10 Amazing Camper Remodels

Last updated on April 3rd, 2019 at 10:52 am. Originally published on August 22nd, 2017

Whether it’s home sweet home or just your escape pod for weekend getaways, your RV’s interior is almost as important as its mechanics.

Sure, having a properly-working engine and a well-inflated set of wheels keeps you rolling. But if you’re miserable inside your camper because it’s dingy and out of date, you’re probably not going to enjoy your trip all that much.

That’s why we raked the web to find some of the best camper remodels we’ve ever seen. These crafty campers have come up with some incredible design upgrades, and in many cases, they’ve done the hard work of installing and overhauling themselves. We’re thrilled to be able to shine a spotlight on their hard work — and also to give you some inspiration if you’re thinking about performing some RV renovations of your own!

RV Renovation

Some RVs just need a little bit of a touch-up, and others need to be rebuilt from the ground up. But no matter where your rig falls on the spectrum, if you’re wondering how to renovate a camper trailer, it would be wise to take a page out of these savvy campers’ books.

Check out these incredible RV remodels and renovations!

1. This dreamy design update

Image via vol25.typepad.com

Jessica Rose over at Volume Twenty Five proves that a little bit of wallpaper goes a long way. We can just imagine camping out in this remodeled trailer in a tree-lined forest!

2. This totally new-school overhaul

Image via newschoolnomads.com

Jenn and Brent don’t call themselves the New School Nomads for nothing. Check out this gorgeous, modernized interior… and more importantly, what it looked like before they got their hands on it!

This remodel is also a great reminder of the power of working together as a team. _ were lucky enough to have their friends pitch in to help them. “You know you have good friends when they spend 12 hours at your house helping you reupholster your RV couch,” Jenn writes.

Hopefully, your friends are also that generous!

Camper Remodel Ideas

Here are some more amazing camper rebuild ideas to help you brainstorm your next RV project.

3. Tracy’s pop-up camper makeover

Image via thepopupprincess.com

If you’re looking for some incredible before and after camper remodel shots, look no further than Tracy’s work over at The Pop Up Princess. We can’t even believe that’s the same rig!

4. This brilliant budget fix

Image via cheap-rv-living.com

The folks over at Cheap RV Living prove that it doesn’t take much to transform your rig if you’re thrifty. Their camper remodel on a budget is impressive — look what a little bit of paint and wood paneling can do!

5. This gorgeous stone backsplash in a camper kitchen

Image via parsimoniousrv.blogspot.com

Everyone knows the kitchen is the heart of a home. And a mobile home is no exception!

The clever mother of five behind Parsimonious RV was able to totally transform her rig’s kitchen — check out that “before” wallpaper. Yikes!

When it comes to unique RV decorating ideas, we love this stone backsplash and snazzy countertop. The fact that she DIYed it is just icing on the cake!

Motorhome Remodel

When it’s time to remodel a camper, these owners get serious.

6. This stunning feat of modernization

Image via 188sqft.com

Just look at this camper’s interior design remodel. In the first picture, we see an RV we’ve walked into a hundred times on a sales lot… and in the second, we see a gorgeous, minimalist-chic (but cozy!) modern home.

All our kudos and congratulations to Mandy and Kevin over at 188 Square Feet!

7. This elbow-grease “glamper” upgrade

Image via thenoshery.com


There’s nothing a little old-fashioned hard work can’t do, which Meseidy over at food-cum-lifestyle blog The Noshery proves with her incredible camper remodel. I bet she can’t wait to get cooking in that brand-new RV kitchen!

8. This drool-worthy kitchen redo

Image via mountainmodernlife.com

How impressive is this incredible kitchen remodel? These photos don’t even look like they were taken in the same RV — but it’s all due to the hard work of Katie and Eric, who blog about their travels at Mountain Modern Life.

Vintage Camper Remodel

Sometimes, good things come in old packages.  Fixing up an old retro camper or remodeling it to have a cute interior can be one of the most rewarding projects for an RV owner. Here are some of our favorite vintage camper trailer RV renovations.

9. This adorable paint job

Image via whippycake.com

Talk about a little bit of effort making a huge difference! This retro camper remodel by Whippy Cake just goes to show you what a little bit of paint and elbow grease can do. Plus, we absolutely love the fact that she named her camper “Darla”!

10. This incredible restoration job

Image via designsponge.com

When it comes to restoring old camper trailers, we’re going to go ahead and count mom, blogger, and graphic designer Jen Eckert a total expert. Just look at what she was able to do with this 1966 model — as good as new! The restoration took place in her “spare time” over two summers, so it was definitely a lot of hard work… and it shows!

Ready to Remodel Your Own Camper?

We don’t know about you, but all of these incredible renovations have us champing at the bit to get started on our own DIY masterpieces. But — confession — some of us aren’t exactly the handiest people in the world.

But even if you’ve never so much as held a hammer, there are tons of easy ways to give your rig’s interior a quick sprucing up. Here are a few articles we’ve written that can help you do just that.

You’ll be surprised at what some new bedsheets, throw pillows, and window coverings can do — or even just tidying up and organizing your RV to make extra interior space!

Once you’ve worked your magic, it’s time to load ‘er up and take on your next journey. You’ve earned it… and now, relaxing in your rig will be that much more rewarding.


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How much can you make renting your RV?

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How much can you make renting your RV?

See How Much You Can Make

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