Fishing in Massachusetts

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Whether it’s the excitement of making a big catch or a chance for meditation and reflection that draws you to this location, Massachusetts has a handful of freshwater and saltwater spots for all types of fishing. Discover the good fishing spots that the Bay State has to offer, from extensive reservoirs to serene ponds. Both visitors and residents ages 15 and older must have a valid license to fish in the waters of Massachusetts. Consider these top fishing spots during your RV fishing trip in Massachusetts.

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Fishing Spots in Massachusetts

Pontoosuc Lake

Head out to Berkshire County, north of Pittsfield, and you will find Pontoosuc Lake. Vacationers and anglers alike flock to this 500-acre lake for recreation. Here, you will find a wide variety of fish species, including smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, chain pickerel, northern pike, common carp, white perch, yellow perch, bluegill, black crappie, brown bullhead, and white sucker.

Wachusett Reservoir

Go fishing for smallmouth bass at the Wachusett Reservoir. Situated ten minutes from Worcester, this eight-mile-long reservoir is the second largest water body in Massachusetts. The area has numerous fish species, including trout, bass, sunfish, and salmon. May and June are the ideal months for smallmouth and largemouth bass.

Long Pond

Fishing and camping in Massachusetts is fantastic at Long Pond. Located just 30 minutes from Plymouth and 45 miles from downtown Boston, Long Pond covers more than 1,700 acres and is fed by the Snake River. This spot is a perfect location for big largemouth bass and is renowned for hosting many bass fishing tournaments. Largemouth bass, chain pickerel, bluegill, white perch, yellow perch, white sucker, pumpkinseed, and brown bullhead are some species that you can catch here.

Martha’s Vineyard

Famous for hosting Martha’s Vineyard Bluefish and Striped Bass Derby, Martha’s Vineyard is an excellent answer to where to fish in Massachusetts. Located about a 45-minute ferry ride from Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard has nearly 100 miles of fishable shoreline, numerous harbor towns, and several sites to explore by boat, making it a haven for seasoned and beginner anglers alike. The spot teems with bluefish, haddock, halibut, bluefin tuna, and bass.

Quabbin Reservoir

Fishing in Massachusetts is a whole new experience when you cast a line at Quabbin Reservoir. Located in Belchertown, this 412-billion-gallon reservoir occupies 39 square miles with 181 miles of fishable shoreline and adequate space for boaters. Here, you will encounter smallmouth bass, black crappie, largemouth bass, rainbow trout, lake trout, brown trout, white perch, bluegill, and yellow perch. Besides fishing, you can enjoy other activities like snowshoeing, hunting, biking, boating, and cross-country skiing in the area.

Chapin Pond

If you hope to catch chain pickerel, largemouth bass, white perch, yellow perch, or bluegill, Chapin Pond, otherwise known as Haviland Pond, is a perfect spot to cast your line. This warm-water reservoir sits north of where Route 21 intersects with the Massachusetts Turnpike. Although there is a paved launch ramp, you will find ample parking at the Ludlow town beach.

Norton Reservoir

Norton reservoir is located in Norton, a short drive south of Boston. This 580-acre reservoir is excellent for shore fishing. Although it’s renowned for the large volume of white perch, you can land other species, including pickerel, bass, and crappie.

Big Sandy Pond

Big Sandy Pond, commonly known as Sandy Pond, sits in the heart of Cape Cod. Located just 20 minutes south of Plymouth, this pond provides a great spot away from any major city. Numerous fish species live in its 149 acres, including pumpkinseed, smallmouth bass, brown bullhead, largemouth bass, white sucker, banded killifish, and golden shiner. Big Sandy Pond gets stocked with brook and rainbow trout annually as well.

Where to Fish in Massachusetts

Boston is one of the best destinations to go fishing in Massachusetts. In this area, fishing is a long-standing tradition, and the city is near a handful of freshwater fishing spots. Boston has a fishing location for all types of anglers. You can fish everything from the blue waters of the Atlantic to pristine lakes and fish-filled streams. The area sees vast summer migrations of bluefin tuna, striped bass, sharks, and more. During the winter months, you can catch offshore fish such as haddock and pollock.

Camping and Fishing in Massachusetts

To have a smooth camping and fishing experience in Massachusetts, you need to check over your rig to make sure that you have everything you need. Ensure that you have the right fishing gear, and pack the tackle box with lures and baits that are attractive to all fish species. Keep in mind that you could get wet, especially if you try fly-fishing. For this reason, it’s a good idea to pack clothes that can dry quickly and more clothes than you think that you need.

Check or listen to the daily weather forecast to ensure that factors such as sunlight, wind, and rain will not affect the fish activity. If possible, fish on a cloudy day because overcast skies make the fish search for food more than on clear days. Light rain is also a good fishing time because it washes bait and insects into the water, forming a feeding binge for most fish species.

Fishing in Massachusetts is a unique experience. The size of fish in Massachusetts is unmatched, so this is a fishing trip that you will enjoy and remember for a long time. Before you head out on your trip, check out our blog for all you need to know about fishing. It’s filled with tips to help make your RV fishing trip enjoyable and memorable.

With an RV rental, your fishing trip will be a little more comfortable! After you’ve spent a long day fishing, grill up your catch right at your campsite. Then, retire inside to enjoy all the comforts of home onboard your RV. Plan your perfect fishing getaway with an RV rental from RVshare.

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