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Renting a Travel Trailer with RVshare

Travel trailer rentals (also known as vacation trailer rentals) are becoming more and more popular with RVers in recent years, thanks to the high level of convenience they offer. These models are made to be pulled behind a truck or large SUV, and some smaller units can even be towed behind a car! Plus, once you’re at the campsite, you can just detach your travel trailer and use your tow vehicle to get around town.

Some travel trailers can sleep up to ten people, great for those traveling with larger families. The average length of a travel trailer ranges from 21’-28’, and have a width of 72”-96”. Some also have slideouts, adding to the square footage of your space. That said, just because certain RVs can sleep 10 people, doesn’t mean it will be comfortable!

Travel Trailer Rental Prices

How much does it cost to rent a travel trailer? Here at RVshare, we have travel trailers that range in price from $50 up to $300 and more, per day, depending on the level of luxury you’re looking for.

Pros and Cons

Why are you renting a travel trailer? Have you weighed your options? There are pros and cons to all RV models; a travel trailer is no exception. However, the good definitely outweighs the bad (especially for renters, since you don’t have to deal with most of the drawbacks!)

Pros for Renting a Travel Trailer

Maintenance. If your main vehicle needs repairs done overnight, you’ll be able to get a ride back to camp (probably by taxi) and sleep comfortably in your travel trailer. This is a lot easier than having to find a hotel (which you might need to do if you’re renting a motorhome).

There isn’t an engine in a travel trailer, which means the chance of having an oil leak or a blown engine, is well, zero. If a travel trailer ever needed to be repaired, it wouldn’t be because of a mechanical problem (which means the repairs usually won’t cost an arm and a leg)!

Being able to separate your main vehicle from your camper is a HUGE plus. Think of all the money you’ll be saving. You won’t need to call a taxi to drive you places, take a bus, or rent a car. You’ll be able to keep your camper at camp and your car with you.

Cons of Renting a Travel Trailer

Reversing with a massive trailer behind you isn’t easy. If you get caught somewhere with limited room and you’re forced to backup, it could take you a while to turn around. This is the biggest con to travel trailers, as it can cause serious complications if you drive yourself into a tight spot, literally!

With a travel trailer, you have to hook everything back up to your truck and test the brakes and brake lights. Also, you’ll want to look for pull-through campsites when possible, or else you’ll have to do deal with that annoying reverse when setting up or breaking down!

If you plan on towing something behind your trailer which is already behind your vehicle, like a luggage cart, it’s illegal in some states. Just be sure to read up on the laws if you’re going to be towing anything back there.

Where can I Rent a Travel Trailer?

Are you wondering where to rent a travel trailer? Here at RVshare, we offer many different sized Travel Trailers for you to choose from. RVshare makes its easy for you to rent a Travel Trailer for a month, or even longer!

Check out what others have said about renting a travel trailer through RVshare:

“Great service from owner. Fair price. All equipment was functional. Great rental!” -Mario

“Wonderful trailer. Owner's touches made the trailer homey and bed was really comfortable! Really nice owner. Would rent again for sure!” -Kelly

“Our rental experience was top-notch. This rig is extremely well equipped, comfortable, and clean. Keith (the RV owner) made our rental process a breeze and was willing to go above and beyond to make our RV experience a great one. I would absolutely rent again and recommend booking with confidence.” -Elliott

When renting from RVshare, you know you’ll get the best service around. You’ll not only find a perfect RV for you and your family, but amazing RV owners that are able to answer any questions you may have before renting.