Grant Family Shares Personal RV Travel Experiences

RV Owners

Previously, we talked a lot about how Michael and Sarah Grant have built their successful business with RVshare. From selecting the perfect RV for their rentals, to streamlining the rental process, to learning valuable lessons about the RV world and renters. Today, we’re going to get a little more personal, and talk about the Grant’s own travel experiences and how their RV has benefited their family.

Talk about your personal travel experiences in this RV.

Michael: We took a trip in it the first year we got it, and it was the best trip we could have asked for. We stayed at campsites, and stopped and parked in visiting areas. We stopped and were able to see a lot of countryside just by traveling in an RV.

Sarah: Every fall we go to Texas and spend a month in it. And we have had this RV in campgrounds, Walmart parking lots, natural areas that you wouldn’t think an RV could go, like along brooks and the Texas hill country. We’ve taken it everywhere, and like I said it’s like our hotel on wheels. We have all the amenities of home. And it’s funny because I thought maybe spending a month on the road, I would get homesick, I did not get homesick. This became home. I think I miss the RV when I’m not in it more than I miss the house when I’m in the RV.

How has owning and traveling in an RV benefitted your family?

Sarah: My daughter loves traveling in this. That was another thing that prompted the urgency of acquiring an RV. My daughter was three when we started thinking about doing this, and I wanted it to be something she grew up in. And I wanted her to learn a business, and she totally has. She understands the need to work hard at something and to meet people’s expectations and to hold people accountable for your expectations, too.

I think one of the most important aspects of RV ownership is the ability to share and enjoy it with your family. The overhead bunk is my daughter’s favorite spot; that is her space. And what she really enjoys about it, especially in the RVshare process, is she’s always curious to meet the kids who will share her space. Just the time we’ve spent in the RV, when my husband is driving and when we’re back here, the things we’re seeing and the things we talk about is just an invaluable experience. You just can’t make this stuff up. You just can’t. You just live it. It’s amazing.