Fishing in Connecticut

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It’s effortless to reach Connecticut in less than a day from most of the Northeast United States. You’re sure to love the New England charm found in many of its smaller communities. Yet another highlight is the excellent fishing opportunities located near those towns. While you’ll need to check state fishing requirements and purchase your license, you can look forward to relaxing at these good fishing spots in Connecticut. 

Two boats, one with two people and another with one person, sit on a calm lake, fishing. The bank is surrounded by dense forest.

Fishing Spots in Connecticut

Farmington River

The section of the Farmington River from Riverton to New Hartford is an excellent place to go flyfishing. The 200-foot-high dam, which consistently releases water, keeps trout fishing consistent throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Some special regulations apply to the two Trout Management Areas on this river, including using barbless hooks. Try matching your dry flies bait to what is hatching in the area on that given day. This may mean you need to bring various options, including sulphur flies, Hendrickson, and Griffith’s gnats along. 

Candlewood Lake

Candlewood Lake near Brookfield is the largest lake in Connecticut, and Brookfield, Danbury, New Fairfield, New Milford, and Sherman border it. It is also consistently ranked as one of the top bass lakes in the state. This lake has many underwater ledges and hiding places that trout always love. Brown and rainbow trout are also regularly caught in this lake. 

Quinnipiac River 

There are several excellent fishing spots along the Quinnipiac River. The state regularly stocks the river gorge, from Carpenter’s Dam down to Red Bridge, making it ideal for trout fishing. This river near New Haven produces a healthy perch crop, and anglers can sometimes catch good-sized white bass. As the river enters the tidal wave area near New Haven Harbor, fishing for bluefish can be outstanding. 

Bantam Lake

Bantam Lake near Litchfield is the largest natural body of water in Connecticut. This lake is a pike fishery with anglers often catching pike between 10 and 15 pounds. This lake is also a terrific spot to go fishing in Connecticut for large and smallmouth bass, with 10 to 15 bass fishing tournaments occurring here annually. While you can fish from a boat on this lake, there are also wheelchair-friendly fishing piers. 

Mill River

There are two Trout Management Areas on the Mill River, and both areas are terrific places to go fishing. The upper one is in Easton, and anglers can catch and release fish with a single barbless hook and artificial lures. The lower Trout Management Area is open for fishing from September to April. Except for opening day, anglers can use the bait they want and keep what they catch. 

Mashapaug Pond

Mashapaug Pond is a 287-acre lake in Bigelow Hollow State Park near Union. This is a fantastic place to go fishing for large and smallmouth bass. State officials stock this pond with brown and rainbow trout during the spring. In the fall, the state stocks it with walleye. Anglers can also catch yellow perch at this spot. 

Quinebaug Lake

The sand and gravel bottom of Quinebaug Lake gives largemouth bass great places to hide. Anglers often have the best luck fishing with crankbaits and topwater plugs at this lake because the underwater vegetation is thin. State officials stock rainbow and brown trout at this location near Killingly annually. There are also a few smallmouth bass. This lake is in Quinebaug Pond State Park, and they have a boat ramp, but motors bigger than five horsepower are not allowed here. 

Where to Fish in Connecticut

In order to make fishing more accessible to everyone, the state stocks several community fishing lakes with channel catfish and trout annually. These lakes tend to be in the state’s center, including New Britain, Bristol, Waterbury, and Derby, so you’re never far away from one. 

The state’s center is home to two rivers that are part of the Atlantic Salmon Management Area, where state officials take action to ensure that excellent salmon fishing exists. In the northeast corner of the state, you can find many trout management areas, although there are options around the state. The eastern part of the state is home to several lakes where you can only fly fish. If you’re looking to go fishing in the sea, then consider Long Island Sound. 

Camping and Fishing in Connecticut

Fishing and camping in Connecticut is truly a wonderful treat. Ensure that you can identify the different types of fish in the areas where you’ll be fishing. Trout and salmon often require unique state-issued stamps, so if you plan on catching those, make sure you have the proper permits. 

With so many fruitful options to choose from, figuring out where to fish in Connecticut may seem daunting at first. To make the experience even better, look for unique opportunities in state parks designed to teach people how to camp and fish. These special programs often come at a low cost, while others are free. 

You’re sure to build memories that last a lifetime, even if the big fish gets away. Most people report that they can feel the stress of daily life melt away after spending just a few minutes on the water. Before you go, read this fishing blog filled with helpful tips that you may have never known or forgotten. 

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