Unforgettable Memorial Day Travel Ideas

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Memorial Day is one of the most important holidays we celebrate here in the United States. It gives us a chance to remember not only how lucky we are to have our many freedoms, but also to remember the brave men and women who fought and died to protect them.

On a lighter note, it’s also the unofficial start of summer and often the time for a last-minute weekend getaway. In fact, Memorial Day travel is one of the biggest weekends of the year!

This means, for adventurous RVers like you, there’s only one question: Where to?

We’ve put together this post of some of the best places to go for Memorial Day weekend (or any summer getaway, for that matter). Time to open that road atlas, update your Passport America membership, and hit the road. Don’t forget your sunscreenor to sport some stars and stripes!

Here’s the ultimate RVer’s guide to Memorial Day travel.

Memorial Day Travel Deals

Whether you’re planning a longer trip for later on in the summer or you’re just trying to save where you can, cheap travel doesn’t have to feel like a sacrifice — especially in an RV!

That’s why we’ve filled this post with Memorial Day travel ideas in state parks with RV campgrounds, which are often much cheaper than private, developed campgrounds with lots of luxurious amenities.

Of course, if you do want to spring for a premium campsite, the best way to do so is to get a Passport America membership, which saves you 50% off your accommodation fees at almost 1900 campgrounds across the country and in Canada and Mexico!

Here are some other easy ways to save money on your next camping trip.

Memorial Weekend Getaway

No matter what part of the country you call home, there are great Memorial Day travel destinations to explore — even if you only have time for a quick weekend getaway.

sand dunes at Honeyman Memorial State Park

Honeyman Memorial State Park, Oregon

Nestled along a stunning stretch of the Oregon coast, Honeyman Memorial State Park is best known for its rolling sand dunes, just waiting to be hiked through and explored. There are also two freshwater lakes for fishing, swimming, boating, and other water adventures — and the rental office opens Memorial Day weekend!

The park is only two miles from the ocean, and while there’s not a hiking trail, it’s not difficult to get there. You can also head out to the Sea Lion Caves about 15 miles to the north, and continue just a little bit further to get the perfect Instagram pic of Heceta Head Lighthouse.

An Airstream trailer next to a red rock desert

Red Rock Canyon State Park, California

In the unique stretch of land where the Sierra Nevadas converge with the El Paso Mountains, you’ll find Red Rock Canyon State Park — a different way to enjoy a warm, sandy getaway. The desert cliffs and buttes are home to hawks, lizards, and even roadrunners. Once you lay eyes on this beautifully alien, multicolored landscape, you might want to move there, too.

The Stanley Hotel against the Rocky Mountains

Estes Park, Colorado

When it comes to the perfect Colorado Memorial Day travel destination for RVers, this little town takes the cake. It’s perched right at the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, making it the perfect home base for incredible outdoor adventures. It also has a bit of a spooky edge. As you may know, it’s home to the Stanley Hotel, which inspired Stephen King’s terrifying masterpiece, The Shining. (Yes, there’s a hedge maze out front, too, for your wandering pleasure.)

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Memorial Day Travel Weekend Trips

Here are a few more options for a Memorial Day travel weekend you’ll remember for years to come.

Galveston Island State Park

Galveston Island State Park, Texas

From its amusement park boardwalk to its famous, Gulf-fresh seafood, there’s no shortage of reasons to visit Galveston — and Galveston Island State Park is the perfect home base for a camper.

Only about 50 of the available campsites feature water and electricity, however, so you’ll definitely want to make your reservations ahead of time.

Austin, Texas skyline

Austin, Texas

Austin is not your typical big city. Along with its world-class music and nightlife, it offers a wealth of outdoor activity opportunities, from paddling on Lady Bird Lake to chasing waterfalls at Pedernales. In fact, it’s so amenable to the camping lifestyle that there are several RV parks to choose from in the area, including Midtown RV Park, which is right downtown.

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Rainbow Springs State Park in Florida

Rainbow Springs State Park, Florida

Not all Florida destinations are about the beach or about Mickey. If you want to see what the real Florida is like, you’ve got to head to the source — of all that water the state is known for!

Although there are many different springs to choose from in Florida’s interior, Rainbow Springs State Park is one of the most famous and well-traversed. Whether you relax with a leisurely tubing trip down the river or get more active in a kayak or canoe, you’ll see a totally different side of the Sunshine State.

a boardwalk at Anastasia State Park in Florida

Anastasia State Park, Florida

Want a taste of Florida’s East Coast that’s nothing at all like South Beach? Just an hour and a half south of the Georgia line, this park’s dunes, walkways, and affordable campsites beckon.

Along with the most obvious draw — the beach — Anastasia State Park also allows you easy access to all the fun of St. Augustine, the oldest continually-run European settlement in the states. Even if you’re not a history buff, you won’t want to miss this vibrant, artistic little community… or its many delicious restaurants.

a boardwalk to the beach in Key West

Key West, Florida

Depending on where you’re coming from, this might be a bit of a drive. Florida may be narrow, but it sure is long, with the drive from the state line to Miami running more than five hours.

Key West extends the trip even further, taking three and a half more hours, but those 166 miles will be some of the most beautiful you’ve ever driven. There’s the famed Seven Mile Bridge, of course. But even before you reach that stunning stretch of road, you’re in for a beautiful, palm-tree-filled, ocean-breeze-swept treat. In fact, you’re going to have to focus to get there, instead of just stopping and gaping at every beach along the way!

Your efforts will be rewarded, though. Key West combines nightlife, watersports, charming small-town kitsch, and epic Instagram opportunities. (Don’t miss the selfie next to the marker for the southernmost point in the continental U.S.!)

If you’ve got the time and means, we highly suggest finding your way out to Dry Tortugas National Park, one of the least-visited, but most enchanting, national parks in the country. Plus, it makes for a pretty exclusive national parks passport stamp!

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Memorial Day RV

We’re not quite done yet! Here are a few more last-minute Memorial Day travel getaways to consider.

Tahquamenon Falls State Park

Tahquamenon Falls State Park, Michigan

Think you have to head south for a proper Memorial Day travel getaway? Not so! These stunning falls are nestled in Michigan’s scenic upper peninsula, surrounded by a state park of almost 50,000 acres. There’s plenty of camping available, but even so, you’ll want to reserve your site at Tahquamenon Falls State Park as early as possible.

Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

If you’re looking to add a helping of southern charm to your sunny Memorial Day travel getaway, Myrtle Beach is the perfect place to do so — and it’s also just two hours outside of Charleston. Swim in the sea, take a spin on the Skywheel, or just relax with your toes in the sand. No matter what you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

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This list is just the beginning of Memorial Day options when you’re traveling by RV.

Washington DC at twilight

Washington, D.C.

There are few places as appropriate to spend Memorial Day as our nation’s capital. (Plus, you’ll get the chance to explore the city before the seriously high summer humidity and tourists roll in!)

Washington, D.C. should be on every American traveler’s bucket list. Few towns can claim to offer a similar level of cultural and historical impact in such a small, walkable area — and what’s more, a whole host of those museums and attractions are totally free. Score!

Nestled as it is into the crook of the mid-Atlantic shoreline, you don’t have to go very far at all to find yourself well outside of the city and back in the scenic countryside. From sweeping beachfront to forested trails, there’s a whole host of outdoor activities to explore within a few hours of the city.

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Nickerson State Park, Massachusetts

Dreaming of a Cape Cod getaway without the Cape Cod price tag? This 1,900-acre park offers more than 400 campsites, as well as endless wooded hiking trails and ponds perfect for your first dip of the summer. Click here to learn more about Nickerson State Park’s full range of amenities — or to reserve your spot, if you’re already convinced!

people sunbathing at Cunningham Falls State Park

Cunningham Falls State Park, Maryland

Known for its 78-foot waterfall, Cunningham Falls State Park offers over 170 campsites and also boasts hot showers, flush toilets, and a camp store. Plus, it’s only an hour outside of Washington, D.C. — the arguable epicenter of Memorial Day celebrations.

Last-Minute Memorial Day Travel Getaways

Looking for Memorial Day travel trips you can take on a whim? Obviously, your mileage will vary depending on, well, your mileage — that is, how near or far you are from these stunning destinations.

But the good news is, there’s bound to be something amazing to discover near you, no matter what part of the country you call home. State parks, beaches, and even your own backyard can all become relaxing getaways, especially if you’re traveling (or staycationing) in a cozy motorhome or travel trailer!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your sunglasses and get out there!

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