Top Six RV Toilets Parts


Every RVer, new and old, knows that an RV toilet operates much differently than their toilet at home. But have you ever thought about the RV toilet parts? Of course, the RV toilet parts are much different, and it’s important to know about them, especially when you want to know how to fix RV toilet! 

We’re sharing our six top RV toilet parts and what’s important to know about each. 

RV Toilet Seal and Valve

These RV toilets parts may be one of the most important, because their main purpose is to serve as a barrier and prevent odors from rising from the black water tank into the bathroom.  If your RV toilet seal and valve are working correctly, you should see a small amount of water held in place by both parts. If you notice that these parts are no longer holding water, you may need to look into RV toilet repair and replace these parts, which is generally a quick fix. 

Water Module

The water modules are other RV toilets parts that are very important! Without a water module, there would be no water available for the toilet to use, because it connects the toilet to the water supply. Of all the parts for RV toilet, this one is a common cause for leaks and thus requires RV toilet repair. Luckily, when it’s time to learn how to fix RV toilet, this repair is relatively easy and the part is easy to find!

Hand Spray Kit

If your RV doesn’t have a lot of water pressure, then these are RV toilet parts you’ll want to make sure you invest in. It can helpfully cleanse the RV toilet if the water pressure isn’t enough to push all the waste down. To use, simply press a lever behind the nozzle and spray the water to remove additional particles and waste left behind.

Flush Mechanisms: Foot Pedal Flush 

Most RV toilets don’t have a regular handle flush and many have a foot pedal flush instead. It’s important to keep in mind that a foot pedal flush is one of the RV toilet parts that can differ for each toilet. Some require users to step on the pedal to flush the waste and then lift the pedal up to fill the bowl with water, while others require the user to step halfway down to fill the bowl with water and fully step down to flush. 

Flush Mechanisms: Hand Flush

The hand flush operates similarly to the foot pedal flush, with some pedals requiring you to press the handle halfway to fill the bowl and then all the way to flush. In most cases, the only major difference between the foot pedal flush and hand flush is the location on the toilet and appearance.

No matter how the flush mechanism operates, or which type of flushing mechanism RV toilet parts you have, it may require some trial and error to operate it perfectly.

RV Toilet Seat

This is one of many RV toilet parts that is similar to your toilet at home, although it may be on a smaller scale. It’s also more important to have a RV toilet seat cover in your motorhome bathroom than at home, because keeping the cover down can help avoid black water tank odors from escaping.  

Now that you have general knowledge about some of the most important RV toilets parts, you can know what to look at if you need to do RV toilet repair!