Choosing The Best RV Composting Toilet For Your RV

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Switching out the conventional flushing toilet in your rig for an RV composting toilet is one of those things you sometimes hear about from fellow RV owners (especially those who boondock a lot), but would never think to do yourself. ‘It’s just so strange, you think. ‘Why on earth would I do something like that?’

Let’s demystify this whole thing by showing you why RV compost toilets are cooler than you think, with a recommendation for our favorite model.

Why You Should Have a Composting Toilet for Your RV

Let’s get the most important thing out of the way: no more black tank!

That’s right, no more random awful smells in your rig, no more worrying about toilet clogs, no more backflushing while dumping, and if you want, you can combine your old black tank with the existing gray one and get double the use out of your sink(s) and/or bathtub, or replace it altogether with a second fresh tank.

RV composting toilets are also more environmentally friendly than their flushing counterparts. They don’t require water for flushing, meaning easier boondocking, and the resulting compost makes a great plant fertilizer so you can give back to the earth.

How a Compost Toilet for RV Works

The first thing to understand is that a composting toilet cleverly separates the liquids and solids into their own little bins.

On the solids side, all that’s required is that you fill the solids bin with a natural (and slightly dampened) composting medium—like peat moss or coconut coir—which your poo then mixes into with the turn of a “churning” handle on the side of the toilet. The solids are broken down naturally into an earthy, nutrient-rich, topsoil-like substance, which you can use in a number of ways, or you may simply dispose of it in a dumpster using a composting bag.

Side note: Given enough time—likely much longer than you’ll ever have it in your toilet—the compost will continue breaking down into something called humus.

As for the liquid side, that bin can simply be poured into a public toilet and flushed. Be warned that this is really the only stinky part about owning an RV compost toilet. At least your RV won’t stink!

The Best Composting Toilet for RV

You’d be hard pressed to find a more recommended RV compost toilet than the Nature’s Head Dry Composting Toilet. It’s easy to install and manage, built to last, stays securely in place while you travel, and holds enough waste that two adults using it full-time can go weeks without having to empty the solids bin. We can’t say enough good things about it.

Alternatives to RV Composting Toilets

Maybe you’re not interested in an RV composting toilet specifically. That’s okay! You still have other options:

  • RV incinerator toilet: If you’re grossed out by the idea of handling your own waste, you could try an incinerating toilet, which literally burns the stuff to ash.
  • Recirculating toilet for RV: These toilets are totally self-contained sanitation systems. They use very little water that is filtered and then recirculated via a pump. Very popular for marine use, and just as great in an RV.

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