8 Low-Light Plants that will Thrive in your RV

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Adding live plants to your living space is one of the easiest ways to make it feel more comfortable and homey, not to mention purifying the air. But in an RV, light is at a premium — you only have so many windows, after all, and many of them may not have the sills or counter space you need to set out potted plants.

But take heart, globe-trotting plant lovers! Just because you’re living in an RV doesn’t mean you can’t share your space with flora. There are many types of beautiful indoor plants and flowers, like peace lilies, that don’t need a whole lot direct sunlight.

So grab some planters and a bag of potting soil, and put on your gardening gloves. Here are some of the best indoor plants that don’t need much sun to thrive, making them perfect for your RV.

Indoor Plants that Do Well in Shade

Pretty much all plants need some sunlight to grow, since they use it to make their own food supply through photosynthesis. (Nerdy, yes… but really cool!)

However, some plants have adapted to do well in partial shade or low-light conditions, and need little sun to achieve their needs and remain healthy. Still, other indoor plants thrive in artificial or fluorescent light, making them much more adaptable to small, cooped-up spaces like your motorhome or travel trailer. Which is good for you, since it means you get to have all the benefits of indoor plants even while you’re busy checking off your list of destinations!

So, what are some of these plants that don’t require full sun to function? We’ll give you all the details below.

What Indoor Plants Like Shade?

Even if you’re no green thumb, these indoor plants will thrive in your RV.

All of these indoor plants do well in low sunlight and most of them don’t require much in the way of watering, adding fertilizer, or trimming. And best of all, they’re all readily available at your local garden shop or hardware store, or even online through Amazon (depending on where you’d be having them shipped)!

Do keep in mind that if you’re traveling, some states have specific laws about bringing plants across the borders, because soil can harbor pests and diseases that can be damaging to local plant life that isn’t accustomed to the bug. Always check local laws before you travel to ensure you won’t face any tough decisions or time-consuming interrogations at the border crossing or weigh station!

1. Chinese Evergreens

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With thick green leaves rimmed in a stunning pinkish-red, Chinese evergreens — also known as Aglaonema — requires very little in the way of care. Not only does it do well in low light, but it’s also adapted to survive drought conditions, which means it can go long periods between watering!

Of course, even though it’s hardy, it still needs some love. And when it’s well taken care of, you’ll be rewarded by beautiful white blooms poking up through the greenery.

2. Bamboo

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Bamboo is a very popular low-light houseplant, and for good reason — it’s widely considered to bring luck to its household!

Furthermore, since they’re so popular in offices and homes, they’re available almost everywhere, and they’re fairly cheap, to boot.

Potted Plants for Motorhomes

Here are some more great potted plants to grow in motorhomes.

3. Philodendron, or “Heart Leaf”

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Considered by many to be the easiest indoor plant to grow, potted philodendrons can be placed on the floor, counter, or hung in baskets — and their heart-shaped leaves bring a touch of whimsy to any space. Just make sure you DON’T put them in direct sunlight, no matter what you do!

4. ZZ Plant

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No, it’s not named after ZZ Top, and nor does it share his particular shade of orange. But this sturdy green plant’s technical name is zamioculcas zamiifolia, which is quite a mouthful.

As hard as it is to pronounce, however, ZZ plants are super easy to grow, freshening up rooms even with very little sunlight.

5. Boston Fern

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Another very popular indoor plant option, Boston ferns can be seen hanging in planters and propped up on countertops across the country. They’ll do great in your RV, requiring only a little bit of light and some humidity — and rewarding your minimal efforts with a full, bright-green shock of foliage!

Flowering Plants that Don’t Need Direct Sunlight

Big green leaves are great and all, but sometimes, you want a little bit of color.

Unfortunately, many of your favorite flowering plants, like lavender and kalanchoe, do require lots of sunlight. But fortunately, there are also some lovely indoor flowers that don’t need very much sun at all!

Here are our favorites.

6. Anthuriums

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Coming in a broad range of bright colors, anthuriums boast beautiful, waxy flowers that bloom even without direct sunlight. In fact, all they require is a simple weekly watering, and the blooms should last for two to three months!

7. Peace Lilies

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Who would have suspected that one of the most graceful, beautiful flowers available would also be one of the easiest to care for?

Peace lilies don’t require much light at all, and as long as you keep the soil moist, you don’t need to worry too much about watering them. Plus, they emit a beautiful fragrance, especially in the evenings. What better way to bring some serenity to your motorhome?

8. Climbing Hydrangea

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If you’re set up for a longer period of time and have some lattice to use as a trellis, you might want to grow some climbing plants to make your RV’s patio more inviting.

Climbing hydrangea is one of the few climbing plants that don’t need much sun, and they also have lovely, fragrant white flowers that will make your RV’s outdoor living space the most popular one in the campground.

So, there you have it: eight beautiful plants to make your RV more fragrant, lush, and enjoyable… even if you don’t have too much sunlight to spare. 🙂

Happy gardening!

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