveling home full of style, comfort, and personality.

#1 – Bright Colors & Patterns

Nothing brightens up a small space more than vibrant colors and fun patterns. If you don’t want to go as far as painting the walls of your RV, simply buy some pillows with bright colors, drape the sofa with a fun patterned blanket, or cover the floor with a rug.

#2 – Maps as Wallpaper

RV Decorating Ideas


This is a fun way to add visual interest to your RV walls! Old maps make great wallpaper, and as an extra bonus…you’ll never get lost again! 🙂

#3 – Theme Decorating

Many RV owners choose to decorate with a style theme, such as western, nautical, or vintage. This is a really great way to have fun while decorating, and ensure that your personal style shines through.

#4 – Easy, Lightweight Photo Display

RV Decorating Ideas


Photos are a huge part of what makes your RV feel like home. Displaying photos of family, pets, or favorite places  goes a long way towards adding a personal touch. Check out this easy, DIY, lightweight photo display from the Ordinary Mommy Design Website.

#5 – No-Sew Curtains

New curtains are perhaps the most popular method of adding style to an RV. The pop-up camper, pictured above, got a major makeover with these new curtains. And you know what the best part is? They didn’t require any sewing. Head on over to the Life with 4 Boys website, to learn how to make your own no-sew curtains.

#6 – Flameless Candles

Candles in an RV might sound scary. I mean… open flames and small spaces don’t exactly mix. Never fear! Battery-operated, flameless candles to the rescue. These days you can find battery-operated candles with an amazing likeness to real wax candles, at nearly any home store.

#7 – Personalized Wall Plaques

Wall plaques are a fun way to add personality to your RV, whether you display your favorite travel-related quote, a saying that has special meaning to you, or even the name of your RV or family.

#8 – DIY Floor Mats

Rugs and RVs don’t always mix. With so much traffic going in and out, it can be nearly impossible to keep the dirt, sand, mud, grass, or whatever else your feet may pick up, outside where it belongs. But rugs happen to be one of the easiest ways to add a bit of style to your RV. The solution? A DIY project that the turns a rubber mat and durable cloth into an awesome floor mat. Visit the East Coast Creative Blog for step-by-step instructions.

 #9 – A Place for Souvenirs

RV Decorating Ideas

Adventures of Dave and Ann
Everyone likes to collect souvenirs while on an RV trip. From magnets to shells and stickers, there is no end to the variety of commemorative items you can buy while traveling in your RV. Displaying these treasures around the RV is an excellent way to decorate. Even better, see if you can find a way to display them that doesn’t require extra steps every time you want to take your RV on the road.

#10 – Don’t Forget The Outside!

Beyond interior decorating, RVs have amazing potential for fun outside decor. Bring along a rug, some colorful chairs, and a side table. Decorate with a table cloth, lanterns, and fun jars and buckets to store picnic supplies. Some RVers even travel with a plant or two, to brighten up the outside space.

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How much can you make renting your RV?

See How Much You Can Make

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