How to Personalize Your RV and Make it Feel Like Home

How Tos & Tips

Having a little home-on-wheels is awesome. It allows you to take all the comforts of home with you wherever you may roam. That said, the issue many RVers run into is the fact that their RV feels bland and boring. This leaves many of us wondering how to make a camper feel like home.

Thankfully, this is almost always very easy to do, and most of the time it only requires a little bit of effort decorating your RV. Choosing to personalize your space will make it feel much more comfortable and might even make you never want to leave.

Of course, if you plan to rent your trailer or motorhome, learning how to make your rental feel like home will also benefit your renters, giving them a super comfortable place to return to after their days full of adventures.

The trailer and motorhome decorating ideas below are perfect for small spaces. Read on to find some ideas that’ll work for your RV.

Quick and Easy RV Decor Ideas

Let’s begin with the most popular kind of decorating ideas: the quick and easy ones. We know you’re busy with your day-to-day life. These super easy suggestions will make giving your tiny home a new look a super fast process that won’t claim your entire weekend.

  • Switch the Bedspread — Perhaps the easiest and most dramatic change you can make to your RV is to change the bedspread. Get rid of the drab brown or gray one that came with the rig and choose something colorful.
  • Add Throw Pillows — A couple of throw pillows on the couch can add the splash of color needed to take your living room from “blah” to “wow!”
  • Put Down a Rug — A rug is another super quick and easy change that can make all the difference. This is an especially great tip for those with older rigs and less-than-beautiful flooring. However, even newer RVs can benefit from the pop of color a rug has to offer.
  • Change the Shower Curtain — Want to change your bathroom up? Obviously, hanging shelves and wall art will make a difference. However, all you have to do to make the biggest difference with the least amount of effort is change the shower curtain to something cute and stylish.
  • Outdoor Rug — Looking for outside camper decorating ideas? One of the quickest and easiest ways to spruce up a campsite is with the use of an outdoor rug.

Inexpensive DIY Decor Ideas

Next on our list of how to make your RV feel like home are these inexpensive DIY home decor suggestions. These are perfect for the person who is working with a tight budget or would like a super unique look. These might take a bit more time than the ideas above, but are still relatively simple.

  • Painted Pots — Painted pots or jars can add some super cute personality to your space. Use a few in the window for a small herb garden, put one by the sink to hold toothbrushes, or use one on a shelf to hold odds and ends. Just be sure to secure them in some way, or put them away when travel day rolls around.
  • Easy Wall Art — Every home should include some wall art. However, this doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. Pick up a cool poster or map, or have a favorite quote blown up and printed. Add dowel rods to the top and bottom of the art and hang it using a piece of twine.
  • Stick-on Backsplash — A relatively easy and inexpensive way to transform your little kitchen, a stick-on backsplash is just perfect for most RVs.
  • Change Out Hardware — Another way to make a big difference is to change out old cabinet handles and drawer pulls. This will freshen things up without much of an investment of time or money.
  • Photo Frames with Storage — An interesting wall decor option, these repurposed VHS case frames even offer a little bit of extra storage. It’s genius!
  • Chalkboard Paint — Adding chalkboard paint to a cabinet or the front of the fridge will give you a fun place to leave messages. Use colored chalk to write on the surface for an even more fun addition!

Multi-Purpose RV Decorating Ideas

Because an RV is a very small living space, many people like to make sure everything they bring in serves more than one purpose. While most people wouldn’t hold their decor to this same standard, there are actually some camper interior ideas that can function as more than just something pretty to look at.

  • Throw Pillow Storage — Instead of picking up your throw pillows, just grab some covers. Fill these with winter coats, extra blankets, or other infrequently used items. This allows you to store the items until they’re needed while also adding character to your space.
  • Pretty Wall-Hanging Pockets — A wall-hanging pocket file holder such as this one is both cute and functional. Best of all, it allows you to make use of otherwise wasted wall space.
  • Storage Ottoman — Need extra storage and an extra place to sit in your rig? A storage ottoman might be just the solution.

Tips and Tricks for Decorating the Inside of Your RV

Finally, we’d like to leave you with some general tips to keep in mind while decorating your RV. These apply no matter what kind of decor you plan to use, and no matter what kind of RV you’re working with. They will help make your life easier, and some may even help protect your trailer or motorhome from unnecessary damage.

  • Make Use of Command Hooks — Scotch Command Hooks are ideal for hanging things in your RV without drilling holes in the walls. Use them!
  • Tension Rods Are Your Friend — Tension rods are also perfect for hanging things up. You can use a tension rod to hang a room-dividing curtain, create a bunk bed rail, add towel hanging space, and more.
  • Stock Up on Cleaning Products — Sometimes the best thing you can do for your RV is a bit of spiffing up. If you plan to remove wall border, Goo Gone is your best friend. Want to shine faucets or remove stains from walls? Turn to a Magic Eraser. The right products will make your job much, much easier.