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For a while, the word “RV” brought to mind dingy, white Winnebagos with upholstery that could only be generously described as “vintage.”

Okay, okay, we’ll come out and say it… a lot of older RVs looked, well, dated!

But if you’ve had the chance to step on an RV dealership lot anytime in the past couple of years, you may have noticed how many manufacturers have left that stereotype in the dust. So many RVs these days are absolute bastions of sleek, modern design, from their flat-screen TVs to their infrared-technology stovetops. (I’ll admit that many are a lot more chic than my own, foundation-built, sticks-and-bricks home!)

So whether you’re traveling around in a rig that’s got a few years under its belt and looking for some new interior design ideas for an upcoming renovation, or you just want to ogle some beautiful, modern-looking RVs, we put together this post with some of the best and most popular RV upgrades and accessories on the market.

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Modern RV Interiors

With 2018 models already out on the lots, there are a whole lot of cool luxury RV upgrades we never would have thought of.

For instance, some new RVs come with integrated USB charging ports so you can plug your phone or another USB-charging device directly into the wall without using an adapter.

Of course, if your rig isn’t quite that cutting edge, no problem. You can actually install an aftermarket USB wall plate very inexpensively and get the same effect. (Or, you could just invest in one of those nifty USB charging stations so that everyone can juice up their gadgets at the same time!)

Another popular RV upgrade we’ve seen a lot lately is the sleek, black, electric stove-top, which allows you to cook up delicious meals in your rig without fussing with messy and potentially hazardous gas ranges. These new electric ranges also look super-swanky and clean up easily, making them one of our favorite RV kitchen upgrades. Some of them even work with induction technology, which both cooks food faster and minimizes hot surfaces, making cooking even safer if you’ve got little ones on board.

Of course, you could replace your RV’s stovetop entirely… or you can take the less expensive route and cover up your old-fashioned range with a simple black cover, like this Universal Fit RV stove top cover from Camco. Not only will it give the same visual effect, but you’ll also get additional counter space to use when you’re not busy cooking up dinner.

(Psst: If your RV doesn’t have a range in the first place, no problem! There are many great portable countertop burners available, including this stainless steel Cusimax CMIP-C180 1800W Infrared Cooktop with dual ceramic burners and temperature controls. It’s only a little bit over $100… and it’s way better than relying on a microwave for your whole trip!)

RV Modifications and Upgrades

If you want to get really serious about remodeling, there are some DIY projects that are actually totally doable — and will completely change the way you feel about your RV’s interior. We’ve written before about some of the coolest RV renovations we’ve seen out there, as well as covering some vintage bus conversions that will give you lots to think about if you’re considering a total DIY overhaul.

It might be as simple as re-covering your fold-out sofa or dinette set, or you might end up tearing out everything from the cabinets on down. Either way, many of the best RV modifications and RV improvements are done personally, by an RV’s owners.

RV Furniture Upgrades

So, other than reupholstering the furniture to bring it into this decade — or even century — what other aftermarket upgrades can you make to your RV’s dinette and seats to make it more modern?

Well, one feature that many newer RVs offer is front chassis seats that swivel and turn around to be part of the main RV living area. This style of living room can drastically increase your space for entertaining or throwing parties, or even just give you and your loved ones a few extra options when it comes to hanging out indoors.

But if you’re not looking to tear out your entire cockpit, you can still create extra living space in your rig. Consider adding couch cupholders or lightweight, portable end tables to make eating and drinking in those areas easier, giving you more seating space if you do decide to throw a dinner party.

Best Upgrades for RV

Of course, which modern upgrades are worth the investment for you will depend on your personal travel style and what you’re looking for out of your vacation. For example, if you’re a solo traveler, swiveling chairs might not be much help… but if you’ve got a big family along for the ride, they could totally change the way you camp!

Plus, keep in mind that many of the best modern RV upgrades actually have nothing to do with the way your interior looks. Installing a solar panel power system can make your RV greener, but it also cuts down on the loud noise and smelly emissions you have to put up with if you’re boondocking and you want to power your electric appliances. It’s a steep investment up front, but if you often find yourself off-grid, it could be worth it!

The same can be said for mechanical upgrades, like renovating your suspension or upgrading to lithium batteries. Many of these projects are by no means inexpensive, but they can save you both money and a headache down the line, making them well worth it.

However, in our opinion, the best RV isn’t the most modern-looking or well-appointed or even the comfiest, although those things are all nice to have.

It’s the one you enjoy spending time in, whether that means reconnecting with nature or catching up with the people who matter most to you over a fun night of board games and movies.

You don’t need too many upgrades to do any of that!

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