5 Travel Trailer Upgrades You Didn’t Know You Needed

Of course you love your travel trailer exactly as it is. From hitch to wheels, it’s your baby, and it always goes where it’s towed. ( šŸ˜‰ )

But even the best things in life have room for some improvements, whether it’s a major overhaul like installing a solar power panel kit or just making your home away from home a bit less wobbly with some X-Chocks. When it comes to RV upgrade ideas, there are some that just make your life on the roadĀ so much easier.

Travel Trailer Upgrades Guide

These do-it-yourself RV projects are pretty simple, and they might just improve your travel life dramatically. What’s more, they actually make for great weekend projects, a productive and fun activity to share with the whole family — under the correct supervision, of course.

So, ready to see some amazing RV modifications and transform your trailer into the Taj Mahal on wheels?

Here are some of the best upgrades you can imagine for a travel trailer.

Must Have Travel Trailer Upgrades

Fair warning: Not all of theĀ top travel trailer upgrades are fancy and exciting. Sure, we’ve seen some beautiful refurbishing work and clever storage solutions, and it’s wonderful to make your rigĀ look nice.

But theĀ upgrades to your travel trailer thatĀ really matter are the ones that make your day-to-day life of traveling easier and more comfortable. And even though they’re not always flashy, these modifications get that job done in a hurry!

1. Travel Trailer Suspension Upgrades

Image via customline.com.au

Your suspension system is one of the most important parts of any RV — but especially a travel trailer. Your suspension is a large component of the overall load your RV can carry, and when it starts to break down, you compromise the safety of your rig.

Jerud of Live Small Ride Free upgraded his travel trailer’s suspension when he discovered that he had somehow accumulated enough stuff to put the trailer over its rated weight. It’s not as difficult as you think: You can actually purchase an entire new suspension system on Amazon such as this Triple-Axle MORryde CRE3-35 CRE3000 suspension system built for a 35″ wheel base or theĀ Lippert 279687 Equa-Flex Suspension Upgrade Kit for tandem axle rated 4,000-6,000 pounds. Not only can an upgraded suspension increase your vehicle’s load capacity, but it can also make your trailer ride a whole lot smoother, which saves wear and tear on your truck or SUV.

Of course, any sort of major mechanical overhaul like this one needs to be approached with caution, so always refer to your owner’s manual or a professional if you need expert help.

2. Upgrade Your RV to Lithium Batteries

Image via gonewiththewynns.com

If you’ve been hanging out on RV forums and online communities at all, you’ve likely already heard other owners evangelizing the wonder of their upgraded lithium batteries.

They last longer, require less maintenance, and are better and handling heavy loads than traditional batteries. But most importantly to you, as an RVer who uses a travel trailer, they’re a whole lot lighter than traditional batteries. (When you’re towing, everything comes down to the scales!)

You can purchase lithium ion batteriesĀ online in a variety of types and sizes. Keep in mind that your RV actually hasĀ two battery systems: the one that powers the fixtures in your motorcoach, like your microwave, and a regular auto battery to start the engine like you’d find in your car.

You can also find automatic lithium battery charging systems, which make it easier when it’s time to restore your “juice.”

3. Install a Solar Power System in Your Travel Trailer

Image via inhabitat.com

It’s fairly likely you chose a travel trailer at least in part because they tend to be more affordable and minimalistic than their large, Class A cousins. If you want to take that thrift to the next level — and help save the planet while you’re at it — one of the very best things you can invest in is a solar panel system.

Yes, it’s a big purchase up-front… but think about how good you’ll feel when you’re powering your RV’s systems with nothing but the light of the sun for fuel! Pretty neat, right? And no more need to buy expensive propane gas for your generator. It’s just you, a beautiful boondocking site, and sweet, sweet silence.

Many newer travel trailers already come solar-ready, so all you’d need to purchase are actual panels, like these 12V Poly 100-watt panels. You can also find inclusive solar panel kits available, such as theĀ WindyNation 100 Watt Solar Panel Off-Grid kit, which comes with an LCD PWM charge controller, a solar cable, MC4 connectors and mounting brackets.

RV Parts and Accessories

Here are a few more travel trailer upgrades you didn’t know you needed!

4. Get Better Stabilization for Your Camper

Image via Amazon.com

When the RV’s rockin’… it’s actually pretty annoying. And since many travel trailers don’t come equipped with the same fancy auto-stabilizers big Class As do, it might be a real problem.

Well, the good thing is, when it comes to DIY interior upgrades for your camper or travel trailer, this is one of the easiest. Just invest in some quality wheel stabilizers to add to your current stability-block setup — X-Chocks are well-regarded in the RVing community. You could also upgrade to a whole new jack stabilizer system, such as theĀ Lippert 191023 JT’s Strong Arm Fifth-Wheel stabilizer kit.

5. Stay Connected with a WiFi Booster

You already know how critical it is to stay connected. Everything from banking to business depends on the internet these days.

But whether they’re fiberglass or aluminum, many travel trailers are basically mobile Faraday cages — which means you’ll have a shoddy connection, no matter how strong the campground’s signal.

Many full-timer campers get around this by using WiFi boosting antennas, or repeaters, such as the Alfa 9dBi WiFi Booster SMA OMNI-Directional High-Gain antenna, which screws on and swivels in any direction. ToĀ really up your signal, you could even consider mounting it to the back of your rig — a simple flagpole mounting system oughtta do the trick!

Travel Trailer Upgrades Online

The best part of all these travel trailer upgrades?

You can actually order many of these RV parts online and install them yourself in an afternoon or less. Then, you’ll not only have a much more comfortable living space… you’ll also have the pride of knowing you made those upgrades yourself!

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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