The Art of Hygge — How to Make Your RV Extra Cozy at Every Budget

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One of the best parts of owning an RV is having the ability to get away whenever you’d like. Taking a trip and escaping into nature can help you recharge and relax. The thought of a long weekend at a nearby campground or an extended adventure to a National Park may be enough to spark interest in buying an RV of your own. 

The aesthetic of an RV may not light you up, though. There’s nothing inherently wrong with how RV interiors are designed – in fact, there’s a lot to be said about the creative use of such a small space, especially in some of the newer models. It’s just that oftentimes, stock RVs showcase a monochromatic palette or have stiff cushioning, which may not give you the comfort you’re hoping for. That might not be a big deal to you, especially if you’re only using your rig occasionally. 

But if you hit the road often or live in your RV, coziness, and aesthetics are probably a bit more important to you. Fortunately, with just a few upgrades (even minor ones!), you can turn your rig into a true home away from home on wheels. In this article, we’ll discuss the meaning of Hygge design and go over a number of ways to achieve next-level coziness in your RV!

The Art of Hygge: Make your RV a Cozy Haven

It’s cuddling up on the couch under that oh-so-cozy blanket. Or the way your favorite pair of slippers fit just right.

It’s a warm cup of hot cocoa (or coffee, or tea, or fall-appropriate mulled cider) in the mug you use so often. It’s like an extension of yourself.

It’s the Danish concept of hygge and as you may have gathered, it’s all about getting cozy. 

You already know that in a motorhome or travel trailer, space is at a premium. And that means it can be difficult to create the relaxing environment you need to truly enjoy your vacation. As your space becomes crowded with more and more stuff, you may end up feeling more claustrophobic than cozy.

By following a few RV decorating tips, you can transform your rig into a comfy haven that dreams are made of.

knitting, a cup of coffee, and a candle giving a hygge feel

Hygge Design Principles

Before we dig into our best cozy RV upgrade ideas, let’s set the record straight. What exactly is hygge, anyway?

The Oxford Dictionary defines it as follows: “A quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture).” And according to Anna Altman, who writes for the New Yorker, “The word is said to have no direct translation in English, though ‘cozy’ comes close. It derives from a sixteenth-century Norwegian term, hugga, meaning ‘to comfort’ or ‘to console,’ which is related to the English word ‘hug.’”

So basically, following hygge home decor principles is about making your surroundings as comforting as possible — which is ideal for any home, especially one you’re using for vacation!

Hygge Design Guide

Hygge design ideas are all about softness and comfort. For that reason, it’s ideal if your RV incorporates warm earth tones in its interior design, and it’s better to have soft, comfy upholstery than sticky (though fashionable) leather.

But unless you’re in the market for a new RV, these major elements are probably already more or less set — although you could take on some minor DIY projects like replacing your window shades or reupholstering your dinette set or sofa to make them cozier and more comforting.

However, even without going to such extremes, making your living space exude hygge-ness, if you will, might be as simple as adding in a few extras and most of these ideas are super affordable.

How to Make Your RV Cozy

Having a comfortable RV to come back to after a day on the trails or a long sunny day on the beach makes all the difference in the world. 

But before we share our favorite tips to make your RV cozy, first we’d recommend taking some time to organize your belongings. There’s nothing more stressful than trying to lounge in a cluttered living room or attempting to cook dinner with crowded countertops – trust us!

Do a nice deep clean of your RV and give your items a home. As the saying goes — a clean home is a happy home and hygge is all about togetherness and comfortability. Some suggestions on this list seem purely aesthetic, though we’d make a case that they’d all create a calm atmosphere!

RV Bedroom Updates

An easy room to start with is the bedroom. The investment you put in here (as well as the rest of the rooms we’ll walk through) may vary based on how much you use it, but you can pick and choose what works best for you!

Low-Mid Cost Updates

  • Bedding: Linen and cotton are breathable, while flannel may provide more warmth. Choose a set that is soft and comfortable for you. If you travel year-round, consider two sets — one for warmer months, and one for cooler months, or an all-seasons set. Most standard bedding will fit on RV beds, but some RV beds may be a custom size, especially in smaller rigs. Double-check the size of your bed before you invest in a new comforter or set of sheets. 
  • Blankets: It’s always a good idea to have some spare blankets handy! This helps up comfy levels and are must-haves for chilly nights. It’s nice to have some light blankets for cool summer evenings and a few thicker blankets if you’ll be traveling in the fall or winter. 
  • Pillows: Having a supportive pillow is key for a good night’s rest. Consider bringing a few extra pillows, too. If you’re worried about space, consider a few of these compressible memory foam pillows
  • Shades/window treatments: You can replace your stock shades with ones that block out more light such as these. There are also a few DIY routes you could go including replacing or installing curtains and valances. Use removable adhesive hooks or ceiling-mounted brackets to hold the curtain rod, or use drape clips to hang the curtains. If you need to trim or hem the fabric, hem tape is a great no-sew option. RV window treatments tend to be very neutral in color, so feel free to choose a patterned fabric that suits your taste. You could even go for bamboo blinds for a cleaner look but you will probably have to trim them. 
  • Lighting: Most bunks and beds come with a light or two, but sometimes they are placed in an odd position. Add stick-on lights like these to have easy access for nighttime reading or put up some dimmable string lights for some nice mood lighting. 

Mid-High Cost Updates

  • Mattress: While a larger investment, replacing your mattress might be the most comfortable swap you can do – read our full guide here on picking the perfect mattress!
  • Mattress topper: Adding a topper, such as memory foam or a down alternative to the current mattress can wildly increase comfort and save you from shelling out the money for a whole new mattress. 
  • Beddy’s: Not only are these creative bedding solutions insanely convenient (especially if you’re traveling with kiddos or have a bed that’s in an awkward space) but they’re also a fun way to personalize your RV bedrooms. Known as the bed that practically makes itself, Beddy’s are all-in-one zippered duvets that have a sewn-in sheet. And best of all they have TONS of options for RV beds with a variety of patterns and materials like soft muslin to choose from. 
updated boho rv living room

RV Living Room Updates

Next, you can tackle the main living space, which typically is a living room/dining space combo. This can also serve as a sleeping space for guests and is generally where you’ll spend time lounging. Here are some ways to optimize this area:

Low-Mid Cost Updates

  • Shades/window treatments: Again, you can replace the stock window treatments with blackout shades (which may be a nice option if this area will be converted to sleeping quarters at night) or add some curtains. 
  • Throw pillows: Another super-important thing to include in hygge decor for your RV is throw pillows! We’re not necessarily recommending you fill your camper with a ton of pillows since space-saving is still necessary. But a few throw pillows can do more than add a pop of color – they can also call your name for an afternoon nap or serve as lower back support while eating at the table.
  • Blankets: Those “extra blankets” we mentioned above? When you’re not using them on the bed, fold one or two over the couch for easy access while watching movies in the evenings or for outside to snuggle up under the stars. 

Mid-High Cost Updates

  • Reupholster seating: Depending on the piece you have in mind, re-upholstering can be pricey. That said, if you spend a lot of time in your RV – or live on the road full-time – it may be worth it. You can customize with the specific fabric you want and replace cushions as needed. If you’re crafty and want to save some money, you can even go the DIY route; Cushions on the dining booth are a super easy place to start. You can find some great tutorials on YouTube if you need step-by-step instructions. 
  • Replace furniture: If you’re not loving the setup or style of furniture in your RV, there’s always the option to replace it entirely. Just make sure to measure everything – RV door included! – to make sure the new items can fit. Replacement furniture can be found online through sites like Amazon, RecPro, and Facebook Marketplace, or in-store at a multitude of RV suppliers.
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RV Kitchen Updates

RV kitchens can be small galley kitchens or large kitchens with islands. Either way, nothing says home like a home-cooked meal, so sprucing up your RV kitchen to make it yours is a must if you really want to feel cozy!

Low-Mid Cost Updates

  • Install a peel-and-stick backsplash: This is a super easy and affordable way to bring some character to your RV kitchen. Many RVers have tried out this DIY project… you really can’t tell it’s not grouted tile! Amazon has tons of different peel-and-stick backsplashes to choose from so whether you’re going for an eclectic vibe or a sleek, modern vibe, there’s something for everyone. 
  • Put down a throw rug or mat: Put some cushion under those feet if you spend a lot of time in your RV kitchen! Choose a rug that’s water-resistant in case of spills. We also love Ruggable — they have tons of kitchen rugs to choose from and the best part is, they can go right in the wash!
  • Replace hardware: This is an easy update to put your personal touch on. Simply replacing the hardware on your RV’s cabinets and drawers can make a world of a difference in terms of aesthetics. You can also spray paint your current hardware instead of replacing it to save a few bucks.
  • Mugs for all your favorite warm beverages: (Don’t forget your favorite tea or coffee you to fill them with. You can also create delicious mulled ciders and other hot beverages in your slow cooker or Instant Pothere’s a great cookbook filled with all sorts of yummy, warm concoctions!)

Mid-High Cost Updates

  • Replace your cabinets or countertops: If you purchased an older or used RV, chances are the cabinets and countertops are either drab, dirty, faded, or a combo of all 3. You may be able to paint over existing cabinets and countertops, but if not replacing is going to be your best bet. 
  • Upgrade your appliances and sink/faucet: This is a pretty costly upgrade so we don’t recommend doing this unless it’s absolutely necessary. Of course though, if your sink is leaking or your oven is broken, that’s not going to make for a very comfortable adventure. If that’s the case you’ll want to look for some replacement appliances. Some people have actually painted their existing appliances if the issue is aesthetics. If you’re going to do this though, make sure to do extensive research on the type of paint to use and the process before giving it a go.
rv bathroom

Low-High Cost Bathroom Updates

  • Peel and stick wallpaper: It’s easy, it’s temporary, and it can turn the dullest bathroom into the most unique, cozy oasis. If you change your mind in the future, it peels right off. If wallpaper isn’t your jam, you can go with a fresh coat of paint instead. Adding light colors to a small bathroom can make it feel much more open, airy, and inviting. 
  • Towels: Big, plush towels may seem comfy, but there are some downsides – they’re not very absorbent and take up a lot of space. Consider stocking up on linen or Turkish cotton towels. Don’t let their thin appearance fool you – these towels are super absorbent and only get softer over time.
  • Upgrade your vanity and/or mirror: Swap out your existing vanity or give it a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware for a cheaper route. Replace the standard medicine cabinet with a mirror that you like. You could even choose a mirror with a built-in shelf for additional storage. 

General Cozy RV Updates

We’ve given you our best tips to make your RV bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, and living space hygge-worthy, but there are still a few more ways you can bring cozy vibes to your RV.

Paint the walls:

We mentioned this already, but a fresh coat of paint throughout can update your RV to be uniquely yours. We’d recommend soft colors, such as creams or pale blues, which are easy on the eyes. Again, lighter colors can make the space feel bigger!


Back to the touch lights shared above, you can also place these under kitchen cabinets to illuminate your counter space. String lights or rope lights can bring a nice ambiance to your RV’s outdoor space and is an easy way to make your RV feel cozy. You can put them in bedrooms, along the floor/ ground, wherever!


We’d recommend keeping knick-knacks to a minimum for the sake of space (and to prevent flying objects while you’re en route), but there’s nothing wrong with hanging up some family photos or inspiring artwork! A framed quote or scratch-off map to document your travels can be fun additions to your RV. Use command strips to hang things and consider some velcro strips  (Here’s how to mount photos and artwork on your RV walls, as well as how to keep other decorations from falling over in transit.) Since RV spaces are so limited, it can be helpful to invest in one frame that displays multiple photographs, like this one.

Hand towels and oven mitts:

Obviously, you need these for practical reasons if you’re going to be cooking in your RV, but you can display these accessories as a part of your kitchen’s decor. Just pick out a few cute towels and mitts, grab some adhesive hooks, and hang them up in your kitchen or bathroom. 


Hanging or placing a few plants around your RV is a great way to keep in touch with the great outdoors, even when you’re inside. Plants can help liven up your space, while also acting as a natural air purifier. 

Let the kids get help:

If you’re traveling with children and they’ll have their own designated bunk space or room, give them the opportunity to decorate and make their space feel homey. Maybe they want to hang some of their favorite art or photos or some colorful lights. Remember, RVing is supposed to be fun! Allow them to get creative and bring some homey aspects to their space. 

Use an Oil Diffuser:

Smells are one of the many attachments people have to “home”, so making your RV smell nice is essential to achieving optimal coziness. After all, it doesn’t take much for an RV to get smelly after days or weeks of cooking, using the bathroom, and stacking up laundry in your RV. Essential oils are a clean, safe alternative to candles, especially in such a small space like an RV. 


Keep your feet toasty on cold nights and mornings with a designated pair of RV slippers. Consider bringing an extra pair of cushioned slides to lounge in if the weather is warm or use them as shower shoes.

A Few Final Thoughts

Keep in mind, multi-use items may be your best bet. This helps with space as well as weight. Remember, you can pick and choose what works best for your preferences, your travel style, and your budget. It doesn’t cost much to create a cozy space in your RV, and there may be items on this list you already have! 

We hope these unique RV decorating ideas help make your next trip as comfy, cozy, and hygge as possible — but don’t forget: Even without any of this stuff, the real comfort comes from who you share your journey with.

So no matter where you’re headed, grab your favorite people so you can cozy up around the campfire, sharing the s’mores and stories that make camping so memorable and unique. 

Happy hygge camping, RVers!

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