The Best 25 Campgrounds with Cabins Near Me

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If you want to experience camping and don’t particularly like the idea of sleeping on the ground, the best option is definitely to head out on an RV adventure. Even if you don’t have an RV of your own, rental rigs are pretty easy to find these days.

But what if you can’t get your hands on an RV? In these cases, cabin camping is the next best thing.

Camping cabin rentals or camping cottages are available in every single state, making it so that finding camping cabins near me, near you, or near the place you’d like to visit is always a possibility. Camping cabins provide more creature comforts than a traditional tent, offering actual beds and a solid roof over your head. Some even go so far as to offer campers electricity and running water.

If you’re looking into using a camp cabin on your next trip and want to learn the ins and outs of doing so, as well as how to find campgrounds with cabins near me or in another specific place, this article is for you. Read on to learn everything you’ll need to know to get started on your epic cabin camping adventure.

Camping Cabins Near Me

First we will discuss finding the perfect campgrounds with cabin rentals near you. One of the best ways to go about this is to search the internet for “camping sites with cabins near me” or “camping cottages near me”.

That said, if you’d rather not do a ton of research yourself, we have taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of the best campground with cabins options in the most popular camping states.

Cabin Camping in Connecticut

Because of its northern location, Connecticut isn’t the best place for winter camping. However, it offers some absolutely beautiful camping in the warmer months. Check out these campgrounds with cabins for your next CT camping trip.

Hammonasset Beach State Park

There’s nothing quite as wonderful as camping by the beach. Hammonasset Beach State Park makes this possible with rental cabins, as well as RV and tent camping sites.

Cabin amenities: 2 rooms, sleeping space for 6, electricity

Price: $70–$80

Odetah Camping Resort

A fantastic campground with planned activities, a spa, a splash pad, and more, Odetah Camping Resort is a great place to get away. Enjoy the lake and beautiful greenery as you get acquainted with the great outdoors.

Cabin amenities: (dependent on unit) small kitchen, bathroom, 2 bedrooms, heating and air conditioning, electricity

Price: prices vary

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Cabin Camping in Maryland

Maryland is another gorgeous place to go camping. Whether you choose to make use of one of the Maryland camping cabins below or camp in an RV or tent, you’re sure to have an awesome time.

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park in Williamsport, MD

Camping is even more fun when you’re spending time with Yogi the bear! This Jellystone Park campground lets you do just that. Additionally, this park offers planned activities, a water park, and a host of other awesome amenities the kids will love.

Cabin amenities: (dependent on unit) small kitchen, could have a bathroom, heating and air conditioning, electricity

Price: starting at $92 per night

Treehouse Camp at Maple Tree

Ever wanted to stay in a tree house? You can do that at Treehouse Camp at Maple Tree. Their tree cottages are basically camping cabins in the trees, and they are simply adorable.

Cabin amenities: insulated porch, wood burning stove, sleeping for up to 6

Price: starting at $65 per night

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Cabin Camping in California

Considering the astounding number of national parks and other natural wonders in the state, California is definitely a good place to experience the great outdoors. Use one of the campgrounds below as a home base.

Emerald Forest Cabins and RV

Nothing says Northern California quite like redwood trees. Emerald Forest Cabins and RV allows you the opportunity to camp amongst those redwoods, taking cabin camping in Northern California to the next level.

Cabin amenities: (dependent on unit) small kitchen, running water, electricity, TV with internet and cable, bedding and linens provided, porch or patio

Price: starting at $129 per night – rates vary based on season

Santee Lakes Campground

Those who prefer cabin camping in Southern California needn’t look any further than Santee Lakes Campground. This campground offers cabin camping in San Diego, making it easy to get to all the awesome attractions the city has to offer while returning to a peaceful camping experience at the end of the day.

Cabin amenities: grill, air conditioning and heating, electricity, TV, bathroom, small kitchen

Price: starting at $114 per night

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Cabin Camping in Virginia

Virginia is a beautiful place to visit almost any time of year. Whether you choose to enjoy the colors of fall or the lush greenery of spring and summer, one of these campgrounds will make an excellent place to sleep at night.

Shenandoah National Park – Lewis Mountain Cabins

No visit to Virginia is complete without stopping in to see Shenandoah National Park. While you’re there, why not stay the night? Cabin camping is available, and staying longer means you’ll get a chance to really soak in all the beauty this park has to offer.

Cabin amenities: bathroom, grill, towels and linens, heat and fan, electricity

Price: starting at $45 per night

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resort

Located in Luray, VA, this Virginia Jellystone Park offers another great opportunity to camp with Yogi Bear. The waterpark in the resort is fantastic, and the mini golf and laser tag add to the fun.

Cabin amenities: (dependent on unit) small kitchen, could have a bathroom, heating and air conditioning, electricity

Price: starting at $84 per night

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Cabin Camping in Florida

The ideal place to escape the cold weather, Florida is a winter favorite for many campers. The campgrounds below are excellent places to do some cabin camping in the Sunshine State as you explore all the state has to offer.

Bahia Honda State Park

Ever considered staying in the tropical beauty of the Florida Keys? At Bahia Honda State Park you can stay in a lovely cabin during your Florida Keys getaway and fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the area.

Cabin amenities: small kitchen, bathroom, heating, and air conditioning, electricity

Price: starting at $122.50 per night, $857.50 weekly

Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake

The Orlando area is the place to be if you’re looking for theme park fun, and Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake is an adorable park to stay in during your time there. This park is secluded from the hustle and bustle of the city, giving you peace and quiet while allowing you to remain close to Universal Orlando, Disney World, and more.

Cabin amenities: grill, heating and air conditioning, electricity

Price: starting at $50 per night

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Cabin Camping in Louisiana

Although it doesn’t stay quite as warm, Louisiana is another good place to get some sunshine during the winter. It can also be fun during the summer however and is an awesome place to experience the south. Check out these campgrounds during your visit.

Bayou Segnette State Park

Most people don’t expect to find a gorgeous state park in a big city like New Orleans. Nevertheless, Bayou Segnette State Park is located right in the middle of all the action, making it an ideal place to do some cabin camping while visiting the Big Easy.

Cabin amenities: stocked kitchen, bathroom, heating, and air conditioning, electricity, 3 rooms

Price: starting at $150 per night

Gavel Falls Cabin Rentals & RV Campground

If we head to the opposite side of Louisiana, we come to Shreveport and the fantastic Gavel Falls Cabin Rentals & RV Campground. This campground is incredibly well kept and is very near all there is to see and do in Shreveport.

Cabin amenities: kitchen, bathroom, heating, and air conditioning, electricity, cable TV, Wi-Fi, deck

Price: starting at $109 per night

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Cabin Camping in Texas

Yet another warm and sunny place, Texas is a favorite camping area for a good number of people. The state is so big, you can count on having plenty of exploring to do when you stay in the cabins at one of these campgrounds.

San Antonio / Alamo KOA Holiday

San Antonio is a wonderful city to visit. It’s full of history, nightlife, attractions, and wonderful food. The San Antonio/Alamo KOA Holiday is an excellent home base, offering amenities such as a swimming pool, playground, activities, and more.

Cabin amenities: may have a kitchen, may have a bathroom, heating and air conditioning, electricity, may have cable TV, internet, deck

Price: starting at $75 per night

South Padre Island KOA Holiday

South Padre Island is home to what are easily the prettiest beaches in Texas. Stay on these beautiful beaches by booking a cabin at South Padre Island KOA Holiday.

Cabin amenities: may have a kitchen, may have a bathroom, heating and air conditioning, electricity, may have cable TV, internet, deck

Price: starting at $113 per night

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Cabin Camping in Washington

Looking to escape the heat of summer? It might be time to head north. Washington state offers some fabulous campgrounds with cabins, as well as a lovely escape from the soaring temperatures of the south.

Camp Long

Camp Long is an unusual little hidden gem located in the big city of Seattle. The camp features gorgeous hiking trails, a rock-climbing wall, and a super cool ropes course. The cabins here are rustic for sure, but incredibly fun to stay in for a few nights.

Cabin amenities: running water outside, sleeps up to 12, near the bathroom

Price: starting at $50 per night

Olympic National Park – Log Cabin Resort

There’s nothing quite like camping in a national park. Olympic National Park is no exception. Fortunately, this beautiful park offers plenty of camping opportunities, including some adorable little cabins in their Log Cabin Resort.

Cabin amenities: electricity, fire ring, picnic table, near the bathroom

Price: starting at $132 per night

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Cabin Camping in Colorado

Cabin camping in Colorado is abundant for sure. This is because the state is absolutely gorgeous and full of amazing opportunities for outdoor activities. Try these campgrounds on for size.

Colorado Cottages

Located in Estes Park at the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, you’ll find some of the best camping cottages in the state of Colorado. Colorado Cottages is a relaxing, well kept, and welcoming resort that allows you to stay just minutes away from one of the prettiest parks in our country.

Cabin amenities: kitchen, bathroom, heating, and air conditioning, electricity, cable TV, internet

Price: starting at $80 per night

YMCA of the Rockies – Snow Mountain Ranch

The perfect place for those looking for action, adventure, and plenty of snow, Snow Mountain Ranch is a great choice. The cabins in this resort are cozy, well equipped, and come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.

Cabin amenities: microwave, bathroom, fireplace, electricity, may have TV

Price: starting at $279 per night

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Cabin Camping in Missouri

Most people are unaware of just how beautiful the state of Missouri is. This place is full of sparkling lakes, majestic mountains, and lovely greenery around every turn. We recommend the following campgrounds for experiencing it all.

America’s Best Campground

America’s Best Campground is a super comfortable campground with some incredibly friendly and welcoming camp hosts. The campground is right in the middle of all the fun offered by Branson, and the cabins here are ready and waiting for you.

Cabin amenities: may have a kitchen, may have a bathroom, heating and air conditioning, electricity, grill

Price: starting at $47.86 per night

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park

This Missouri Jellystone Park is the perfect place for a family getaway. Nature surrounds and fills this rustic park, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of activities available to keep everyone happy. From train rides and mini golf to swimming and the nearby Six Flags theme park, you’re sure to find plenty of awesome ways to fill your days.

Cabin amenities: may have a kitchen, may have a bathroom, heating and air conditioning, electricity, Wi-Fi

Price: starting at $195.36per night

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Cabin Camping in New Mexico

Another natural beauty, New Mexico is one of those states you simply have to visit at least once. Everything from the desert landscape to the wide open, bright blue sky is amazing here, and camping in one of the following campgrounds is definitely the best way to check it out.

Santa Fe KOA Journey

Santa Fe is easily one of the cutest little towns in the country. With plenty to see and do and lots of good food, this artsy place is definitely a great escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, and the Santa Fe KOA is an awesome home base for your visit.

Cabin amenities: may have a kitchen, may have a bathroom, heating and air conditioning, electricity, may have cable TV, internet, deck

Price: starting at $60.71 per night

Alamogordo / White Sands KOA Journey

White Sands is a lesser known national park, but is absolutely breathtaking and tons of fun for anyone willing to try their hand at sledding down the giant sand dunes. While there aren’t any cabins in the park, the KOA just outside the park offers great accommodations.

Cabin amenities: may have a kitchen, may have a bathroom, heating and air conditioning, electricity, may have cable TV, internet, deck

Price: starting at $35 per night

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Cabin Camping in Montana

Another underestimated state, Montana is a camper’s paradise for sure. It’s home to Glacier National Park, offers amazing weather during the summer months, and has plenty of untouched nature to explore. Use one of these campgrounds as a jumping-off point and get out there and explore it.

Reclusive Moose Cabin Rentals

Located just 15 minutes from the gorgeous Glacier National Park, Reclusive Moose Cabin Rentals is a lovely, secluded resort that simply couldn’t be more peaceful. The cabins in this resort are adorable, and the surrounding nature is gorgeous.

Cabin amenities: kitchen, bathroom, fire pit, electricity, linens, TV, Wi-Fi, deck, hammock

Price: starting at $175 per night, season rates vary

Rocky Mountain RV Park + Cabins

Heading south in the state of Montana will bring you to Yellowstone National Park. This is another amazing park, and Rocky Mountain RV Park + Cabins is the perfect home base during your Yellowstone adventures.

Cabin amenities: running water outside, propane stove outside, restrooms nearby, heating and air conditioning

Price: starting at $80 per night

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Cabin Camping in New York

Finally, there is New York State. Most people envision only the Big City when they think of New York. That said, upstate New York is actually home to the Catskills Mountains, which have tons of natural beauty and perfect camping opportunities like the ones offered at the campgrounds below.

Catskill Adventure Resort

A pretty camping resort with plenty of onsite activities, Catskill Adventure Resort is a wonderful place to stay as you explore the Catskill Mountains. The campground restaurant is delicious, the pool and activities are tons of fun, and the cabins are cozy and cute.

Cabin amenities: kitchen, bathroom, grill, heating, and air conditioning, electricity

Price: starting at $135 per night

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Why Choose Cabin Camping?

Why would one choose cabin camping? Well, as we discussed before, cabin camping is a great option when you want something more comfortable than a tent but can’t get an RV for your trip. However, this isn’t the only reason to pick campsites with cabins.

Camping cottages and cabins are nice for those who physically can’t deal with the setup and break-down of a tent or RV. If you can’t imagine setting up a tent, putting down RV jacks, or dumping a black water tank, a cabin might be for you.

That said, some rental RVs are set up for you in advance of your trip, so you may want to consider that option as well.

Cabin camping can also come in handy when a person is on a road trip with multiple stops and doesn’t want to deal with setup in each location, or doesn’t feel comfortable driving an RV from one place to the next. Cabins are already set up and ready to go, and don’t require towing or driving a big rig.

Of course, delivered rentals could also do the trick, as could small rental rigs such as class B campers, which are nimble and easy to drive.

Tips for Cabin Camping

If you do choose to make use of camping cottages or camping cabins on your next road trip, there are some things you should know before setting out. Below are our top tips for cabin camping.

Book Ahead

You never know when an area is going to be particularly busy due to an event you didn’t know about. Even just a weekend of beautiful weather can mean arriving to a fully booked campground. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to have your camping cabin booked ahead of time.

Know What’s Included

Not all campgrounds with cabins are created equal. Some cabins may include a full kitchen and bathroom, while others don’t even have an outlet for charging electronic devices. Make sure you know what’s included in your camping cabin rentals at every stop so you can go in prepared.

Pack Wisely

Pack for the weather and the activities you plan on participating in. Sure, you’ll have access to a cabin, but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to spend the whole trip there. Besides, some cabins don’t include air conditioning or a heater, so appropriate clothing is an absolute must.

Besides suitable clothing, make sure to pack bug spray, sunscreen, camping chairs, swimsuits, and all other camping essentials. Additionally, find out if you should pack bedding, cookware, or any other household items.

Bring Food

Lastly, just as you would bring food on a tent or RV camping trip, you will also want to pack food for a cabin camping adventure. As mentioned before, some cabins include a full kitchen, making cooking easy. Otherwise, you will need to cook over the campfire or using a camp stove or grill, so build your menu accordingly.

Cabin Camping FAQs

Still don’t feel prepared for a cabin camping excursion? Below are some of the most common questions campers have about camping cottages and cabins, and our answers to each.

What is a camping cabin?

A camping cabin is exactly what you’d think: a cabin used for camping. These are also sometimes referred to as camping cottages and can usually be found in campgrounds that also cater to tent and RV campers.

Some camping cabins include every amenity you’d expect from a hotel room, while others are very rustic, offering only a few beds, walls, and a roof. Most camping cottages and cabins are somewhere between these two extremes.

Where can you camp in a cabin?

As mentioned before, cabin camping is available in every state and is most often found in campgrounds and sometimes RV parks. We recommend camping in places that offer plenty of outdoor activities for the best cabin camping experience possible.

What do you need for cabin camping?

Aside from the tent, you will need to pack everything you would typically pack for a tent camping trip if you’ll be staying in a rustic cabin. This means packing up sleeping bags, pillows, cooking equipment, and towels.

That said, cabins with more amenities require you to pack less. Therefore, if you prefer to pack light, consider staying in a cabin that provides all bedding and a full kitchen with cookware. Some even include towels!

Is staying in a cabin camping?

While some people would argue that sleeping in a cabin is not truly camping, we think it is. We also believe that RVing can be considered a form of camping. Anything that gets you spending more time outdoors and sleeping closer to nature can and should be considered a form of camping, even if some ways of doing this are more comfortable than others.

How much is it to rent a cabin?

The cost of camping cabin rentals varies significantly based on where you are and what is included with the rental. In general, the more amenities included, the more expensive a cabin will be. For a barebones cabin, you might pay less than $40 to $50 a night. Meanwhile, the more upscale cabins can cost over $100 a night.

Cabin camping is a wonderful option for many people. We hope this article helped you determine whether camping in a cabin is the right choice for your family, and if it is, we hope you can use this as a guide for planning the ultimate cabin camping adventure.

Don’t think cabin camping is your thing? You might try renting an RV to experience RV camping instead!