Are You a Camper or a Glamper? These 7 Differences Will Help You Decide

For most families summer means the time for vacation. If you plan to vacation in the great outdoors this summer, do you prefer camping or glamping? In other words, are you the type who likes roughing it in the woods, or sleeping on fancy linens, and dining on high end cuisine? Not sure what your family would prefer?

Here are the top 7 differences between camping and glamping.

1. How Much Nature is Too Much Nature?

Camping enthusiasts prefer to trek out into the wild where they can pitch a simple tent and sleep under the stars. They love nature and pride themselves in the ability to survive without any luxuries.

Glampers think a little nature goes a long way. While they may seek “a good outdoors experience,” a true glamper wants to sleep on a comfy mattress. From RV to Safari tent, glampers believe every vacation includes a touch of class.


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2. Cliff side or Pool side?

Campers love to hike for miles, and set up camp alongside a stream or cliff. No luxury? No problem. True campers enjoy the thrill of the wild and the process of setting up camp. Campers want to get away from people, places, and things. They don’t mind roughing it. In fact, they enjoy it.

Glampers choose “reasonable” locations. These may include RV parks, glamping resorts, or cabin rentals at a nearby lake. Glampers want their location to include at least the basics (although a hot tub and heated pool doesn’t hurt), and they don’t like going without.


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3. Hot Dogs or Steak?

Campers pack the basics and eat what they catch along the way. They think dehydrated food makes a great quick meal, and no evening is complete without cooking over a open fire.

Glampers are foodies. They prefer gourmet foods and fine wines. Meal planning is carefully thought out and may include a tablecloth and fine china (or at least real plates).

4. Hiking or Reading?

Campers enjoy hiking, biking, fishing or hunting. Their idea of a good time is exploring the great outdoors on foot or by horseback.

Glampers spend their time reading, painting, writing, or photographing wildlife. They may enjoy light fishing and an evening horseback ride at sunset.

5. Fresh Air or Technology?

Campers grab their GPS and go. Forget about the phone, tablet and T.V. They are camping! They don’t need that stuff, besides where would you plug it in?

Glampers scale back on technology, but still pack the basics. They will no doubt carry a phone and a tablet so they can watch their favorite program or read an e-book. They also want to stay connected with family and friends while they are away. Plug it in? No problem. Glampers DO NOT go without power.

6. Out House or Bubble Bath?

Campers love a challenge. A toilet could be behind a tree, a makeshift bucket, or a pit toilet deep in the forest.

Glampers prefer a good flush. If their accommodations don’t have a bathroom, they at the least expect a nice shower with full flushing facilities to be nearby.

7. Wild or Tame?

Campers expect to see animals. These may include moose, deer, or wild boar. The less human neighbors the better. Campers hide their food in the trees and always carry bear repellent. Wolves? No problem. Raccoons? Bring em on!

Glampers prefer their wild animals in Zoos. Here they can experience wildlife without the unexpected. In truth, glampers don’t dislike animals but prefer them to be wither contained or of the tame variety.

Now that you know the difference between glampers and campers, which category do you fall into?

If you said glamper then you’re in luck because I have 5 can’t miss places for you to glamp in style!

1. Champing : Camping in an Historic Church

Visiting England? Why glamp when you can champ?  According to the Churches Conservation Trust over 347 churches are now trying something new!  They are opening their doors to campers who want to stay overnight and have plenty of time to explore both the building and the countryside. Rural churches offer a variety of lodging options. At the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, guests can sleep in 18th century box pews complete with cozy bedding.

2. The Idaho Original

Mary Jane’s Farm in Moscow, Idaho is the epitome of the the term glamping.  This original farmstead has been kept alive through Mary Jane’s passion for her bed and breakfast and fresh organic foods.  Experience rural life with no electricity or phones, but live like a queen with excellent meals and soft down bedding.

3. Washington Wanderlust

You know “glamping” has hit the height of popularity when a state park offers it. At Wanderlust Camps in Moran State Park you can book your Orcas Island vacation and enjoy glamping in a custom canvas tent with cedar plank floor, comfy queen bed, and everything you need to experience the great outdoors.  Rates start at $119 a night and their are plenty of activities nearby!

4. The Vintage Flash Back

Step back into full 1950’s technicolor. At the Shady Dell in Bisbee, Arizona you can enjoy a stay in one of several restored vintage trailers. From the 1949 Airstream, to the 1950 Spartan Manor, you’ll have everything you need for a memorable glamping experience. The Shady Dell provides vintage lawn chairs, radios and retro dishes to complete the “flash back” experience.

5. Yurt City

Looking for a totally different glamping experience?  You have to visit the Treebones Resort in Big Sur, Califormia.  This one of a kind glamping location includes a variety of yurts offering views of the sea. Treebones has a restaurant, organic garden and breathtaking California views!

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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