5 Travel Trailers that Received Major Upgrades

Last updated on November 2nd, 2020 at 05:24 pm. Originally published on September 18th, 2017
Image via vintagerevivals.com

No matter how much you adore your beloved RV, there’s always room for a few improvements.

Maybe you want to revamp your kitchen to make it more modern and user-friendly. Maybe your bathroom could use some new cabinets — or new everything. Maybe you just want to reupholster your dinette set or sofa.

But no matter what you’re looking to modify, it always help to see some amazing RV and travel trailer modifications with pictures. It’s pretty amazing what clever and industrious RV owners come up with!

Upgrades to Travel Trailer

Looking for RV upgrade ideas — or to get a sense of how much time, effort, and money your planned upgrades are going to take?

Here are some of the best DIY travel trailer upgrades we’ve found from across the web, and the stories behind the campers who took them on.

1. This incredibly complete renovation by Must Have Mom

Image via musthavemom.com

Sarah, AKA Must Have Mom, blogs about how to make life easier and simpler for busy families everywhere… and she also found time to completely renovate her camper from top to bottom, too!

This total makeover includes a paint job for all the cabinetry as well as the RV’s interior and exterior fixtures, as well as new flooring. But a surprising amount of the stunning change is due simply to changing the interior color scheme, which is as simple as a few coats of paint. Check out her full rundown of the steps she took, materials she used, and how much time, energy, and money it cost her to complete the upgrades at the Must Have Mom blog here.

2. This 16-year-old Jayco trailer that suddenly looks brand new

Image via doityourselfrv.com

Think your vintage trailer is doomed to look like a dinosaur for all time? Think again.

This 16-year-old Jayco needed some serious upgrades… but luckily, its owners were up to the challenge. They’d been gifted the trailer by their parents, who’d perhaps decided it wasn’t worth the effort. Goes to show you what some elbow grease can do!

Best of all, this shocking renovation actually didn’t take that much effort or expense. A lot of the improvement is due simply to some new bedroom decor and new cabinetry, although they did spring for some new furniture for the living room. They purchased almost everything they needed for the renovation from regular stores like Lowes and Home Depot.

But either way, you’d certainly never be able to guess this was a 1998 model! This is definitely one of the top travel trailer upgrades we’ve seen.

Camper Improvements

Here are some more RV improvements we can’t get enough of.

3. This sleek, modern kitchen renovation from Anchored Home

Image via anchoredhomeblog.com

Talk about an upgrade! This interior redesign by the bloggers at Anchored Home is one of the best camper renovations we’ve seen. They transformed their rig from run-of-the-mill to remarkable… although it certainly took some effort and expense.

Travel Trailer Interior Upgrades

Here are a few more inspiring upgrades to get your creative juices flowing.

4. This example of hard work paying off by The Noshery

Image via thenoshery.com

Not only is this one of our favorite camper kitchen renovations… it’s a pretty amazing example of hard work paying off all the way around. from the flooring to the interior fixtures to the furniture,¬†Meseidy and her family over at The Noshery did an incredible job on remaking their entire travel trailer. We especially love the adorable kitchen — and check out that magnetic knife rack! So clever.

Of course, she had good reason to make the effort. Meseidy and her family actually took the plunge and moved into this 150-square-foot travel trailer full time. When you’re sharing a space that small, it’s important to make sure you enjoy it… which we’re sure she does, now!

5. This “nugget” of love from Vintage Revivals

Image via vintagerevivals.com

We’ll admit it, this camper trailer upgrade has us all heart eyes. We can’t believe how much different it looks after some hard work and dedication on the part of the Vintage Revivals team!

With some new paint, upgraded interior fixtures, and decor that looks like it’s straight out of your favorite Instagram account — in a good way — this trailer restoration has us wanting to hit the road post haste. It looks especially ready to take on the American southwest!

Amazing Camper Renovation

These are just a few camper restoration ideas and examples. The camping community has hundreds more where these have come from… you could easily spend hours mining Pinterest for more and more stunning restoration stories. (In fact, that may or may not be exactly what this writer just did!)

Of course, not everyone is looking for a total travel trailer overhaul. You might just be in the market for a new RV washing machine or refrigerator, or maybe you just need to give your camper bathroom some love. It doesn’t have to take years of time, hundreds of dollars, and dozens of hours to make a serious difference in your RV’s living space! Sometimes, it’s as simple as a little bit of redecoration.

Did you know it’s actually really simple to perform small adjustments to your RV’s fixtures, including projects like reupholstering your dinette set or sofa? Here are some of our favorite DIY RV renovation projects — many of which are shockingly easy, even if you’ve never so much as held a needle and thread before.

Or maybe you actually just need to get your camper a little bit more organized. In such a small space, clutter can have a seriously claustrophobic effect… even if it doesn’t seem like you have all that much stuff in the first place! Luckily, we’ve got lots of unique RV storage tips, many of which we’re certain you haven’t thought of already. Check them out here.

But let’s face it… some of us are just here to eyeball the pretty trailers, even if we don’t already have one of our own. And that’s OK! We’ve got more stunning camper upgrades for you to ogle. Just click here to check ’em out.

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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How much can you make renting your RV?

See How Much You Can Make

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