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Toy Hauler Rentals Growing in Popularity

The RV lifestyle has grown in popularity with everyone from singles to retirees, to families hitting the road in well-appointed motorhomes and travel trailers. Among the most popular types of RV travel trailers now on the road is the toy hauler. This type of RV is also known as a sport utility recreational vehicle. Although initially built to haul grown-up toys, anything from personal watercraft, to motorcycles, to golf carts, to snowmobiles, these recreational vehicles can also provide extra living space while out on the road. If you'd like to try out the benefits of an SURV, toy hauler rentals are a great way to do so without making a purchase commitment.

Toy Haulers for Rent

A toy hauler RV rental will typically feature what is known as a “toy box,” or cargo space for hauling your toys located at the end of the trailer. Built-in cargo doors are usually included, providing easy access. Those doors will often convert to a ramp for loading and unloading your toys. All you need to do is walk or wheel your cargo up the ramp and into your toy hauler.

When you rent a toy hauler, you can take advantage of a great number of benefits. The clever use of space included in these designs is often appreciated by RV enthusiasts who're looking for maximum convenience. With a toy hauler, you gain the convenience of mobility along with all the advantages of having a garage on the go.

For instance, the wide opening of a toy hauler, along with the built-in ramp, makes it much easier to store, load, and unload even heavy or bulky cargo. The enclosed space of the trailer also provides protection from the weather and extra security. If you’ve ever had to tow a separate trailer just to bring your cargo or toys with you, a toy hauler RV rental can help you avoid that. Although every toy hauler is different, most typically come with or at least have an option to add a generator along with an extra water tank.

Naturally, once you arrive at your campsite, you'll want to ensure all your toys are powered and ready to go. Many toy hauler RV rentals come with a gas fueling station so that you can top off the gas tank on your toys. This allows you to get right to having fun as soon as you arrive without worrying about traveling to a nearby gas station to fill up your ATVs, jet skis, or whatever “toys’ you brought along for the adventure!

Toy Haulers Offer Many Advantages

While a toy hauler RV can be advantageous for storing your toys, they serve a variety of purposes. In fact, an increasing number of people who opt for an RV toy hauler rental aren't even hauling toys. If you’re planning an extended journey, the extra space in a toy hauler could come in handy for additional living space, a hobby room, or an office on the road. With this type of arrangement, you could easily create a traveling office, great for those who need to stay connected with their work while soaking up the benefits of the RV lifestyle. 

Queen size beds that can be raised up to the ceiling and fold-up sofas make it easy to maximize living space in a toy hauler. You could even rig up the door and ramp to provide an outdoor deck and space for dining when the weather is nice.

Toy Hauler Rental Tips

If you decide that a toy hauler is the best choice for your needs, it’s important to choose the right model for your needs. Just like with other types of RVs, renters have a range of options from which to choose, including various sizes and styles. Some of the larger models can haul a boat or race car, while others are designed to carry smaller toys such as motorcycles and ATVs. Carefully consider how you plan to use the toy hauler to ensure you choose the size that is appropriate for your needs. Which toys do you plan on bringing with you? Before renting a toy hauler, be sure you know its towing capacity and weight limits as well. 

Bear in mind that the weather where you'll be traveling to will also have an influence on the type of toy hauler you need. For instance, do you plan to use it to haul gear for winter sports? If so, the model that will best suit your needs is one that provides ample storage for equipment, including skis. Likewise, if you plan to travel in a warmer climate, you need to verify that the toy hauler you choose has sufficient space for holding your dirt bike, ATV, or other equipment. Oh, and has great AC, too!

When looking for a toy hauler for rent, you'll need to make sure you also have an appropriate vehicle for hauling. Most toy haulers will require at least a ¾-ton pickup truck to pull them, with a 1-ton often being recommended, along with dually tires in the rear.

Toy Hauler Rental Rates

Considering renting a toy hauler for your next big adventure? If so, you should know what to expect in terms of toy hauler rental rates. As with most other RV rentals, factors such as season, size, and availability will affect the rental price. Expect to pay between $100 and $200 per night to rent a toy hauler, though if you look around, you might find one for under $100 a night. Keep in mind that the per night rental rate may or may not include everything.

Always check to see if there’s a per-mile rate or if mileage is included in the total cost. Extra options may be available with your rental for an additional fee. Such items could include extra gear, portable generators, a kitchen kit or bedding, among many others. Finally, be sure you know the amount of the deposit and the amount of the cleaning fee if you return the toy hauler without cleaning it first.

A sport trailer rental can be a great way to bring your favorite toys with you on your next adventure or to simply make sure you have enough living space. By opting for a rental, you can enjoy all the convenience a toy hauler has to offer without worrying about shelling out the cash to actually purchase one.